Jessica Simpson performs in Daisy Duke cutoffs

February 9th, 2009 // 231 Comments

There are exactly two possible moves Jessica Simpson could’ve made to draw attention to her weight:

1. Deliberately invited comparisons between her body now and when she played Daisy Duke.
2. Ate a small child.

After seeing these photos, I’m no longer convinced the second option would’ve been the lesser of two evils. Then again, her next gig is at an Idaho Chuck E. Cheese, so it’s anybody’s guess really.

Photos: Splash News

  1. I heard she’s packing it on because she’s scrimmaging with Romo

  2. Fat Chicks Suck

    Man am I sick of seeing this chick. I saw her fat face on some magazine cover the other day with the caption “I’m proud of my REAL body” or something stupid. She’s proud to be a lazy overweight piece of shit? Why would anybody be proud of that?

  3. deb

    look at the bored look from the crowd

  4. Sandi


  5. Jen

    It doesn’t really look like she has gained THAT much weight. Perhaps it is just that she isn’t 20 anymore. Lay off of her and get your own f***in life.

  6. bimbo


  7. Boobookitty

    Someone told this poor lady that her legs still look good despite the massive spare tire around her waist. She needs to see a therapist, fast, before we end up seeing even more of her.

  8. Courtyardpigeon

    That is one large mouth.

  9. !

    I’m positive that she looks 10 times better than any of you fat-asses that come on this website making fun of her

  10. boogie

    She is Fat, hate fat people

  11. Lee

    No, number 5, she did gain that much weight. That it at leeeeast 20 more pounds of Jessica than we saw in Dukes of Hazzard. I realize that for some people the daisy duke body isn’t realistically sustainable but I wonder how she can look at her naked self in the mirror now and not want to shoot herself right in the face, knowing what she could and has looked like only 3 years ago.

  12. Amanda

    Getting fat and going batshit insane helped Britney’s comeback, maybe she is going for the same.

  13. Orange

    #9…you’re positively wrong…10 times better than everyone? Come on. You on the other hand are so much better than all of us for sticking up for Jessica Simpson….who are you? Kim Kardashian?

  14. Fat Chicks Suck

    The magazine I was referencing earlier was People. The cover says, “She’s proud of her body! Stop calling her fat. Inside the star’s bold choice to lead a real life”

    Since when is a “real life” void of any exercise and self-control? Only in America would some idiot consider being a lazy face-stuffing sack of fat a good thing. What a great message to send out to the world though, huh? “If you care about your body and eat healthy and exercise you aren’t living a REAL LIFE.”

    Holy shit people are pathetic. There is no advantage to being fat.

  15. dom

    don’t understand all the talk about how she was fat…
    she did gain some weight, right, but that’s not fat at all

    actually I’ve never seen her so sexy before! she’s hot!

  16. huh

    Am I looking at different pictures than everyone else, becasue Jessica Simpson doesn’t look fat at all. She still looks hot as shit.

  17. Donkey Dukes are in this year.

  18. Jen

    No.11, perhaps she isn’t starving herself anymore. And for the record, my body is pretty much like hers was only 3 years ago (before you call me a fatass who defends her for being heavier now). What do you look like naked? I just don’t think that her fame should be based on her body only because she once PLAYED a character named Daisy Duke And no, I’m not a fan of her music. I am just sick of women being criticized for being too thin or too fat and then for being anorexic.

  19. cottagecheese


  20. sleepy

    she needs to get rid of her current stylist, PRONTO

  21. lh

    OMG! You all are crazy. She’s hotter than 99.9% of women out there. Leave the poor girl alone.

  22. p0nk

    moooove over, wynona judd.

  23. Deacon Jones

    Hahaha, look a the people in the crowd.

    They look like theyre sitting thru a grade school play

  24. Photoshop Police

    Someone just come out and tell us if Romo knocked her up already so we can stop talking about this and get back to the important stuff, like how Coldplay got so many friggin grammy awards!

  25. Lee

    Newsflash No. 18, you don’t need to starve yourself to be at a healthy weight. Maybe when she was in The Dukes of Hazzard she was a bit underweight for her frame but, I’m just saying there IS a happy medium to being too thin or too fat… it’s called exercising!!! So since you compare your body to hers was back then, are you starving yourself?? I assume not, so why do you assume she was?
    And 14 is so right, how can you be happy for someone who is so obviously unhealthy…no she’s not obese, she’s not going to die from not being able to leave her bed or anything…that doesn’t mean that she’s healthy though.
    Oh and I’m not the reason her fame depends on her weight…but she has received more press in the last 2 weeks from gaining 20 pounds than she has for a year. So perhaps she’s the one using her weight as tool for fame.

  26. p0nk

    i’m sorry but that is not hot. that is a 4-H project.

  27. Jack Momma

    I’d still do her…..

    As long as she didn’t moo instead of moan.

  28. HeyJoe

    Tub O’ Lard

  29. Fat Chicks Suck

    Notice how fat women rejoice when overweight celebrities “publicly embrace their bodies.”

    Here are some of the things these people would say:

    “Wow!!!! What a great message for young girls!!!11″

    My response: How is that a great message for young girls? You want them to think being overweight and unhealthy is a good thing? Quality of life is so much better when you’re physically fit. You feel better about yourself, it’s easier to make friends, easier to date, easier to get a job. You don’t get winded walking to your car after work. People respect you more and you respect yourself more. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of all of the benefits. Work at doing the best you can to stay in shape. Don’t be proud of your body until you have a body worth being proud of. Set realistic goals and take things one day at a time and it will pay off.

    “Wow that’s so amazing that a celebrity can step forward and be proud of her realistic body! There are too many unrealistic celebrities out there with eating disorders and everybody wants to be like them now there’s a new role model!!!11″
    My response: Obviously there are limitations on what’s realistic when it comes to frame size…but other than that any body type can be realistic. You have to want it and some might have to work harder than others…but being in shape is not unrealistic unless you have some uncontrollable medical condition. Very few celebrities have eating disorders…and Americans are so blinded by all of the fat people everywhere they have an unrealistic view of what’s healthy. They think there is something wrong with healthy, physically fit women…when in fact the opposite is true. There are enough fat idiots running around – lets get people a role model that is going to make a positive difference. Enough with fat people telling the world “IT’S OKAY TO BE FAT! IT’S WOMANLY! IT’S SO GREAT!” It’s a bunch of bullshit. They aren’t helping the completely out of control obesity epidemic.

    People are so concerned with making people happy with who they are they forget that it’s possible to make positive changes. Be happy with who you are when you have something to be happy about. The messages flying around out there are all wrong.

    Ever notice how there are a lot fewer men that have this issue? How often do you see a fat guy bragging about how manly he is because he’s fat? How often do you see fat celebrities on TV and magazine covers talking about how much they love being fat and living a “REAL LIFE”? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it. There are plenty of fat guys out there…but for some reason they aren’t as delusional.

    The only fat male celebrities are usually comedians. Do guys give a shit? Hell no – we know being fat sucks. Some guys do something about it…some don’t…but they’re rarely in denial like women are.

    I would never allow myself to become overweight. It’s not that difficult to be healthy – why would I ever let myself go?

  30. cellulite is gross

    she’s got more cellulite than my grandmother (last pic)

  31. A real person

    Quote from #18: “And for the record, my body is pretty much like hers was only 3 years ago”

    Ha! You wish! Since her body 3 years ago is widely accepted as being unsustainable, I smell a lie.

    I’m going to be totally honest: I’m 5’6″, and 170 pounds. Yup, I’m fat, and I look pretty much like JSimp in those pics (maybe a little bit bigger ass on me, though). While my eating habits are actually pretty good, I know I seriously need to exercise, but I just can’t seem to get motivated.

  32. E

    I really would love to see what some of the guys bodies look like that comment on here… Im sure you’re all tall and ripped and sleeping with supermodels… RIGHT

  33. I’d still holla for a pork chop!

    Check out this hilariously awesome video about the PORN BAILOUT:

  34. Alberto Lupe Montoya

    More to love, I guess

  35. I’d fuck the weight off of her.

  36. Autumn

    I’d still kill to look like that fatty.

  37. Me

    Um, #29, men don’t have the issues women do about weight because men aren’t scrutinized like women are. In this sick society we live in, women are judged by their looks far more than men ever are.

  38. Fat Chicks Suck

    #31: What kind of motivation do you need? I can’t think of anything that motivates me more than the idea of being in shape and feeling good about myself. You only get one body – spend some time taking care of it.

    Hit the gym a couple times/week with a friend and stick to it. Don’t make excuses and don’t expect overnight results.

    Humans weren’t designed to spend all day sitting on their asses. For some people the most exercise they get all day is walking to and from their car. How sad is that?

  39. M

    I think her legs look good. You can see that she has gained weight in her stomach though…

  40. p0nk

    @32 The guys that comment on here aren’t world famous celebrities making millions of dollars/year. What’s your point, fatty?

  41. Maybe she’s on the K-fed diet..

  42. Lee

    Hey, “Fat Chicks Suck”, I just wanted to let you know that you’re hitting the nail on the head with your posts. Why is it mainly America that’s overweight??? Because women here are “accepting” their “real bodies”. Where as in europe women realize the importance of being healthy, or at least looking closer to the part.
    Oh and sorry everyone, I didn’t mean to leave out men, men in America are fat too.

  43. He’s been distant with her lately, so in a desperate attempt to regain his affection she is trying to make her body look as much like the Cowboy’s center’s body as possible since Romo always touches HIS crotch

  44. LickChups

    YUMMY thighs!

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  46. lola

    She looks HOT! If you saw this woman at work or school you would think she was HOT! And she knows it. She should not gain anymore weight, but she is short so this isn’t that much extra. I have a similar body shape and I weigh 105. Women are supposed to have rounder bellies for making babies… Guys don’t like it? Mine does

  47. A real person

    #38, if I knew what kind of motivation I needed, I’d have that problem solved, duh!
    As for the rest of your post: blah, blah, blah, tell me something I DON’T know!

    I just plain hate exercise, and I hate sweating. I already tried the gym membership/going with a friend. Didn’t work. I guess I just don’t feel bad enough about how I look. As I said, I’m fat, and I know it; oh well.

  48. Fat Chicks Suck

    @32: Of course we aren’t all in perfect shape. I’m in pretty decent shape (better than most)…but I don’t obsess over it. I workout 2-3 days/week and eat healthy for MOST meals. Of course we don’t all date supermodels. 70% of women in the US are overweight or obese – that means less than 1/3 are even in decent shape. I’d love to date a supermodel but I’m not rich or famous and supermodels are pretty rare so it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. My current girlfriend was gorgeous when we met about a year ago but is actually putting on weight and is too lazy to do anything about it. I’ve tried talking to her…tried to get her to come to the gym with me…tried to get her to start eating better. Chances are I will break up with her soon because of it. I don’t want to be with somebody I’m not physically attracted to – life is to short. You probably think that makes me an asshole. I don’t care.

    @46: I see women that look better than her all the time. She isn’t UGLY…but she’s not attractive to me AT ALL. If I saw her at work I’d think, “There’s another typical overweight American” and I literally would not give her a second look. I don’t even think about the “if she lost 30 pounds she’d probably be hot” thing anymore. Hardly anybody loses a substantial amount of weight anymore (unless they are a celebrity) even if they say they’re working on it or planning on it. They usually just keep packing it on.

  49. I'd hit it

    I’d hit it. And except for Fat Chicks Suck, who may or may not like women, so would you.

  50. sin

    We can call her fat because she is only famous for being sexy and having BIG TITS. Now that she has gained a few. We all have the right to critisize her.
    If she does not want to be called fat, she has 2 choices. 1 Lose the fucking weight. 2 Do not go to public places.

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