Jessica Simpson shows off her boobs

May 7th, 2007 // 361 Comments

jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-09-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-10-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-11-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-12-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-13-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-14-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-15-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-16-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-17-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-18-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-pcd-lounge-boobs-19-thumb.jpg


  1. Dureagonfly


  2. Dureagonfly

    Hey I finally made it….
    Do I win a prize or something…
    No DUI’s Please

  3. Juliabella

    I thought JRZMommy would be the first one to post and look at the boobs. She seems to like the under parts of celebrities!!!
    Old perv.

  4. heyheyhey

    she looks like werewolf/vampire mix in the first picture…


  5. daηielle™↵

    You win a foot to the ass. Bend over, dear

  6. GGblum

    haaaa I’m loving her hair here!

  7. jaffo

    New rule. No more saying ‘Jessica Simpson shows off her boobs’ until her tits are flopping out of her top and she playing with her nipples…

  8. Dureagonfly

    I like her better as a blonde ditz…
    The brown hair doesn’t say ditz enough…know what I mean?

  9. Zoo Station

    Please observe the tan cracks between her breasts. Discuss.

  10. tits_on_snack

    Dude what the shit. I always knew she had an ass-chin and kinda freaky eyeballs sometimes, but what the frig is going on with this bitch. She’s got a bizarro little budgie-beak nose, and her skin is suddenly three hundred times darker than it has ever been in her entire career.

  11. daηielle™↵

    I’m pretty sure that if you even so much as sneezed on Jessica , every inch of her would turn milk carton white and half of her face would fall off.

    The boobs would stay but instead of looking like abnormal oranges, they’d look like abnormal onions.

  12. RAMistheMAN

    ATTENTION: If you find Joe Simpson, please tell him to take his hands out of his pants and to stop looking at his daughter’s marvelous rack! Please, it’s important.

  13. Donkey

    This bitch is really getting into the “I live in a cave” look.

  14. You can’t keep those suckers covered up.

  15. daηielle™↵

    I’m guessing the cracks between her boobies is caused by chafting. And by chafting I mean a certain something rubbing in between the suckers. And by a certain something I mean a “little” something.

  16. man and to think she was just a stupid blonde. i guess she showed those tabloids didn’t she? she’s not blonde anymore…

  17. Donkey

    To get into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo she apparently became mexican.

  18. hmm…i have one thing and only one to say…milk.

  19. bungoone

    i thought she had a hair stylist? what in hell is going on with her hair?!!

    the rest of her is just too confusing to try annd sort out.

  20. Donkey

    I wish I had those boobs too.

    I would keep them in a nice velvet lined box with a titanium lock. And I would only take them out to play with them late at night or when nobody else was home.

  21. Mune40

    I hid her face with my finger and I was like.. Oh my god! It’s Mariah Carey!
    Xcept.. she’s a little clothed for Mariah

  22. Fishstick

    17: but is she a mexican or a mexican’t?

  23. Fishstick

    shes got to use the only thing the lord gave her….

  24. #23 i bet it’s both

  25. lambman

    don’t people generally have necks?

    horrible make-up, and as always she looks like Ricky Martin in drag

  26. Donkey

    What? A mean a rich family?

  27. lambman

    ps – is she just totally unemployed now?

  28. RAMistheMAN


    Jessica Simpson Sex Tape (Directed by Joe Simpson) to be released later this month!

  29. #23 what’d the difference? she’s still boring

  30. jrzmommy♠

    Ghoulia is that supposed to be an insult? Nice try. How’s Queerbec, anyhow, douchebag? What wonders of the world have the fucking French Canadians come up with this week?

  31. a3maniac

    Hey, Jessica, the 70′s called. Farrah Fawcett wants her look back.

    This is some serious Charlie’s Angels meets Girls Gone Wild.

  32. flavio

    she is plastic, completely plastic, she does not look good, its a waste of boobs. there are foxy girls out there who could be putting those things to good use. jessica simpson is completely and totally without talent or interseting characteristics, other than those milk jugs. can’t she donate them?

  33. Juliabella

    I knew you could come to see the crack…
    I woke up the devil!!! So easy and predictible! Should upgrade your insult manual madam…getting old!

  34. jaffo

    Gotta admit, she’s got a real nice, skanky, bangable quality about her these days…

  35. even though jessica simpson is a total wreck and her career may be over and yes, she may make funny faces every now and then, she’s still a completely sensitive and loving person and…in other words, i’d do her…and i’m STRAIGHT. :)

  36. TexasTranny

    nice pretty lacy bra, or is that a cami?

  37. mrs.t

    #37-but what about after….like, if she wanted to ‘talk’. It’s just not worth it.

  38. Jimbo ?

    Damn, she may be dumb as a door nail, but she looks hot and she has a nice rack. As most of the guys say in here, I would bang that!!!

  39. jrzmommy♠

    Why? you’re just not worth anything new, Ghoulia. It’s bad enough I have to type everything super slow so you get it…new stuff would just cause your head to implode. I know I gotta keep it simple for the dullards around here.

  40. Daldianus

    I’d do her.

  41. Juliabella

    Cause you’re so smat aren’t you?!? What are you doing on this slow site then? Shouldn’t you be reading the en-cy-clo-pe-dia. (take your breath)?

  42. p0nk

    ghoulia, wtf crawled up your ass and died? you just jealous because your idiot counterparts in france are rioting over the president they just elected and nobody invited you to the party?

  43. Juliabella

    you need to inform yourslef b4 you speak. I’m not french you retarded piece of trash.

  44. Jimbo ?

    Mrs. T – Do you like to talk after and would it be worth? :)

  45. p0nk

    …and i don’t know who’s responsible for the background in these pics but they misspelled ‘puke’.

  46. jrzmommy♠

    take my breath? what the fuck does that mean? I’m sure translated back into sissy fucking french that might be a Grade A insult, fucking french stupidisms…..but it doesn’t mean anything to me.

  47. @39 she’ll be so lost in N@ughty she won’t wanna talk…just BREATHE.

  48. jrzmommy♠

    yeah, pOnk….Ghoulia isn’t French…it’s worse….she’s French Canadian…..roughly translated into Totally Useless.

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