Jessica Simpson ‘speaks out’ by not really saying anything at all. Looks good though.

February 11th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Jessica Simpson performed on CBS’ The Early Show this morning and briefly spoke to Maggie Rodriguez. The closest the conversation came to her expanded figure was when Maggie asked how Jessica is doing after going through “a lot lately.” To which Jessica responded, “Everything’s really great. It’s all about keeping the faith. That’s why I pray out loud.”

After watching the video where Jessica Simpson looks surprisingly svelte, I almost believe this has simply been a case of horrible wardrobe choices. And by horrible wardrobe choices I mean she’s been duct-taping bags of marshmallows to the inside of her outfits. “Tell me I can’t pick out my own clothes. I’ll show them.” *TAPE* “Yeah, this is hot….”

Video: CBS News

  1. short hairs

    Pray Out Loud =

    Jessica: “Dear God, please make daddy stop touching me there.”

    Poppa Joe: *whispers* “sssshhh, keep your voice down, Jess! yer gonna wake yer mom up, and she’s gonna be PISSED!”

  2. Doc


    You forgot my comments about Kim Kardashian too. Americans have a serious denial problem about being fat. Americans wake up and start practicing a healthy lifestyle. I am happy to announce that Jessica has already admitted to being overweight and is now going to try to lose her weight.

  3. kitty

    not everyone can look that good in a girdle

  4. kate

    emm, u are so sweet.. but I just found out your secret that you have joined the online club ***sugarmingle. c om*** , by which you are seeking sexy babies!

  5. Errr

    Reporter is such a b#@&*! “I know you’ve been through a lot lately…”

    How about this, Jess? For once, say “f— you” to the press. Once you blow them off a few times, and let ‘em know who’s boss, they might respect you and leave you the hell alone with stupid a– questions such as that one. Good god, if you ALLOW the media to pick you apart, and you show that it bothers you, trust me, they will continue to do so. Do not let the predators win.

  6. dew

    If Jessica had looked like this the last few weeks, nobody would have said a thing about her weight gain.

    Yes, she put on too much weight on her short body, but it wasn’t as noticeable until she dressed like trailer trash wearing clothes from the thrift shop on laundry day, including her hair hanging limp and unstyled like on laundry day.

    If she continues to dress and style herself like today, AND drops at least 20 lbs, she’ll be alright in the looks department.

  7. But the dead meat(brains) can’t speak for itself, folks!!

  8. lawrence

    Amazing!! I viewed this video in another place. A hot debate heats up at where many celebrities are looking for love. Amamzing

  9. Fati

    my god, she sounds so DUMB! even paris hilton sounds more intelligent than her!

  10. out of sympathy

    It’s called spanx. It’s better than a girdle, I hear, and you’d be suprised who wears these SPANX. I know she’s a tiny woman, as well as extremely curvy, so I’m sympathetic to her fellings. Any weight she’s gaining will show. Any weight I gain doesn’t. It’s all part of being human. Different lives, as well as body types. Depends all on genetics. I’m not curvy, she is. The weight will definately show on a woman like her. BTW, for the record, I’m not a fan. I don’t listen to anything she’s done. Or maybe I have? Not too sure.

  11. She looked like she got some weight to some of the latest photos. Maybe she just gained weight naturally as a reaction to be unhappy or it could be a publicity stunt, who knows.

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