Jessica Simpson wearing Daisy Dukes again

March 9th, 2009 // 155 Comments

Here’s Jessica Simpson in Florida last night desperately trying again to remind people of when she looked hot wearing shorts in that one movie. That said, I don’t remember Daisy Duke requiring a corset, but after seeing Britney Spears’ insane outfits for the past week, give me BigBoobs McMaybeLoseAFew here any day. God, I’m romantic.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Megan

    Where the fuck is she getting gigs and what the fuck does she even sing??? God dammit, why do her and her sister even exist?

  2. Amy

    #41…when I said “it was shocking at first,” I was talking about the photo’s from the chili cookoff, not the current pictures. Those pictures were shocking at first. But she actually looks pretty decent now, and who really gives a shit?

  3. Jackson


    She does not have a fat ass. She is wearing it to cover her protruding stomach. All she needs to do is wear a body shaper and it would improve her body. Kim Kardaskank wears a butt girdle to perk up her big loose ass and minimize her big hips. Also Kim wears a full body shaper when her stomach roles are too obvious in her tight outfits.

  4. Hey fat ignorant American. Some people are petite because they eat in moderation and have a short statue. Jessica should consider being vegetarian to lose her weight. Beef takes 2-3 days to digest and promotes weight gain. You sound cranky; have another donut fatso!

  5. sam

    What is up with her lips in the first picture? She looks fit, I guess, but her thighs bring to mind weigh lifting men on steroids.

  6. Danklin24

    Holy christ, how can you guys call this chick fat? You must like fucking anorexic chicks and feeling their pelvic bone on your cock. Its disgusting. Jessica looks great. I’m not a fan of her music or anything but damn she’s hot.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Is that why I’m farting my ass off all day today? God DAMN you Bubba Burger!!!!

  8. ShesAFatAss

    YES Fatso.

    Please DO keep the lumberjack shirt ON!

    No one wants to see your flab already.

    Why does she insist on dressing like TRASH.

    Cut-offs (especially the ones you have to split in front so they fit) are definitely not elegant or sexy!

    C’mon already!

    Learn from Carrie Underwood!

    What is appropriate.

  9. Jess Has Serious Problems

    WTF is wrong with her mouth….?????????

  10. Tim

    Jesus, enough with trying to use fatasses to promote veganism. Have you ever smelled a vegan chick’s pussy? Makes asparagus pee seem like Chanel #5. When a species did NOT evolve to have a strict vegetarian diet, it lacks all the enzymes (genes create enzymes) needed to break down what’s eaten, and the result is what always happens with partially broken down food: stink. And yes, that includes the smell of vaginal secretions. How lovely. But as you probably know, lesbians view pussy stink as a badge of honor (because it repels men), and most vegans are lesbians.

  11. ItsFullOfPoop

    I came.

  12. Dude


    Beef takes days to break down and for the human body to digest you idiot. Complex carbohydrates like fruit and vegetables are the easiet to digest. What you are smelling are the cheap crack whores you buy for sex. Dude you do not have to give them oral!

    Tim you have serious issues. Go get help now! You are probably fat and lonely.

  13. Dirk

    maybe she’s pregnant with twin hams.

  14. Doc


    Here we go again with the typical fat American anorexic logic. Only 1 percent of the US population are underweight. 70 percent of Americans are 10 pounds or more overweight. Jessica use to have a fit body, but she is like the typical American and obviously has been overeating lately. Some guys like you love chuncky chicks and the US has plenty! She is only 5’3 inches and on a small frame her weight should be between 107-115, but even if she gets back down to 125; it will be a great improvement.

  15. the_prestige

    I despise Jessica Simpson, but I think she looks fine. As a matter of fact, she’s thinner than more than half of the fatasses living in the States, and I’m willing to bet there’s a fair share here slamming Simpson.

    I do agree with someone who said there’s no cellulite on her legs. Shit, I have a bmi of 17.7 and I have just a little cellulite on my back thighs. I suppose that happens when you get older. How many of you cunts are going to even look like that in your mid 20s?

  16. Unreal


    Also, those f***ing calf implants are comical

  17. Tim

    #54 (and your fake identity also at #62): people fucking HATE you whiny lying hypocritical single-issue PETA psychos. Type all the misinformation you want. All you do is generate backlash.

  18. the_prestige


    Listen, you fat shit, you’re making vegetarians sound bad. I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t publicize it, especially for weight loss. It really doesn’t even matter what you eat, as far as weight GAIN is concerned. It’s how much you eat, and some idiots can’t figure out that just because the large popcorn costs $.50 more at the movie, it’s no reason to buy it instead of the small you initially thought was sufficient.

    TOFU, you’re a freakin’ goon. Lmao.

  19. Proud Pescatarian


    You just publicized the fact that you are a vegetarian lol! It does matter what a person eats as far as weight gain. A fast food burger is not the same as a tofu Boca burger because a Boca burger is high in protein and low in fat and contains no saturated fat.

  20. NipTuck

    She is FINE.

  21. the_prestige


    Clearly the point went over your head, or more like over your fucking house. There are pretentious vegetarians who jump at the chance to say they’re vegetarian, or vegan for that matter.

    And a fast food burger is different from a Boca burger? Oh, really? What’s your IQ, genius? I’m not talking about Big Macs here, I’m talking about regular snacks that people flip shit about. They might be loaded with calories and contain zero nutritional value, but unless you’re eating an unnecessary amount, you’ll be fine.

  22. Chick

    Wow, her legs look like she has been playing some soccer lately.

  23. Sure, I'm a doc, too

    #56 You’re an idiot. You only ever post to provide us all with your “statistics” on obesity. No self respecting doctor would dream of coming on a gossip website and pretend he or she could guess a celebrity’s weight. If you want some credibility, start attacking Rosie O’Donnell. You are lame.

  24. jacy

    even if she dropped 20 she’d still be annoying as fuck.

  25. Doc


    Rosie rarely gets posted on this site.

    I know someone out there is taking my advice to heart and will practice a healthy lifestyle to lose the weight, get fit and be healthy.

  26. Pescatarian


    You need to practice logic and critical thinking. The problem is most Americans are overweight and need help understanding food consumption and nutrient. So what if a person recommends a vegetarian diet; big deal; get over it. Believe it or not, some people offer advice to be helpful. You have serious anger issues.

  27. dft

    #56 you are an obsessive freak

  28. the_prestige

    Dear Doc,

    Get the fuck over yourself. You can’t give out advice on a site such as “The Superficial” and expect to be taken seriously. The whole concept is ludicrous.

    If you can tell us how often Rosie posts on this site, it only goes to show you’re on here way too god damn much.

    Laughing at you,

  29. the_prestige

    Dear Doc,

    Can you please tell me what’s wrong with this sentence?

    “but even if she gets back down to 125; it will be a great improvement.”

    Now, when your writing is that atrocious, regardless that we’re talking on “The Superficial,” who the hell do you think is going to take you seriously?

    Still laughing at you,

  30. the_prestige

    Dear Pescatarian,

    If you think my logic is flawed it only goes to show you have zilch. Giving weight loss advice is one thing, which is perfectly if you know what you’re talking about, but telling someone becoming vegetarian is the best way is quite another. Most Americans are overweight? Again, I have to say, Oh, really? I think most first graders are aware of that valuable little piece of information you gave me. Tell ya what, shoot a response back when you have something a little wiser to say.

    And anger issues? That’s just your way of saying I’m bothering you. I think that’s lovely.

    Looking forward to yet another pathetic response,
    Yours fucking truly

  31. Curious

    Is it just my eyes or did her zipper pop in the last pic????

  32. justifiable

    15 coats of spray on tan = thinner? Sweetheart, there are no slender Oompa Loompahs. Now you’re orange and chunky instead of just chunky.

  33. feckless

    The real danger is that many 250 pound women will say “I’m almost her size” and start wearing Daisy Dukes too. And do you know where they are going to be? The Mall. That’s right – we’re all going to die.

  34. justifiable

    #83 As long as they keep their flannel shirts on to hide the upper arm fat you might survive. Besides, they’re all gonna be hanging at Lane Bryant and the food court anyway.

  35. alicemo

    She is really very hot on the heaven for rich singles ___S e e k r i c h . c o m___ There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  36. unmutual

    She looks fine now. She looked fine when she was supposedly fat. I think most of those complaining are either 12, queer, jealous or all of the above. And that includes the author of the post.

  37. Clay

    Her thighs look good. I wouldn’t mind her squeezing my head in between them.

  38. feckless

    @84 What if one of those stays on the white corset snaps? The ricochet alone could travel 4-5 stores and put my eye out.

  39. Tom Cruise

    say whatever you want about her “career” but the girl has a great pair huge knockers. i bet Tony Homo doesn’t know what to do with them

    Hint: Use them as bans for your hot dog Tony

  40. me

    She is the worst singer. She could ruin “Imagine”.

  41. the_prestige

    She really isn’t the worst singer ever. Have you heard of Ashley Simpson?

  42. ghost

    I don’t think she looks bad here. She needed to put on a little weight.

  43. real person

    No she didn’t.

  44. ed.

    “She looks fine now. She looked fine when she was supposedly fat. I think most of those complaining are either 12, queer, jealous or all of the above. And that includes the author of the post.”

    Passive aggressive and completely unoriginal.

  45. 20-20 vision

    She looked a lot better before.

    Because she’s a lot fatter now.

    There’s absolutely nothing else to this ongoing “story.”

  46. jj

    i dont give a shit what anyone says
    she’s STILL a fatass clearly!!
    she’d look much better if she wore more flattering clothes

    why does she insist on making herself looking like a damn cow?

    & why the hell is everyone hating on vegetarians? screw you

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  48. Right Fury

    “why the hell is everyone hating on vegetarians?”

    Because you commie liberals are the rot that is destroying the foundation of this country.

  49. lola

    It is so funny that there are so many negative comments, but I THINK SHE IS GORGEOUS! She has a beautiful womanly body. She could lose a few or stay the same (though I still think she is preggers). She looks happier, softer, and more inviting than when she was thin. She is a small woman people! Do you expect her to sit and eat a lettuce leaf while Tony eats a steak? Of course not ladies.. but she is too little even eat that steak.

  50. sheesh

    she’s all muscle…and a healthy size….and hello…she isn’t 19 anymore….she’s perfectly fine and most american girl would love to have a body like hers…ya’ll need to put an actual 350lbs fat person and her side by side to get a little reality check….

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