Jessica Simpson shows her face/breasts in public

October 4th, 2009 // 60 Comments

After the fruitless manhunt for her coyote-snatched dog Daisy, I assumed Jessica Simpson would be spending her time building a new Malti-poo out of cotton balls and chicken wings. But here she is at the Operation Smile charity event over the weekend like something out of a Hallmark movie about overcoming adversity and having stupid large breasts. “They Keep Me Afloat: The Jessica Simpson Story.”


  1. Darth

    How long do we have to keep it up with this face and breasts again?!

  2. Galtacticus

    She could easily drop 10 pounds or more.

  3. penny

    someone should have knocked her up ages ago. she could have ballooned to whale-like proportions, run the jenny craig commercial circuit, and disappeared into obscurity. all of which is better than whatever she’s doing now–which is nothing.

  4. Danklin24

    Short fattiness? Are you retarded? She’s neither short or fat? Shes effin hot.

  5. mel

    Definately short fattiness!!

  6. LOL #54…she is short. She’s only 5’3″. Granted, compared to me…that’s tall. But overall, that’s still pretty short =) She is definitely not fat though. Her eyes look amazing…

  7. Jessica you are the most Beauitful woman in the world. Very SEXY & Smoking HOT ! Ignore all the fucking Haters They are Jellous sorry ass s.o.b

  8. Jessica Simpson is looking so nice, i like all of this pics.. She has got a perfect figure..

  9. OMG people, leave her alone!!! She is beautiful. All people who hate on \fat\ people need to get a like. Doesn’t matter what people say about her she is still living life to the fullest. You go girl! Her biggest mistake though was dating Tomy Homo….oh I meant Romo. His team sucks not matter how good they play.

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