Jessica Simpson shows her face in public

January 29th, 2009 // 99 Comments

Jessica Simpson, perhaps you’ve heard her name in passing this week, was spotted arriving in Charlottesville, Va. last night where the paparazzi told her she looked gorgeous earning them a smile. I gotta hand it to Jessica Simpson. Most celebs *cough Lindsay cough* would’ve gone crying to their blogs if they were in her shoes. I mean, sure, Jessica can’t read or write, but why would you even bring that up? Seriously, not cool.

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  1. Jessica


  2. Eric

    That spandex is under A LOT of stress.

  3. Cindy

    Nice bag. Bet there’s a rack of lamb in it.

  4. NipTuck


    She is NOT fat.

    I am fat, she is not.
    THE END.

  5. vick

    Her dad told everybody to lay off about her weight. He said he prefers it when her ass jiggles.

  6. Fat Chicks Suck

    Hopefully all of the attention she’s been getting lately for looking terrible will be motivation for her to slim back down. I don’t understand why people think you have to be so nice to fat people. Fat people try to put down healthy women all the time (12-year-old boy, bag of bones, skinny little skank, etc) and accuse them of having eating disorders (when 99.9% of the time they don’t)…but if you tell somebody they’re fat it’s SO HORRIBLE and MEAN. Maybe if more people start pointing it out fat people will start to realize they have a problem and do something about it.

    It’s not okay to be fat unless there’s a real medical reason behind it. There’s no excuse and I’m sick of people making excuses. I’m sick of looking at fat people!

  7. Jack

    She was there to meet at a hotel to discuss female body image issues with Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt, also known as the “size 2″ women. Afterward the room service staff said they were exhausted.

  8. Ridiculous

    All the grief she has been getting is ridiculous. The outfit she wore that everyone freaked out about was unflattering and made her look heavier than she is. She is obviously not fat, in fact, I think she looks healthy.

    It’s really a shame that in this day when eating disorders are everywhere, people still have the nerve to publicly scrutinize a woman’s weight, especially since she has had ups-and-downs on the scale before.

    She looks beautiful and healthy and vibrant. Much better than say, Angelina Jolie or Lindsay Lohan, whose skin has a dead-gray tint to it and look like a simple sneeze would break their ribs.

  9. truth

    #4 – no, she’s fat, and you’re likely obese.

    We’re not going to allow you to scale up the language.

  10. AndrewMacCloud

    Jessica is back and is FATTER THAN EVER and i must admit she also has FAT Sunglasses

  11. Andrea

    “in this day when eating disorders are everywhere”

    Nope. Unless you call overeating an “eating disorder.” Every person with intact vision knows that FAT PEOPLE are everywhere in the U.S., not anorexics. True anorexics are rare. And if there are lots of bulimics out there, they need to put a hell of lot more effort into the purging part.

  12. Fat Chicks Suck

    By the way…my own girlfriend is starting to pack on weight (about 15 pounds in the last year) and despite me talking to her about it nicely she isn’t doing anything about it. It hasn’t become a major issue yet…but it’s definitely getting out of hand. I feel disrespected when a girl I’m dating starts gaining weight and doesn’t care. I take care of myself and look the same as I did when we met (actually, I’m in even better shape)…but she’s letting herself go. She’s about 10 pounds away from being medically overweight and at that point I won’t take anymore. Of course if I break up with her because of it I’m a terrible person in the eyes of all. Why should I have to stay with somebody I’m no longer physically attracted to? That’s part of the package!

    What the hell is wrong with people in this country? Why are there so many fat people?!

  13. We Have Eyes

    Her “outfit” didn’t cause her fat arms and bloated face.

  14. Guys

    Girls, enough with the “real women have curves” and “she looks healthy.” You can repeat your shrill slogans all you want, our penises can’t hear a word of it, and if our penises don’t care, we don’t care either.

  15. Mrs. Robinson


    I agree. I eat right most of the time and exercise regularly. My husband maintains his shape nicely because if he did not then I would put him on a diet. I would be honest with your girlfriend and tell her that she is losing her shape and she is on her way to becoming fat and unhealthy. The bottom line is being overweight is unhealthy and can lead to medical problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. If she does not get the message then break up with her until she changes her unhealthy lifestyle.

  16. Judith

    My measurements are 34c -26 -33 and I have never ever been a size 2 and I weigh 106 pounds and I am 5’2″. Jessica you need to get back to 125 pounds.

  17. English Bob

    There’s an uncanny resemblance to Anna Nicole Smith going on here.

    R.I.P. Anna.

  18. Fat Chicks Suck

    @8: “when eating disorders are everywhere” – haha wow. This is what I mean – people are so ignorant it’s unbelievable. The only eating disorder that is EVERYWHERE is OVEREATING. For every anorexic woman in the US there are over 2500 MEDICALLY OVERWEIGHT or OBESE women. People like you have no idea what healthy is. When the fuck did people start associated fat with healthy? Is that really what this country has come to? Since when did people start associating thin and fit as unhealthy? I refuse to believe the MAJORITY of people are really that ignorant and/or in that much denial.

    2/3 of adult women are overweight or obese in the US. You tell me how that’s not the REAL problem.

    Jessica Simpson is currently overweight – that’s a fact. She’s not OBESE…but she’s definitely overweight. That’s pretty bad considering she was in great shape not that long ago. Yes, it was a terrible outfit. She shouldn’t have worn it…but that doesn’t change the fact that SHE IS OVERWEIGHT.

    Believe it or not, everybody that isn’t fat doesn’t have an eating disorder. I know it’s hard for a lot of fat people to accept. People need to start eating healthy and exercising…not overeating and being lazy and not resorting to eating disorders. Eating disorders are SO RARE when compared to the obesity epidemic in the US. They’re rare to the point that they aren’t even worth bringing up.

  19. Heathy Curvy Real Woman

    {chomp snap munch munch gulp snort burp} She looks gorgeous. {crunch crunch slurp swallow cough snort burp} Like a REAL woman does. {rip snort snap chomp chomp pause chomp gulp cough cough slurp swallow burp} Sorry if that makes you pedos uncomfortable. {fart}

  20. Webster's

    If you look up “curvy” it doesn’t say “synonym: lumpy”.

  21. Doc


    Right on dude!

    Only 1 percent of the US population are underweight and 70 percent of the US population are 30 pounds or more overweight. Celebrities need to own up to their fat bodies. I get tired of hearing the same argument from fat people like “I don’t want the body of a 12 year old boy.” Well I got news for you fat people; try having a fit healthy body instead of a fat body.

  22. Tommy

    All fat chicks like Kim Kardasshian resolve they like their figure because they enjoy eating too much and it shows on her short fat body.

  23. J

    She doesn’t look fat at all in these pics. Her face has slimmed out–and she didn’t look “fat” in the earlier pics, either. She probably gained 15 pounds, but when you start at a size zero 15 pounds looks like a lot. She might be a size 8 now, although in these most recent pictures she looks more like a 6. Her BMI is probably on the high side of healthy, around a 24.

    It’s really not a big deal. All the virulent, holier-than-though, smug anti-fat crap just betrays personal insecurity and/or a cruel disposition (although I’m sure the false bravado of Internet anonymity just fuels that)

    I’m 5’9 and a size 8. I’ve always been a size 6-8. That would make me “plus-sized” by modeling standards and probably “fat” by celebrity standards. But my BMI is 21 and I’m active and completely healthy. Sad.

    @6 — REALLY, you’re going to argue that because some bigger people are bitter and mean to skinny people, that makes it okay to be cruel to “fat people?” Did you learn that kind of tit-for-tat mentality in the third grade? PLEASE be an adult and grow out of that BS.

  24. Dr. Phil

    Any parent who allows (or forces) his child to choose this as a career path should be sent to Gitmo.

    Cut your hair wrong and 10 million people will ridicule you.
    Put on 10 or 20 pounds and you will be crucified.
    Scratch your ass and the whole world sees it.

    All for cash and fame – typically for the parents.

    Damn… this kid is emotionally wrecked.

  25. Wendy

    So, Jessica, do you think Britney looks better – and healthier – now? Yes. Excellent.

    So what does that tell you? Jessica…? Hello….? Anyone…? Anyone…? Bueller…?

  26. Ike

    One of the photos of her from the original story inspired me to load up Photoshop:

    Look at her go! She’s really enjoying that ice cream cone.

  27. Dr. Evil

    #25 – I must respectfully disagree with my colleague’s diagnosis. True, in this case and many others the parents are pushy and living through their kids, but in time the child becomes a narcissistic and attention-seeking adult, pocketing every penny that she makes through active pursuit of fame (except of course for crazy Britney and her dad). Whatever happened growing up, Jessica and Ashlee are now shallow and vain adults, and what they do now is on them, not on Dad.

  28. Anyone who wouldn’t fuck the flab right off of her is a liar.

  29. Jeezy

    @Fat Chicks Suck – you are the most truthful, intelligent and accurate poster I’ve seen on this site in quite some time.

    It’s true. There are tons of fat people out there, and they should be made aware that it is unhealthy. There is a difference between having “curves” and being FAT, and people shouldn’t be confusing the two.

  30. Fat Chicks Suck

    @24: No – I’m not saying it’s okay to rip on fat people to their face just to be mean…but I’m sick of this idea that it’s okay to be fat and that we should make fat people feel good about themselves. I think overweight people need to realize they have a problem…and they need to do something about it. Everybody knows about the dangers of eating disorders…yet people seem to think obesity is no big deal. Why should I, a healthy guy that takes care of myself and stays in shape, have to pay as much for health insurance as some lazy slob that is 100 pounds overweight? Why do I get charged $50 if my suitcase weighs a couple pounds too much…but I pay the same price for my plane ticket as the 250 pound lady next to me (who also makes my flight much less pleasant.) Health issues due solely to overweight/obese individuals cost this country nearly $200 billion last year. There are recent studies saying that over 85% of Americans are now overweight or obese.

    I’m not saying this to be mean – I’m saying it because it’s a problem that’s getting more and more out of hand and nobody is doing anything about it. It’s insane! The United States will LITERALLY eat itself to death if something isn’t done soon.

    I think if you’re overweight or obese without medical reason your taxes should go up, your health insurance should go up, and you should pay more for public transportation. On the other side…I think you should receive tax breaks for staying fit and being healthy. Maybe that would be enough motivation alone to start making a difference.

  31. CaptainMorgan

    What people fail to recognize on the first two pics is that those WERE TAKEN AT NOON!

    That girl is throwing some serious shade!

  32. havoc

    I heard that she’s changed her name to The Artist Formerly Known As Thin….


  33. Simple Rule for Celebrities

    If you don’t have talent you can’t let yourself go and get fat.

  34. I don’t think she’s fat at all. I mean if she’s fat then I must be OBESE!

  35. missywissy

    I just think if you’re going to use your body and sexuality as a means of selling records and tickets to shows, you’re asking for it when you pack on the pounds. I don’t really feel sorry for her. If it were just some gal on the street, she would pass as pretty and curvy. But we’re talking about somebody that gets paid because she flaunts herself around. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass that she’s gotten bigger, but I definately see why she’s getting the negative attention. She needs to present herself differently if she doesn’t want this kind of press.

    Guys that dump your girlfriends because they got big come across shallow, yet I can see if your woman just completely quit taking care of herself. People subconsciencly are attracted to people they wouldn’t mind mating with, and if you can’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of the kids? Even if nobody wants kids, we are all just psychologically programmed to be attracted to the type of people that can hunt (take care of their family) and give birth (young and supple). It’s all masked by what society has confirmed as what’s “sexy”.

  36. Silent Majority

    Anybody else bored to death with the repetitive slogan-chanting “fat” debate?

  37. Pathetic Worm

    Fat, thin, just right… ANYTHING is better than a rubber glove filled with raw liver.

  38. PJ


    From the eyes of a typical overweight American.

  39. Fat People Stop Eating Too Much!


    I agree. Preventive health care cost a lot less than trying to treat a sick person that never sees a doctor. Preventive health care can prevent a person from getting fat due to the doctor intervention. Fat Americans are basically giving themselves diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc. My friend who is overweight but has big tits and a big butt got offended when her doctor told her she needed to lose weight. Her boyfriend likes her big tits, but the bottom line is she is overweight and it is unhealthy. She got mad at me when I told her the doctor is trying to help her and not insult her. Fat people get a clue.

  40. pete

    Look, let’s not make this more complicated than it is. She has big boobs when she’s thin. They get huge when she’s fat, like now, and in a way that’s just overkill. But she doesn’t get a bubblebutt, she gets a big wide mommy squarebutt. So her body looks much less attractive overall. There’s no way around that fact.

  41. mamamiasweetpeaches

    You know, Im not a fan or anything – but it must REALLY be sad when all you are known for….all you are famous for…is being a “hot piece of ass”….and we can name A LOT of people who are famous for being “a hot piece of ass”….but Jessica was a “STUPID hot piece of ass”. She wasnt a great singer. A great actor. She had a TV show where everytime she opened her mouth STUPIDITY came out (“Really stupid” or “Stupid like a fox”? people would argue) And now she’s getting heavier and suddenly – the stupidity isnt so cute, cuz its coming out of a fat chick!

    My daughter is beautiful and every day I remind her to stay in school because “Pretty Is Not Enough” and it pays to have something to fall back on.
    I’m glad that Jessica Simpson has that These Boots Are Made For Walking video and Britney Spears has that Hit Me Baby One More Time video to look back at and Remember When. I hope they saved some of that money.

  42. Sidney


    This is what happened with Jessica. After loosing weight for her role as Daisy Dukes; her perky boobs got smaller and droopy, so she got breast implants. All she needed to do was put on some weight to make her boobs perky again. Now when Jessica gains weight her breasts get bigger but they are wider because of the breast implants. Jessica could wear a butt girdle like Kim Kardasshaian to improve her butt.


    (Jessica Simpson + Lindsay Lohan)/2 = smokin hot body

    Gimme my nobel Prize bitches.

  44. Ummm...yeah...

    STFU assholes…the dippy bitch is fat and that’s all and who really gives afuck anyway?
    Goddam Fish, give it a fucking rest already!!!
    Five fucking posts about this brain dead whale? Come on!!!Cut the shit!!!

  45. CJ

    Jessica can’t read or write….

    Liar! She sat right there on the sofa in front of the camera and read the Starkist Tuna can….inspite of Nick’s attempt at ignoring her.

    Leave her alone…with boney L Lohan walking the streets and hoping for confrontation…you have plenty to do without smearing Jessica. Where’s Amy Winehouse?

  46. Harry

    A few more pounds and she could play on the O line and protect Tony Homo from getting his head bashed in by the Philadelphia Eagles defense.

  47. cavy

    I don’t think being over weight is healthy, nor is stick thin, unless it’s genetic, but I do wonder why everyone jumps on Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian (clearly on the thin side..just big boobs and butt – isn’t that what men like?) but don’t say a word about Jennifer Hudson or Beyonce. Beyonce is clearly bigger than both JS and Kim. I think Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce are beautiful and super talented – I just don’t understand the nastiness towards some celebs while others are left alone. There is never a middle ground with the public anymore – it’s either too thin (Lilo, Olsen twins, etc) or too fat (Jessica Simpson..ok, she’s a little chubby, but a long way from obese!). I would NEVER want to be a celeb these days; with the way the media is, you’ve got to be crazy to want to be famous!

  48. whalerider

    I assume she was hoping for the black is slimming look….


  49. She still looks good! Ashley looks way better now, hands down.

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