Jessica Simpson rushed to collapsed Tony Romo’s side

December 30th, 2008 // 40 Comments

Tony Romo asked for Jessica Simpson after collapsing in the Cowboys shower room from popped cartilage in his ribs. TMZ reports:

As if totally choking in the biggest game of the season weren’t bad enough, Tony Romo had to have Jessica “Yoko” Simpson rush to his side to help him with a little popped-out cartilage.

In Tony Romo’s defense if I thought I was dying, I’d be crying for my girlfriend’s insane cleavage too.

TONY: Oh, God, bring me Jessica. I need Jessica!
COACH: All we have is a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup with two water balloons taped to it.
TONY: That’ll work.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Yep


  2. What's up doc?

    *munches on carrots*

  3. Deacon Jones

    As an Eagles fan, I take great pride and joy knowing we made Romo’s ribcage pop multiple times. Fuck you Dallas.

  4. WTF

    Um yeah, nice, not thrilling but nice.

  5. It's Me Fuckers

    pretty to look at but that’s it. She is so fuckin stupid I am amazed she is still riding her fame… oh yeah… fame AKA Daddy.

  6. Obama the Messiah

    Dang she has some nice tits.

    Go Titans!

  7. This Poster

    Anyone posting after This Poster sucks on Tony Homo’s burrito and swallows the queso

  8. When youre injured, Youll be amaze at what you can do when you see those erect guns pointing at you…

  9. This Poster

    This Poster is permanently assigned to 7th grade.

  10. This Poster

    Don’t let This Poster skip 6th grade

  11. Albatross

    That dress is hideous. Homo fainted in the shower LOL.


  12. Greg G



  13. woodhorse

    Fuck. She had to leave Macy’s just to go change channels for him or whatever?

  14. Rubies

    C’mon, get it right! From the Dallas Morning News (

    “IRVING – Tony Romo finished the game Sunday despite having torn cartilage in his ribs, coach Wade Phillips said. The cartilage popped out of place twice during the game and again afterward, causing Romo to collapse in the shower…”

    That’s just got to hurt!

  15. T.O.

    Yeah, so Jessica Simpson comes running in the shower while myself and Roy WIlliams was still in there scrubbing our groins with a washcloth and commences to fall to her knees next to Hom..I mean Romo. So the shower is all steamy and water is splashing everywhere and she’s all wet at this point so being that I’m in peak physical condition my joint starts getting all thick and throbbing so I start moving closer and before I know it my dick is on her forehead….imagine that.

  16. Anonymous

    Deacon Jones,

    Wasn’t that beautiful? I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

  17. yo bling

    Why are posters #9 and #10 insulting themselves?

  18. Catty

    Her roots need touching up.

  19. Insatiable Peter

    Motorboating Jessica’s tits is a panacea. Common knowledge.

    Chili Dog, anyone?

  20. Carrie Underwood FTW.

  21. chickdowntown

    What would Jessica do for torn rib cartilage? Her first question was probably “What, they brought back the McRib!?” Laughing at her insane stupidity is likely the worst thing possible for torn rib cartilage. Tony regrets his decision.

  22. Mick

    The Cowgirls suck big time. They take their sissy asses home another year. Jessica has f#cked up that time real good. Yessssss

  23. HAHAHA

    Fainted like a bitch. If I were a serious player on that team I would want to be traded. They are not about football. It’s all about Hollywood.

  24. supersex

    i still want to fuck this bitch in the ass!!!

  25. Fortunately I went Philly.
    The jury’s still out on Romo. But saying the Cowboys are over-rated in the States is like saying Gaza isn’t a massacre of helpless civilians.
    There seems to be a certain ‘disconnect’ as they say in the industry.

  26. soahc

    What a fucking pansy. He passes out with an injury then when he comes too calls for mom and boobie replacement. Do men ever grow up? Sheesh I’d be inclined to think that Jack Nicholson was the only true man in Hollywood.

  27. You want a “DEAD MEAT”=smile?(brains)
    WELL……………………………………………………………….here you are, folks!!

  28. friendlyfires

    Jerry Jones needs to do three things if he wants to have a team he can be proud to call the Dallas Cowboys:
    1.)Fire all them fuckin’ dilettantes that dares to call themselves football players.
    2.)Fire all them fuckin’ milquetoast coaching staff, from Wade “up to my elbows in it” Phillips on down.
    3.)Show some real goddam courage and fire his own fuckin’ ass as General Manager, find someone who really know how to manage a winning NFL franchise and be satisfied as a bill-yon-aire owner. Mebbe he can play horseshoes with his new neighbor Dubya or pin the bikini top on the Simpson.

  29. Cartman

    I don’t know why people rag on Jessica Simpson so bad… she gets such a bad deal from these gay-leaning blogs.

    I think she is perfectly lovely but I am a hetero male. I would be proud to have her as my girlfriend. I think my girlfriend would be proud to have a threesome with her too, haha.

    And rib injuries, ouch, that sucks so bad… if you disagree I can put a size 14 boot in your ribs to change your mind.

    Leave Jessica alone!

  30. iroe

    TONY: Oh, God, bring me Chestica. I mean Jessica!

  31. your mom

    finially her lips are done right! all the injections and whatever turned those thin nothing lips into duck lips and bow this! success! lol go jess!

  32. lizzy

    god she is so over, when is she gonna disappear.

    and 31 — i think her lips still look like shit, so fake. and she never had bad lips, until she started overinjecting them.

  33. M

    She looks like she has slimmed down a bit. What do you guys think ?

  34. Sami

    I live in Yemen
    my dream to one day come to America and fuck Jessica in pussy and make my juice in her mouth.

  35. Jerry Jones

    Hey fuck all of you! It’s my fucking football team and I can do whatever the fuck I want to do with it, you hear? I’m Jerry “By God” Jones and I run this here planet you sorry sons of bitches! Al Davis thinks he does; but he too can lick my balls and wash my asshole! Now with that said…I command all of you assholes out there to love and adore me and MY Cowboys forever and ever, amen!

    How ’bout them Cowboys!!!!

  36. The Biggest Joke in Football is the Romo-Owens saga

    Tony Romo faints in the shower? Yeah, typical of that girly-bitch asshole P.O.S. And that’s what Dallas has come to, football fans — two drama queens (Romo/Owens) and a bubble-headed bitch for a fan. I bet Jessica can’t even spell “Romo” if you spotted her two “O”s and the “R”.

  37. NY Ted

    I heard Jessica sucked on his other big “cartilage” when they got home and he is all better now…and laughing all the way to the bank with the money he makes to stink the “joint” out (no pun intended) in every big game he has to play in.

  38. tom

    Let s face it her singing sucks! She does have a great rack tho….but as an Eagles fan it s a beautiful thing to see Dallas crushed…i guess literally in romo s case.

    Let s see how long Jess stays with a QB from a losing team.

    ETB : 3 weeks

  39. Anyone posting after This Poster sucks on Tony Homo’s burrito and swallows the queso

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