Jessica Simpson wearing Daisy Dukes again

March 9th, 2009 // 155 Comments

Here’s Jessica Simpson in Florida last night desperately trying again to remind people of when she looked hot wearing shorts in that one movie. That said, I don’t remember Daisy Duke requiring a corset, but after seeing Britney Spears’ insane outfits for the past week, give me BigBoobs McMaybeLoseAFew here any day. God, I’m romantic.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Bk

    First time being first.

  2. cellgirl

    no one cares

  3. boodlelicious

    Who the hell is her stylist? A bustier and flanel?? Really?

  4. Deacon Jones

    Her ass looks like she took a 10 pound shit in her shorts

  5. Chad

    Give it a break, she looks good. Not one guy that visits this site would kick her out of bed. Give it a rest on bashing this chick.

  6. no no no...

    is she really wearing a corset and a flannel shirt… this outfit is making me physically ill. right on #3, her stylist must be playing a trick.

  7. lilypie

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  8. Darth

    I’m in love with Jessica she is so lovely I love looking at her loving lips

  9. BigBoned

    I think someone forgot to tighten her corset…

  10. J.B.

    Say what you want, but there’s still no cellulite on those thighs…

  11. PunkA

    OK, I get it, she is not a hefer Having said that, she is not as fit and thin as she was as Daisy Duke in the movie. Back then, she was thinner, more toned. I mean, I’d still tag her for sure. But the fact is, she is not as thin as she once was. Proof is in the photos.

  12. Kelley

    Fuck, and you think a rich woman or man wants anything to do with someone who spends their day reding The Superficial ?? Are ye pissed ?? Keep your comments relative to the post !!

  13. Jake

    So sad. She’s way too young to have hit the wall like this. T. Homo must really be squirting the HIV into her…

  14. Jeezy

    Why does she always make that stupid face like the one in pic #1?

  15. Randal

    Jessica, you are looking as great as you always have! Such a beautiful smile to go along with a beautiful voice. Keep it up girl!



    17th 17th????? come on baby luck number 1 plus 7

  17. mr. t

    I think when it is all said done we are going to find out she is pregnant..look at how big her tits have gotten… me it looks like she is getting a belly…when starlets go from skinny to fat, it’s usually just ass and hip growth…look at her tits..look at her cheeks….Tony slipped one past the corner back in her uterus and scored a TD.

  18. McFeely Smackup

    a corset? is she kidding us? She’s been getting a ration of shit for looking fat, and she responds by wearing what fat chicks wear to look skinny…but forgot to hide it?

    Look, you can bitch and moan all you like about how unfair it is for women o be judged by their looks, but when you have someone like Jessica Simpson, her looks is her ENTIRE CAREER. If she was always a fat gunt, she would never have made a dime. The fact that she’s now decided she can slough on the pounds and screw you to the “fans” 100% entitles people to criticize and comment on that fact.

    No it’s not fair to run down the street and lambaste random women for not conforming to some feminine ideal, but when your DAMNED JOB is to conform to that ideal…FAIL.


    #14 i agree. look at that fucking face. you can’t without laughing your ass off what is she doing taking a shit

  20. Jessica Simpson

    I’m bigger than you are! I’m higher on food chain! GIT IN MAH BELLY!!!

  21. Nero

    She isn’t fat at all and she bangs like a locomotive!

  22. Darth

    I’m in star wars! Boo. its an old movie from the past. historial movie into the future

  23. chupacabra

    @ 5. Man, you are fucking right about that. My boyfriend just said the other day, he think she still looks hot as hell.

    * Britney has piggy, squatty, cankly little chub legs.
    Jessica is stacked… WAY more muscular than I thought she was. Check out those thighs. She could leg press Tony…

    And, that’s either a beer gut or a baby…

  24. Rawk

    What really ticks me off is that her sister blogged about people making fun of her weight and argued that she’s a size 2. Give me a break. That is at LEAST a size 10, more like a 12. Why lie!?!??!

  25. Jim

    Definitely some NASA-grade materials keeping that top together. Why not just weld her a tank top?

  26. Darth

    I need a new hairdo! . . . Jus kiddin:)

  27. Dawg

    I want her bad

  28. Keep it up girl!

  29. truth

    It’s not about how she looks now. It’s about how she looks now compared to how she looked up until about 6 months ago. She might look good compared to the average American female swine, but she looks like shit compared to the former, hot Jessica Simpson.

  30. Darth

    @26 You’re bald anyway Darth.And nope,eyebrows,nose- and earhair doesn’t count.

  31. Darth

    #30 Stop trolling me Lowlands!

  32. SomeChick

    I’m sorry…. she looks gorgeous to me….. her singing is another story.

  33. Frank N. Stein

    I’d bang the Jason Witten out of her.

  34. Amy

    I think she looks really good. She doesn’t look as great as she did in dukes of hazard, but she’s getting older and nobody can keep up a routine that rigorous all the time. It was shocking at first, but let’s move on. Who cares.

  35. Dick Jones

    God. I would just love to beat myself off on her.

  36. Dick Jones

    God. I would just love to beat myself off on her.

  37. Max Planck

    Hefty, Hefty, Hefty

  38. Gando

    How about Ashlee and Jessica Simpson and me having a good ohmmm session?? In the meanwhile Pete Wentz could fit my sandals and knit a table cover for me?

  39. Jed Clampett

    Weeeeeell doegies!

  40. Darth

    Stop “trolling”??? me wa wa wa
    I am a lowland? wtf is that places of low lands?

  41. fatties make me laugh

    The defense of Lumpica Simpson begins with
    “I think she looks really good”
    and ends with
    “It was shocking at first, but let’s move on. Who cares.”

    ZOMG, I’m like, so totally convinced!!!

  42. She looks like a fat transvestite.

  43. Obese Fan

    SHE’S NOT FAT!!!!!

    And I love her mooooooooosic.

  44. Over 40 Hottie


    I am over 40, 5’2″ tall and my weight fluctuates between 105-110. The key to staying fit is to eat in moderation and exercise regularly. I am sure me being vegetarian helps too. Jessica is having problems saying no to second helpings which is common in the US. I hope Jessica does not get bigger. She should have wore an a-line skirt 2 inches above her knees to cover her chunky thighs and this would improve her appearance.

  45. Cin


    It depends on the body type. Kim Kardashian gains all her weight on her hips and butt and this is why she got breast implants. Jessica seems to gain most of her weight all over which include her tits and stomach. I am short like Jessica and my tits get too big when I get up to 115 pounds, and this is why I like to stay at 108 pounds. People seem to think my big tits look great on my little frame, but it’s just fat and it makes me feel fat.

  46. chupacabra

    @44 – go to hell you PETA piece of shit. Some people are petite, and some people are muscular. Go fuck yourself with a salad, whore.

  47. pistola

    you people come on here and rant about jessica simpson’s body type- whatever. at least get your info straight.

    jessica is a classic “apple” shape. she carries most of her weight in her upper body (starting with upper arms & boobs). the more weight she gains, the more weight will start to filter down (midsection). the way you can tell that she’s too heavy for her frame is because he thighs actually look heavy. i can only imagine what her gut and back look like sans clothes.

    i feel sorry for her.

  48. Deacon Jones

    @ whoever,

    Correct, most guys wouldnt through this slut out of bed, but if she’s going to make this big fucking stink on how she’ll lose 20 pounds and all this other bullshit, fuck her, throw her to the sharks.

    Romo will only be able to take so much of this girl. I’ve had two girlfriends like this, hot as hell, obsessed with themselves, and dumb as shit. It lasts for 11/2 to 2 years tops, then you start squinting everytime they open their fucking mouths

  49. She has to wear the flannel to cover up her fat ass. Her hair looks nasty. At least Bertney can perform, although both have equally horrible singing abilities.

  50. Mark

    Who cares if guys would “hit it”? Just think about that euphemism, it tells you all you need to know – we’ll fuck just about anything, once. The details (especially name, personality, talents, etc.) don’t matter in the least. Endless variety is our fantasy.

    But, she got fat. Given the choice, we’d all prefer to “hit” the previous model of Jessica Simpson. If you think it’s good news to hear that you’ve gone down hill, looks-wise, well then Jessica should be very happy with her “new curvy figure.”

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