Jessica Simpson to co-host The View

October 24th, 2007 // 141 Comments

Jessica Simpson will co-host The View while Elisabeth Hasslebeck is on maternity leave, according to ET Online:

JESSICA SIMPSON is set to sit in with the ladies of “The View” this November when she spends two days as a guest host. The actress and singer will guest-host on the ABC daytime talker on November 15 and 16.

I understand that part of The View’s appeal is that a cute, ditzy blonde is one of the hosts. That’s just smart television. But, Jessica Simpson? Don’t you think that’s a tad overboard? Poor Barbara Walters is probably spinning in her grave.

Edit: Turns out Barbara Walters is still alive. So, what? She can’t spin in a grave? Why? Because she’s a woman? Geez, sexist much?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. dsgdsg

    first omg

  2. transcript

    Jessica: “I’m so happy to be here! So where are they???”

    Barbara: “Where are what?”

    Jessica: “Windows, silly! You know, THE VIEW! Where do I look?”

    Barbara: “Motherfucker.”

  3. p911gt10c

    Well, this will be a MENSA meeting now won’t it?

    Oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  4. erka

    shes stupid…literally

  5. Nice dress and look at those legs.

  6. sprout

    can’t help but love jess. she’s funny as hell. without trying.

  7. Binky

    Well at least she’s a lot smarter than Elizabeth.
    The collective IQ of the show just went up substantially

  8. Ha'penis

    Finally! It’s about time a shemale’s point of view was included on that show. They could have a regular segment called “Tucked Away” about Jessica’s private…opinions.

  9. Alex P Keaton

    Elizabeth is the best one of the bunch … but maybe this will drive Joy Behar to kill herself … could possibly be an upside to the story here ….

  10. face

    I would lick her entire body: between her toes, her cleavage, her earholes, and – of course – her ass crack. If she would take $5,000 for one night of raw uninhibited sex, I would pay it.

  11. Auntie Kryst

    @2 Too funny! Barbara Walters saying motherfucker. I can totally picture that in my head.

  12. Vic

    Terrible choice. They should have hired Amy Winehouse. She could have writhed away on a couch, picking at her skin, occasionally fart-startling fully awake to scream at everybody and then smelling her fingers.

  13. Cate

    She looks weird here, buuuut….

    Look at those freaking calf muscles. Awesome.

  14. I thought Barbara was dead too. But, who cares anyway?

  15. Hollywood Agent

    The Suits of “The View” will probably tell her everything to ask and say via that little ear mike that they all wear. She is just to stupid for me.

    What I’m really fascinated by is what has happened to all the celebrities in California, especially in Malibu. It seems that they have all run away because of the fire.

    Why are NONE of them staying to help other people and animals that don’t have anywhere to go.

    Where is Barbara Streisand, Shawn Penn, and the idiot woman that was in the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” All hiding……. What a bunch of wimps.

    They are all scared of having t rub elbows with the other Malibu and Pepperdine common folk.

    These are the same Malibu celebrities that went and hid after 9/11 and were too scared to have their stupid awards show that they wanted to have it on an Army Base. None the less, they were all calling Charleston Heston after the LA Riots to find out where to buy a gun.

    Such selfish idiots with their celebrity social pecking order. I hope they all peck each others eyes out over who has the best contractors during their rebuilding.

  16. Elyse Keaton

    Alex (#9):

    1) stop trying to have sex with me.

    2) Elizabeth is the best one of the bunch…if you’re feeling very chipper in the morning because you avoided sex last night.

  17. Whammer Jammer

    This broad is completely talentless. Why do people keep paying attention to her? It’s gotta be her chest and her chest only.

  18. DykeTyke

    I think she’s wonderful, very pretty, and has fashion sense.

  19. Nikk

    Upon looking at her legs and those calves….I am hereby a Jessica Simpson devotee.

  20. Hollywood Player

    #15 – try increasing your percentage, it’ll reduce the bitterness.

  21. D

    My boss almost caught me jacking off to these pics, that would have been bad. I might have had to suck him so he would just forget the whole thing.

  22. Auntie Kryst

    @19 Here here Nikk, I agree. Jessica is smoking hot. Not the brightest bulb, but I don’t expect her to give an opinion on Chekov and Ibsen’s playwriting styles.

    “Motherfucker”…still laughing.

  23. JessicaLooksIntelligentBut

    Jessica looks intelligent but only in a fish sort of way. There is no way she is “I can carry on a coherent conversation to win an argument” intelligent. She is more “I can fuck you so long your to exhausted to argue” intelligent. You can’t be that kind of intelligent on network TV yet. ABC is screwed.

  24. greg

    when she was eating that tuna/chicken of the sea, I bet it reminded her of schacks oozing slime gloops that she uses as lubricant to get ready to fuck her dog.

  25. Mal Reynolds

    Barbara: Jessica, dear. Do you have anything you would like to add on this important topic?
    Jessica: Butterflies!
    Barb: Yes, there were butterflies in the background, but I was hoping you might discuss the kidnapping story. Oh, Christ did she just fill her diaper again?!

    Barb: To think I was once a respected journalist.

    And scene! Thank you.

  26. coca coli

    i can’t wait for Halloween, im going to be a honey bee ( costume from party city )

  27. I’ve been offline all morning. I had to catch up, what the frick was going on there at the last post???? Pus vaginas??? Ewwwwww…

  28. coca coli

    the hunny bunny costume was cute too.

  29. bosendorfer

    her body’s fantastic, although her tits are already sagging. her face, however, is changing as its features get larger, she’s looking more mannish. also, keep in mind this person slept with “johnny knoxville,” who’s like a walking sampler platter of venereal diseases. a southern thing, perhaps? skanks unite!

    barbara walters is an evil, old whore.


  30. Haroof

    Holy gams.

  31. Orentio

    Too bad punk is long dead. “Pus Vagina” would have been an awesome name for a band.

  32. antoine

    Damn….that girl has some sexy legs!!!!

  33. Bigheadmike

    Now I would watch the show.

  34. LL

    Barbara Walters died 200 years ago. She continues to walk among us as the undead by drinking the blood of puppies and young blonde women. Watch out, Scarlett Johanssen and Olsen Twins!

  35. The View has to keep it’sbalance. One dumb blonde leaves and they have to replce her with another dumb blone. At least Jessica has a nice rack and nobody will care what she is say as long as she is showing some cleavage

  36. PortaPatty

    Lindsay Lohan would have been a better choice. Especially the current version, “Redemption Lindsay.” Every time she sat down, uncrossed her legs, or got up, it could be a TiVo moment. I bet the show would have found a whole new “audience.”

  37. Ript1&0

    I kinda want to kick this bitch in the face. I don’t think beating up the mentally retarded would go over so well in Berkeley though….

  38. costamar

    It’ll be fun to watch the I.Q. counter plummet down.

  39. BigNBlack

    Smarter than Elizabeth?! Conspiracy theory much?

  40. Ript1&0

    I’m sorry, I meant “functionally challenged”.

  41. #37 me too. And, yeah, Berkely would be pissed.

  42. GiseleIsHotter...NOT

    HEY! Where are all you Manele panties-in-a-Bundchen lovers ripping on how “fat” Jessica is? Huh…huh…let’s hear about it!!!!!!!

  43. HighKnee

    I give it about 2 weeks. Then Barbara will get fed up, and go from being grandmotherly to taking Jessica into her dressing room to meet Mr. Strapon and his friend Donkey Punch.

  44. shes not fat

    42- read above.

  45. veggi

    I think she’s cute. yeah, yeah….. maybe I just need a fucking drink…… FRIST? you up for one?

  46. Mr. Rogers

    #42 dry your tears, that story is over.

  47. FRIST what’s for lunch?

  48. gotmilk?

    uhh what is going on in the headline picture? how can anyone say she’s pretty after seeing that? i may have nightmares. nice horseteeth and joker-like features. lay off the botox!

  49. [*zip*] here ya go, veggi

  50. Of course veggi. As always. And I’ll buy this time. I no longer care about running up my credit cards.

    Jessica Simpson is fat.

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