Jessica Simpson still wearing her wedding ring

April 20th, 2006 // 96 Comments

Jessica Simpson is back to wearing her wedding ring on a chain around her neck again. Also on the chain are two crosses; one her parents gave her and another that’s identical to the ones worn by both her sister and mother. A source tells People magazine:

“You can still move on and have the memories. Nick will always be an important part of her life. [The jewelry pieces represent] a combination of things that are important to her.”

She’s been wearing her ring around her neck since last November so it’s strange the media suddenly cares again. Maybe next they’ll revive the rumors that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are dating. Ooh, I totally think they are.



  1. booface

    Here is my breakdown of some of the regulars here:
    1-Land-Man, NewGuy, ItallionStallion, Papa, Osh, Jacq: all varying degrees of funny
    2-mamacita: is probably pretty funny but tries too hard and also kisses osh & papa’s ass too much; bickers and talks shit, which is boring
    3-krisdylee: seriously wants to fuck papa
    4-MeghanHarris: the True Master of the Superficial (or the biggest moron of all?)

    Now go ahead and talk shit about me, I don’t care.

  2. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    MeganHarris is the master of the coffee house where she writes bad poetry and talks about art house films with gay guys in tight black T-shirts. Seriously, she’s really popular there.
    I am the MasterBaiter. I am also known as the master debater as I debate with myself pretty much non-stop.
    Everyone else just falls inbetween somewhere.
    Clearing things up for those who were mislead in the ’06,

  3. Fisher55

    really, this place is like the cafeteria in junior high. or middle school, whatever

  4. jugsgirl

    thundercunt …. still funny even the next day!

  5. 51Cent

    If only she wore my hand as a necklace.. I would love to be groping those incredible jugs that she has..

    Say what you want about Jessica, she is hot…. Anyone that says otherwise is a hater…

  6. Fisher55

    a tacky catholic middle school in suburban long island

  7. booface

    #56 i was thinking more columbia, south carolina

  8. suzy

    nick didn’t even want a divorce… jessica just decided to tell him one day after a big awards ceremony…

    he still loves her.. and she still loves him… her stupid ass divorced the one guy who’d ever marry her

    tsk tsk tsk… it’s partly her dad’s fault…. well it could be ALL of her dad’s fault.

  9. PapaHotNuts

    #51 booface, I hope you’re right about krisdylee wanting to fuck me. ‘Cause whether she wanted it or not, I was going poontang shopping in her pants. At least now, I won’t have that “rapist” label on me.

  10. Trotter

    That ring is definitely Joe Simpson’s Prince Albert. He gave it to her as a promise ring when he convinced her to divorce Nick and come “back into the fold”…

    “Remember, Jess, how this felt the first time. You barely gagged at all…”

  11. DonLes91

    Anything to bring attention to those casavas is ok with me.

    Fisher55 loves the cock.

  12. gogoboots

    WOW actually Jessica told Nick she was breaking up with him ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! That was a great gift if I only cared enough to know about it!

  13. Iambananas

    I am So sick of Jessica Simpson.

  14. Land-Man

    I am going to come through the computer screen and strangle the next person who says “loves the cock”. Then I will shoot a load on them.

  15. Fisher55

    i loves the cock

  16. Fisher55

    Land-Man, you hit me right in the eye! Jackass

  17. Trotter

    Land-Clam, you’re an equal-opportunity load-blower?
    We thought you only got hard for MeganHarris’ dirty parts. Must’ve had you confused for BigJim, sorry.

  18. mamacita


    “Now go ahead and talk shit about me, I don’t care.”

    Naah. I don’t want to try too hard, kiss anyone’s ass, bicker, or talk any shit. Cause, you know, that shit is boring.

  19. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    If this site is going to be taken over by retards I’m going to have to actually work to earn my pay, and there is No Way we can let that happen.

  20. I am Jessica Simpson. OshKosh.

  21. click on my name on this post. It Proves it!!! duuuh.

  22. Land-Man

    they have computers at the cum factory?

  23. Jacq

    #41 – Want to see a thunder cunt? Look in the mirror. Or wait, can ghosts see themselves in the mirror?

    #49 – You put the golden penis in Mr. Monopoly’s rectum?! Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, to not collect $200. Hey, do you play where all of the money you pay to the community chest goes in the middle? Then you get all of it when you land on free parking? I love that.
    And just so you know, I learned that they DO NOT take Monopoly currency at the gas station. But LandMan will take if off of your hands, since he’s probably outside pandering. Then he’ll use it to pay MeganHarris for the World’s Toothiest BJ behind the dumpster.

  24. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    MeganHarris, don’t you have a poetry slam or a Good Charlotte concert you should be attending? I really feel like you’re not hearing me when I say I’m going to rip open your back with a sickle and fill the inside with crack rocks, sew you back up, and throw you in Whitney Houston’s drug den. You should try to be a better listener.

  25. mamacita


    It’s hard for her to listen because her helmet blocks her ears.

  26. Trotter

    @75 that and the screams of the little boys “she” keeps in cages in the basement.

  27. Barbara

    does anyone even care about her anymore?

  28. If she got back together with Nick I would be very surprised.

  29. If she gets back with him, I would be very surprised.

  30. Word up, she is dumb yo. Yoz, Iz gonna go ball at Venice Beach Park and shit yo.

  31. thatsnothot

    if nick is such an important part of her life then why did she divorce him?!

    i really hope they get back together. if they can’t make it, then no one in hollywood can :(

  32. Jacq

    #74-76 – It is also hard to hear when you have your fingers in your ears all of the time, screaming LALALALALALALA! Because if you taken them out, people only tell you that they want to slice you with a sickle and LandMan puts his micropenis in your ear.

  33. krisdylee

    my cunt graduated at the top of the class… what’s that called? poontang cum loudly?

    and yes, papa could leave crumbs in between my sheets, anyday.

    damn, why is my mouse in my panties again?

  34. Star Maker Machinery

    So what’s next on her tacky chain of lucky charms? A lock of Joe’s pubic hair?

  35. Trotter

    Sorry @84 – 16 & 18 had that covered. But, yes. It is.

  36. Star Maker Machinery

    Hahaha thanks Trotter. Great minds ….

  37. junebug

    #29 A nobody- you read my mind

  38. Trotter

    Of course, I still think it isn’t her wedding ring, rather it is Joe Simpson’s Prince Albert. He gave it to her as a promise ring when he convinced her to divorce Nick and come “back into the fold”…

    “Remember, Jess, how this felt the first time. You barely gagged at all…”

    (I cheated, I wrote that at 60)

  39. B-Bomb

    I saw MeganHarris eating her own feces the other day.

  40. B-Bomb

    MeganHarris eats her own feces.

  41. B-Bomb

    Why, why WHY must you make me look like an ass? I guess it could be worse. I could be a blond robot wearing Joe Simpson’s cock ring on a chain around my neck.

  42. Here’s another rumour – you know how Britney Spears is supposedly a virgin? I know that’s a lie because I totally did her. ;)

  43. Star Maker Machinery

    Joe takes it up the doughnut from Drew Lachey. I saw it on “Dancing With the Stars”.

  44. Trotter

    Me too. Joe was all, “Call me Mimi! I’ll be Mimi!”. Hot.

  45. killerkat

    aww thats not a ring that’s Nick’s penis belt

  46. It is really good to know that Jessica Simpsons still wearing her wedding ring. I got married last year and I really love to wear my wedding ring. It helps me in remembering my golden days..

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