Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo planning a ‘winter wedding’

October 1st, 2008 // 74 Comments

Adding fuel to the pregnancy rumors, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were recently spotted in Neiman Marcus shopping for engagement rings and are looking to get married on the ASAP, according to a source for the Chicago Sun-Times:

Jessica Simpson and main man and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo were in the store checking out big sparklers — the kind women wear on their left-hand ring finger.
I’m hearing the couple are talking about a winter wedding. Dallas fans can relax. The happy twosome are said to be planning to tie the knot well after the end of the NFL season, including the Super Bowl — should the Cowboys make it to the big game in Tampa, Fla.

All I know is, if the Cowboys blow it in the playoffs again, that kid’s going to grow up without a father. Just sayin’. In the meantime, check out the last pic which proves my theory Jessica Simpson really is a clone of Britney Spears – but with the capacity to know shame. Neat, except I heard the new models have built-in ashtrays.


  1. LawnGnome

    Yeah, I see this one lasting. I can’t believe he’s still with her in the first place. He must not be too smart… he could be bagging so many women and he chooses her?

  2. Ryan

    I want to fuck her….don’t care…either way….humping….

  3. Ryan

    I want to fuck her….don’t care…either way….humping….

  4. How soon will Yoko Romo get on his nerves?

  5. Slut

    wait wait wait……who buys an engagement ring at Nieman Marcus?

  6. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    You misspelt rumour, it has a second “u”, if you want to call it “English” that you use then spell in ENGLISH not incorrectly.

  7. AJ

    I’ll be surprised if it happens. Most men use Jess as a easy booty call like John Mayer.

  8. Dar

    Winter wedding? Great idea! Tony will be free every weekend starting in January. Go for it–

  9. e

    She’s so pulling an Ashlee and getting hitched before the baby comes. I’m calling it.

  10. Dear God, look at those massively huge, chunky slabs of leg! Can you say FAT?!

  11. ph7

    Haha – she’s be even more horse like after she gets married. And he already looks like he has a touch of downs syndrome.

    They should not reproduce – instead concentrate of not weighing a combined 500 lbs in 15 years.

  12. andy7171

    She has some of the finest looking legs on the planet!

  13. mimi

    I hate her and all Anglo types. They need to be breeded out of the gene pool.
    I prefer the Amy Winehouse version of beauty – she used to be so exotic – let’s pray for her to return to the way she used to be!

  14. morga

    agreein’ w/ #13, her legs are getting a little meaty, but very shapely

  15. log

    She has short, stumpy, elephant legs. Shoulders like a linebacker. A square, mannish face. Retard eyes.

    But she has excellent tits, though!

  16. i m just sayin'

    mimi- you’re a bigoted freak- go away

  17. Robert

    Her legs are typical fat mamma legs. That’s why she is adored by men with fat mammas. A perfect hillbilly look.

  18. Shorty


    How kind of you to say since she is a short chick.

  19. glace neuf

    i’d hit it.

  20. mimi

    I love Amy and hate you! She is the most beautiful woman in the industry. The face of tomorrow although in the near future our skin will all be a bit darker with all the new people repopulating Europe and bringing fresh culture and beauty rather than pale skin Europeans.

  21. Hoppy

    Run, Romo, Run!

    You are marrying the dumbest woman on the planet – who will not age well. Take Tom Brady’s cue and nail supermodels.

  22. kelley

    Horrid nose job; they took too much off, and the IQ of a mushroom. Airhead !!

  23. supersex

    i guess testing the theory of two losers making a winner.

  24. Harry

    Tony Homo better hope TO approves of this. Sounds like another distraction for Mr. September – November.

  25. mamadough

    who the hell really thinks it’s Romo’s kid? i’m calling it as Papa Joe’s, the sick bastard.

  26. Rant

    It took 25 comments for someone to use the ever clever “Tony Homo”.

  27. Nor Cal

    How on Earth do I agree w/mimi? Amy Winehouse is the baddest chick! I want to form a coalition to kidnap her and force health and love on her! and i cant stand jes simp but her dress and the small part of the shoes we can see (SHOW THE FUCKING SHOES!) are so kick ass! pictures are not doing it justice. what is that dress and where do I score one?! show the fucking shoes! jess actually can pull her ass together and look smokin hot sometimes. I’m kinda the same way. lazy…. but hot when I want.

  28. A winter wedding will be perfect, his team won’t be doing anything in the postseason.

  29. 1 MILF Hunter

    Jessica will be the new Yoko Ono and break up the Cowboys – Yoko Romo.

  30. Jessica Simpson

    My pussy smells like fish… or is it chicken?

  31. Hey Hillbilly? watching football is the only exercise your brain get?

  32. @ #7…If you are going to degrade someone because of their grammer or spelling you should know what the fuck you’re talking about. Misspelt? You are a perfect example of what Carols Mencia would call a dee dee dee!

    @ #31…That was bad, but good! :)

  33. hell…he needs someone to make him feel better since GETTING HIS ASS WHIPPED BY THE REDSKINS!!! HHAHAHAHA

    Shes fine as hell. You guys are sooooooooooo full of shit if you say you wouldnt tag her….

  34. Douchie, you consider that mental exercise? You keep bringing up my name, what’s that word you used? Obsess? Yeah, that was it.

  35. I “spelt” Carlos wrong only to prove my point. Got it?

  36. @32 and 35. You two are a married couple aren’t you? You are not fooling anyone.

  37. Hillbilly? you’ve been stuck to my dcik like a human shishkebab, for sometimes now, so now you make me curious….

  38. …and your little show here is an attempt to spice things up a little maybe?

  39. FACE

    I just busted a nut in my shorts looking at those thighs. That Romo is so damn lucky.

  40. She’s looking WIIIIDE.

    So was all this Christianity stuff they used to speak of just bullshit from the start, or did they drop it in recent years for money? Whole lot of adultery/fornication goin on.

  41. Douchie is the woman, when she isn’t posting here she is in the kitchen making me a sandwich.

  42. Life would be so much better if people would buy my stuff. Tony Romo would look cooler in my clothes, and so would you.

  43. Hey Hillbilly? i heard you were born on a farm,,,its a shame they chose you from the litter to give a computer to…

  44. Lloyd Richard Wellington III

    #41 Huh? Christians can’t be fat?

  45. @42…Didn’t you say your woman was making a sandwich? Think she’d make me one? I’ll take a fluffernutter please. And thank you!

  46. Most every Christian I know is fat. Mostly from the neck up, but fat nonetheless.

  47. melissa


  48. sameshitdifferentyear

    Aretha Franklin

    minus the singing voice.

  49. hata

    Jessica did a guest spot on Dancing WTS last night. I missed the announcement, so i didn’t know who it was when she started. I instantly said to myself, this is terrible and muted the sound.
    She is really bad.

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