Jessica Simpson performs in Daisy Duke cutoffs

February 9th, 2009 // 231 Comments

There are exactly two possible moves Jessica Simpson could’ve made to draw attention to her weight:

1. Deliberately invited comparisons between her body now and when she played Daisy Duke.
2. Ate a small child.

After seeing these photos, I’m no longer convinced the second option would’ve been the lesser of two evils. Then again, her next gig is at an Idaho Chuck E. Cheese, so it’s anybody’s guess really.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Kinda weird though, why is everybody trying to copy me? I got kinda chunky back in the late 90′s but then I lost weight and people who hadn’t seen me in a while were calling me skinny minnie and crap. I still wonder why I’m not on the cover of US or something…so unfair.

  2. Deacon Jones


    I date a hair model, does that count?

  3. 10pound

    ding dong baby….DING DONG!! YOU AINT FAT, YOU AINT NOTHING!!

  4. Goldilocks

    I suspect she’s preggers y’all!!!!! (3-4 months it looks like)
    50 bucks says she’s w/child and just not telling anyone.

  5. It’s funny how they had to slit the front of the shorts just to fit those thunder thighs in there.

    Face it, the chick is seriously depressed. She’s childless, fat, talentless, blonde, dating a guy who probably bangs cheerleaders before every practice…. her sister has a kid with an emo, her dad’s a weirdo….

    SHE’S FUCKED, I guess I’m trying to say…..

  6. meghanfish

    I would so not be embarrased to look like her. Any amount of weight gain sucks for whoever gains it though… it’s not like she won’t lose all this weight after getting attacked by a bunch of faceless fatties sitting around on the internet bashing her, like most of you!!

  7. Edward Scissorhead aka John Mayer

    She doesn’t look pregnant to me, but maybe. Just looks like she put on 15-20 in the gut and thighs is all. Regardless, she is still hawt and I;d stick it in her. Just don;t ask me to marry the over emotional chick.

  8. A-Hole

    She just keeps getting fatter and fatter and fatter everyday. This has got to STOP.

    For someone, that made a career of sticking their bobbies into everyone’s face, what is she thinking…………………………

    # 56- I don’t think that legs, arms, and necks can get pregnant. No way, she’s just a fattie.

  9. Sorry, what’s she famous for again. Being fat and stupid? Awesome.

    More like this, please.

  10. Farmer Jane

    # 17

    I have a donkey, a miniature female and she weights less than 100 lbs. I doubt that Jessica can also make that claim. #17, you should be ashamed of yourself for insulting cute, little animals with your comparison to this obese, phony blond thing.

  11. jj

    oh god
    why doesnt she just give up on life already???
    she’s completely fucked
    her ass is expanding by the second..and her stomach looks like it jiggles
    saying she’s proud of her real body is all bullshit..noone should encourage OBESITY
    and she is like the definition of that now
    i wonder what Homo..i mean Romo is really thinking..

  12. S. Williams

    Amazing as it may seem to some people, not every woman is a “perfect” twig figure with giant bolted on breasts. I’m NOT a fan of Jessica Simpson AT ALL, but good lord, give her a break. She’s got a pretty face and believe it or not, in the real world, a nice body. I wonder how many of those trashing this woman are sleeping with supermodels. Not too many I’ll wager.

  13. Sara

    If the Superficial guy writes 1 more article about Jessica Simpson, I will never come back to his site EVER again. I am so over it. Dude, seriously, you are starting to really suck.

  14. nancy

    are those boots made for eating?

    ‘and that’s just what i’ll do… and one of these days, i won’t be able to see my shoes’

  15. i’m with sara. it’s ridiculous how much attention jessica simpson’s weight is drawing attention. she’s not fat at all. sure, maybe she weighs a little more than she did as daisy duke, but she was freakishly thin then. she’s a normal woman!

  16. Sonny Bugs

    OK, I have to admitt, I was never a big fan of hers, but now that she has gained some wieght, I think she looks better than before. I really don’t understand all of the talk about her. I do not believe she is fat, or ugly. People should really leave her alone.

  17. Sonny Bugs

    OK, I have to admitt, I was never a big fan of hers, but now that she has gained some wieght, I think she looks better than before. I really don’t understand all of the talk about her. I do not believe she is fat, or ugly. People should really leave her alone.

  18. Fat Chicks Suck

    @64: You’re just another moron that has no idea what a healthy body looks like. I’m not sure where you’re getting this “twig with bolt-on tits” thing. She has a nice body in “the real world?” We’re in the real world…and in the real world that body is medically overweight. How is that nice? This country is filled with lazy overweight hags…celebrities should be a break from that.

    Quit sticking up for her. She was tired of working out and eating healthy, got comfortable in her relationship, and let herself go. That’s FUCKED UP and nobody should praise her for that. I’m sick of looking at her fat face everywhere I turn. Magazine covers, all over the Internet, TV…she’s fat and fat chicks fucking SUCK.

  19. Elk

    Reading the comments the only thing I can think is there aren’t many straight guys posting.

    As one of those few that’s opinion actually matters: I would hit it.

  20. California Red

    Whomever put her in those clothes that she wore last week should be shot. That was the most unflattering outfit I have seen in the modern age. I think Jessica has a manly face, is dumb, and is only minimally talented, but for sure I would be trying to hit that if I was ever in the same room as her. Anyone else commenting on this board that says that they wouldn’t pork her is lying to themselves or the world.

  21. Jo

    I don’t care for her singing at all! I don’t hate it, I just don’t care for it! Especially since she went “Country” Ack my poor ears! But I must admit, I think she’s rather overweight now! It’s unfortunate! I’m 32, 5’6″ and I weigh 112 pounds! It’s tough, as you age, to stay toned and keep fit! I could definitely feel the difference once I hit 30! She’s in her late 20′s isn’t she? She’d better get ahold of her weight awfully quick, because it doesn’t get any easier to lose as you age! I work my ass off to stay tiny! ALL anyone needs to do is eat the right foods and exercise daily! A half hour a day would do wonders! It isn’t hard! It definitely isn’t rocket science! There is absolutely NO excuse to be overweight! And for those who want to play their “health card” I have a TON of health issues myself that work against me, but ya know what? I STILL get off my ass and workout every day regardless! So for those of you whom think she has a REAL body? You’re in denial! It’s gross! There’s NOTHING positive about being overweight! You’re sending the WRONG message to young people by thinking and accepting her weight as a positive! It’s definitely a negative! You don’t have to starve to be thin! I eat very well and am proud to be a size 1! She worked out like a maniac for her stupid role in Dukes of Hazard! She can lose the weight if she wants to! This is just a perfect example of someone being lazy and letting themselves go! Except she’s doing it in the public eye! SAD!!!

  22. Honest Abe

    I’m baffled by how many people are saying she looks good. I’m even more baffled there are people saying she looks better than before she got fat.

    Let me make this very clear: Jessica Simpson is FUCKING FAT. That doesn’t mean there aren’t guys out there that find her attractive – there are guys hooking up with fat chicks all the time. The fact remains that SHE IS FAT and MOST people think she looked A HELL OF A LOT BETTER before.

    Believe it or not it doesn’t make somebody gay if they aren’t attracted to an overweight hag. Being an overweight hag doesn’t make you more “real.”

    People are so fucking stupid it’s crazy. Let this country eat itself to death – it’s too late.

  23. Zippy the Wonder Slug

    I’d still bend her over and do her. Then I’d motorboat her funbags and put her on her back and get those legs (with the boots still on) up in the air for a couple of more hours of hot sweaty sex.

  24. They started out as jeans, but her pre-concert binge blew the denim right off her legs!

  25. Lauri

    She looks fantastic.

  26. *yawn*

    Ah yes, another Fatica Blimpson post. Watch the predictible responses:

    -All the fatties will cry, “She’s not fat! She’s healthy!” …Waah waah waaah!

    -Random fucktards rush to post their physical stats (I’m 5′ douche-and-a-half and weigh 97 so-whats, and wear a Size whothefuckcares) …as if anybody really gives a steamy shit.

    -’FatChicksSuck’ bores everyone to tears with his endless postings (seriously dude, do you have a job?) about the evils of obesity. I’m starting to think he comes from a long line of fatties… (Thou doth protest too much..?)

    -Randal will say something phenomenally douche-tastic.

    -Todders, the resident fuckstick, will post a link to his gay porn site, then follow up a few posts later under a sock-puppet name declaring how “awesome” the link is. (Todders, you’re a gigantic tool– STFU already.)

    -Massa/bootlips/Bickus Dickus,etc. will post a hateful racist rant baiting anyone stupid enough to respond to his blatant inflammatory rhetoric. (And wait patiently with dick in hand until he gets a response.)

    -Several fecal smears will post spam for dating sites (you are the telemarketers of teh interwebs. Fucking cockroaches.)

    -gerard Vandenberg will utter a non-sensical one-liner ending with “folks!”

    -10pound will tell you that who ever the post is about looks like a shit he took this morning.

    -Some will want to hit it, some will not.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  27. Lisa Turtle

    Do they just not sell cute clothes in over a size 2 in LA or what? Just cause you’re a little chunky doesn’t mean you have to dress like a bum. The sad thing is, this outfit prolly costs thousands of Dollars.

  28. authorego

    @12 Amanda, I think you are on to something. The question is, can she pull it off? While looking at Britneys eyes will give me nightmares, looking at Jessica’s eyes makes want to take her to the vet to be put down. Maybe the adrenaline charged insanity will come after the next 3 or 4 boyfriends. I doubt she has Anistons staying power.

  29. authorego

    Todders is a sock puppet? Must make typing really difficult.

  30. Douche Bags Suck

    Fat Chicks Suck,

    If I have to read one more tired diatribe from you about the same old shit, I may just jump through our respective monitors and give you the bitch slap that you deserve.

    Fat people exist; this is true. Maybe they’re fat because they eat too much and do too little. Perhaps they have thyroid irregularities or any of a number of other genetic disorders. Really, it doesn’t matter–they are still human beings who deserve respect. I think I state the obvious when I say that most overweight people suffer from self-esteem issues arising from constantly comparing their appearances to today’s (often unhealthy) standards, so why the fuck would you want to push someone deeper into self-loathing? What does that accomplish? I don’t get it.

    If you want to make a positive impact on what you apparently perceive as one of the biggest problems facing this country, why don’t you become a nutritionist or a personal trainer and help people get into shape? Why don’t you motivate people with optimism and hope? Seriously, do you do ANYTHING to benefit your community, or do you just sit around on your ass all day long insulting people to make yourself feel better? For the record, obesity can be overcome, but there’s nothing you can do about your tiny dick. It’s possible that a good therapist could help you with your severe deficiency of compassion, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  31. Fati

    ouch…bad move, Jess.

  32. HeyJoe

    #37 Only fat chicks say things like that. Hot women don’t worry about such things. Now shut up and get back on your treadmill!

  33. make room

    LOL @79

  34. kate

    WOW….. many her fans are chatting this on my favorite community called ***sugarmingle.C o M*** where I met many cute, sexy girls

  35. mai-tai

    Remember years ago when she said she has always struggled with her weight. Well, maybe she just got comfortable. It is quite a change, but I think she looks good…she should stop now, though.

  36. Eternal geeb

    I’d hit it

  37. britney's weave

    79 has the best post ever.

    it appears jessica and k-fed are sharing t-shirts. she just happens to know how to use a bedazzler.

  38. b

    she looks fine. not super enviably buff, like she once was, but that probably wasn’t sustainable long term anyway. she always seemed to be on crash diets and twice a day workouts on her reality show. presumably she took more extreme measures off camera. i just do not understand why she is dressing so ridiculously. she could play it down a bit if she’s feeling pressure.

  39. Binky the italian inchworm

    I wouldnt

  40. .....

    she just has the body shape that gains weight in the belly area. if she gained weight differently like in the hips or legs or butt people would be so much more forgiving. oh wow she doesnt wana starve herself to impress losers like you all. let her live her life

  41. Tom K

    What happened to this whore? She used to be pretty now she fell off! She is damaged goods, no self respecting guy wants that fat bitch. The only thing left for her to do is date a rapper or athlete and then she will be the true American blonde, because you are not a true American blonde unless you been fucked by a black man.

  42. Nutribabe

    She is only about 5’2 so it doesn’t take much for her to look heavier. She only really weighs about 125 right now. I’m a nutritionist so I can tell pretty easily just from looking at her. That still makes her a size 4, which, even in celeb world, does not make her overweight. She was about 100lbs for Dukes and her optimal weight is between 108-113. And this info is coming from a small size 2… so go talk about Chris Brown.

  43. Rasputins

    My, my, my, my….

    …this poor girl just doesn’t realize she’s somewhere between an H Lister and a Z Lister “star”.

    Well, I guess, given the tough economic times, she can at least say she has a job. But for how long?

    She sure has fallen a long ways since her D Lister days when she was married to what’shisname.

  44. OhReally?

    Hey Jo,
    Did you know there are other forms of punctuation BESIDES the exclamation point? It’s nice to see you understand the importance of diet and exercise, and realize that “it’s not rocket science!” You know what else isn’t rocket science? Using a fucking period at the end of a sentence. Try it sometime.

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  47. Knee Ya Ha Ha

    Oh sorry.
    Just heard the exact quote.
    Pres BHO : Let’s get it right moving forward.

    USA is officially a joke.

    (Jess – you’re still cute)

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