Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo planning a ‘winter wedding’

Adding fuel to the pregnancy rumors, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were recently spotted in Neiman Marcus shopping for engagement rings and are looking to get married on the ASAP, according to a source for the Chicago Sun-Times:

Jessica Simpson and main man and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo were in the store checking out big sparklers — the kind women wear on their left-hand ring finger.
I’m hearing the couple are talking about a winter wedding. Dallas fans can relax. The happy twosome are said to be planning to tie the knot well after the end of the NFL season, including the Super Bowl — should the Cowboys make it to the big game in Tampa, Fla.

All I know is, if the Cowboys blow it in the playoffs again, that kid’s going to grow up without a father. Just sayin’. In the meantime, check out the last pic which proves my theory Jessica Simpson really is a clone of Britney Spears – but with the capacity to know shame. Neat, except I heard the new models have built-in ashtrays.