Jessica Simpson rebounds with John Mayer

Because one man’s trash is another man’s penis holster, Jessica Simpson has reportedly rebounded with John Mayer who had dumped her years ago after he realized she has the sexual proclivity of an English muffin. InTouch reports:

An insider reveals that, in a state of desperation and loneliness, she’s been secretly hooking up with her ex John Mayer, who unceremoniously dumped her in 2007 after they dated for a year. “They’ve always had an amazing connection,” a business associate of Jessica’s tells In Touch. Ignoring her friends’ warnings that the notorious player will just use her and then break up with her again, Jessica has jumped headfirst into a relationship with the singer now that she and Tony, 29, split. “Jessica is kidding herself that her and John stand a chance,” says a source.

It’s sort of tragic being Jessica Simpson considering men only want to be with her for one reason and it’s never to watch Shrek on loop until she figures out how they got the donkey to talk. Why won’t somebody tell her?!

Photos: Splash News