Jessica Simpson shows her face/breasts in public

October 4th, 2009 // 60 Comments

After the fruitless manhunt for her coyote-snatched dog Daisy, I assumed Jessica Simpson would be spending her time building a new Malti-poo out of cotton balls and chicken wings. But here she is at the Operation Smile charity event over the weekend like something out of a Hallmark movie about overcoming adversity and having stupid large breasts. “They Keep Me Afloat: The Jessica Simpson Story.”


  1. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    When is her secret sex tape going to come out to boost her career?

    She could do someone like Pauly Shore or some big black athlete or rapper. It worked for that human urinal ditch pig Kim Kardsahian.

  2. pubes

    Wanna f her so bad. Damm

  3. nessi

    brad an angelina twins pics

  4. Courtney

    She’s actually looking pretty good.

  5. the amazing Milk Man

    This is what every woman should look like at the minimum. The rest are toss aways.
    Happy effing sunday Aholes.

  6. She's fuckin hot!

    Seriously, say what you want about Jessica Simpson and how not-so-smart she is but she is obnoxiously hot and has a perfect body.

  7. Danklin24

    I agree, she’s so beautiful its retarded.

  8. rachel

    she looks pretty, but damn, she needs a new stylist.

  9. She is one beautiful woman.

  10. The Rough report

    Picture 8 is dreadful! she looks wonderful as always but under her arm is a prelude to backfat…she have work to to still!

  11. Xander Harris

    considering it’s a charity called Operation Smile, she doesn’t seem to be smiling all that much. hmm…

  12. Not Bad...

    First time I’ve ever said this: she looks pretty good here.

  13. JimmyD

    This is a beautiful woman. Don’t argue that point. She probably has a whole lot more class than most of us doing these posts.

  14. simmo

    seriously as much as I hate to say it — i REALLY miss the old days of anorexic but hot jess simpson…. she really was fuking hot in that pink bikini

  15. Turd the third

    She is looking good, but shit that lezbo suit has to go!!! Lets see some muff js!!!!!!!

  16. wtf

    she’s so pretty.. go back to nick lachey!

  17. clpierced

    That pant/dress/retarded outfit makes her look like a mom. plus her boobs look cone shaped. new bra please! buttt i always like her hair and makeup :)

  18. wow

    wow! she looks fantastic! best she has in years! she’s the kind of girl who makes the most of what she’s got. bad bad bad clothes, but looks GREAT over all. way hotter than these tramps who are all over the place lately.

  19. dude_on

    She is a mom. A grieving mom who lost her baby Daisy to a coyote. But she still has two of the sweetest puppies in the world that will never end up as a coyote snack. Technically I’m not a professional, but I just know that if she would kiss them and cuddle them, they could help her during this difficult journey of healing.

  20. JJ Daddy-O


  21. Not sure what she is WEARING…but she looks really good. I never noticed how awesome her eye color is.

  22. jumpin_j

    More like “My breasts, they keep me in business”.

  23. Eric

    Is it just me, or can you pretty much see through this outfit in shot #10?

  24. Randal

    The sweet smell of honey wafts around Jessica Simpson, made even more perfect by her deadly curves and warm inviting smile. Her eyes really have an uncanny ability to lure you close without even saying a word.

    Beautiful, talented and smart, a perfect bundle that spans the entire Simpson gene pool.


  25. Cellulite side-boob

    You can see the cellulite in her side-boob in pic #7 :( And for an event called Operation Smile, she’s not smiling much. However, her make-up looks good.

  26. Katie G

    Damn. That’s probably the best I’ve seen her look in a long time. Eat your heart out, Romo!!

  27. Taz

    wow, she looks great here!

  28. Looks like she used up her smiles. Too bad she keeps hooking up with tards.

  29. Kelly

    She looks so much better without all that HAIR!

  30. Bad Bad MAN

    You can see she is getting that pre-cougar hot, instead of that 20′s peak hot she use to have. If she is going to make that money, she better make it now, time is no longer on her side.

  31. Brenna

    She really does look good, but are those roots on purpose?!? Good Lord.

  32. Bubujules

    Is she wearing her wedding band?!?

  33. Dayum

    one of the HOTTEST celebs there is. Fuck Megan Fox, Jessica SImpson is still the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen.

  34. Dogen Rogen

    I would to start a “should Randal be assasinated for the good of humanity” poll on Facebook but I’m afraid it would end with violence as 100,000+ annoyed people took to the streets.

  35. Harold^Sick

    She is so freaking hot, its ridiculous. She should definitely marry me.

  36. zsa

    She looks hot. Almost old Jessica Simpson. But, man, I hate jump suits…

  37. Amy

    She’s unbelievably beautiful and not a huge skank…a win in my book.

  38. tc

    Totally erecting.

  39. ah jeez

    30, shut the FUCK up; you wish you could bang girls half as hot as Jessica Simpson…and i’m sure her “pre-cougar” (yeah fucking right) ass wouldn’t want you when she’s 50, let alone right now.

  40. chris

    I think we all here agree she’s really beautiful

  41. FACE

    I agree with #2 – I want to ravish her thoroughly. Hottest white woman in Hollywood still

  42. Tim

    Pic #10 shows her short fattiness. She’s built like one of Romo’s lineman. NOT HOT

  43. Suzy

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Not a fan on the jumpsuit though.

  44. Dread not

    Jessica making Tony Noshow’s loss to the Broncos THAT much more painful. AWESOME! I’m going to go ahead and call Operation Smile a success, being that I haven’t stopped smiling yet, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. Speaking of things that haven’t stopped any time soon. Could someone please call a doctor. It seems that these pics have left me with a serious case of priapism.


    Great! Jahovah’s Witnesses just rang the bell! This will make ‘em run for, The Watchtower!

  45. Pic #10 shows her short fattiness. She’s built like one of Romo’s lineman. NOT HOT

  46. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Very hot. I bet she tastes like cherries. Or fried chicken. Either way Yum!

  47. Hella

    she is sooooo freakn hot, a perfect 10 woman, as wtf said go back to nick!!! NOW

  48. havoc

    She still gets a 10 on the bangability scale.

    Love the Xanax eyes and smile….


  49. Anderson

    Stunning, very beautiful.

  50. Hank

    @ 34, I disagree. I think we should start a “should we assassinate Randal for the good of humanity poll” regardless. Yes the NSA might look us up but they would then be forced to read all of his comments and with luck would probably join the cause!

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