Jessica Simpson sounds like a really, really awesome girlfriend

August 21st, 2008 // 56 Comments

When she’s not single-handedly destroying the image of a Dallas-based brewery, Jessica Simpson likes to take time out from her busy schedule to snoop through Tony Romo’s cell phone which is how she knew his ex Carrie Underwood was lying when she recently said Tony still calls her. You bagged yourself a keeper, Tony. NY Daily News reports:

“Tony and I both laughed at that,” Simpson told Nashville radio station 107.5 The River. “We got a chuckle out of it.”
Underwood’s comments are “definitely” not true, Simpson said. So … how does she know this?
“I looked at his call log.”

I wanted to say something about Jessica Simpson’s flagrant display of cattiness, but frankly, I’m impressed she not only knows how to operate a cell phone but didn’t swallow it in the process. It’s like, you want to be mad, but at the same time “Wow!”

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  1. BP79

    Tony Romo likes man sex–that’s why the Giants kicked the shit out of him and his cunt. And by “his cunt” I mean his actually cunt–not Jessica Simpson.

  2. What?Jessica always open her mouth?

    Jessica is a “psycho”, “crazy”, ” insane”. Oh, wait. They have the same meaning. But, that’s the only way I can describe Jessica. What a “son of a bitch” she is acting. What a shame! Jessica needs to go to “Mental Hospital”.

  3. Ruby

    Jessica is the Liar. Tony was calling her in MAY and MAY is when Carrie said that. Jess knows it was said in MAY and didnt come out til now in the mag. She is trying to make Carrie look bad. She’s just pissed because her BF went running back to his ex in May when they hit a rough spot. Now everyone knows about it and she’s embarrassed. So all she can do is call Carrie a liar on the radio. She needs to get a life and some talent. Carrie didn’t want him! He went crawling back to Jess, his second choice.

  4. Oops

    Jess was his first choice. How soon we forget. Tony wanted Jess back in 2006 & said so on National TV. Carrie was not evn close to being in the pic. Carrie was the fling when things got rough. When he sorted it back out with Jess the Carrie was history again. Think about it people. lol

  5. Awesome Mouth

    Jessica loves to open her upper mouth because her lower mouth is over-used. Tony Romo will not enjoy the lower mouth of Jessica. Awesome upper mouth, Jessica.

  6. Sorce

    I can’t believe I am just seeing this. Yes, she is officially the stupidest person on the planet. We all know that we can erase certain items in a call log. My goodness. Please let this b!tch stfu.

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