Jessica Simpson on the set of Entourage

May 12th, 2010 // 72 Comments

Here’s Jessica Simpson filming an episode of Entourage yesterday where she plays herself/a client of Ari Gold. Except everything we know about Jessica Simpson tells us there’s absolutely no way she hangs around the house in heels and a mini. I understand it’s television, but they could’ve at least had her open the door with her head sticking out of the leg of her sweatpants. Or holding an entire pizza in both hands like she’s knitting a scarf. “Pepp’ronis are spy-cee!”

UPDATE: Jeremy Piven tried to get all over this.


  1. Can’t wait for that episode!

  2. Que

    Que show still on? Que turltle y brother double team por gue end up with each other.

  3. Jimbo

    She’s been looking fatter and fatter for a year; now she’s looking old. Now a cameo on Entourage? Career is on the ropes.

  4. Jenks

    Chunky stumpy legs in pic 13-16. And shorter than that midget Ari Gold? Wow.

  5. Style Master

    Dude has a serious static problem with that suit. His pants don’t even hang properly to cover the backs of his shoes.

    I wonder if Jessica brushed her teeth for the episode.

  6. Frank

    shitty show is shitty.

  7. fritboom

    I would love to dump my baby batter on her face.

  8. Mike Owens

    First Sasha Grey (in the acting job of the year playing….HERSELF) and now Simpson? Remember when Entourage used to be cool and relevant? End this crap now.

  9. Bunny

    Man, she’s awesome. I love this chick. I’ve always thought she was the best. Sorry, but I can way identify with her. I’d like to go clubbing with her, cut a few off the herd, take a cab back to her place and get tagged by some hot studs. Then Ken the fag can make us all breakfast the next morning. See? Sounds like bliss.

  10. e

    why is she still famous?

  11. Greenman

    Wow. I didn’t know this piece of shit was still on T.V.

  12. Polk

    Bunny (#9) is apparently looking for a fellow fatty to join her in low self esteem sluttery. Sorry Bunny, but as every guy knows, a wing man duties do not include actually banging the fat friend, just leading her on until you buddy closes the deal.

  13. Danklin24

    God damn she’s fucking hot!

  14. bar room hero

    she is a dumb slag, but her bod is built for the sex.

  15. Deacon Jones

    Wow, talk about putting on an acting clinic (pics 8 and 9). Professional

  16. Maggie

    dooooouche patrol on the move

  17. truuskie

    fatty fatty bonbon.

  18. sunshine

    Horizontal stripes across the backside are not helping ~ plus she’s got the Britney
    “surprised look” face going on. I’m so glad I have no idea channel this show is on or when.

  19. Did you say “filming” or “filling”, because based on the chunky mama’s girth, I’d say she better cut back on the fucking butter sandwiches.

  20. What the fuck kind of suit is that jackass wearing in the 2nd picture? Some kind of space suit? It hangs / fits like shit. Does it have little elastic rings at the ankles?

  21. Mr. Mister

    @3 If her career is on the ropes I can go from being an interwebs stalker to going full-blown head-on stalker. It’s time we met in person.

  22. morga

    Anyone who think she’s fat has a serious anorexia fetish going on.

  23. Rick

    Great shot of her from behind. Looks like she’s promoting her brand…the one they put on her at the cattle ranch.

  24. ella

    Her tights rub, grosssssssssssss

  25. Jerry

    Short, fat and stupid. A chubby-chaser’s dream.

  26. Rebecca

    Man Calf Alert on picture 15!!!

  27. Anonymous

    Packing on the weight. She has no talent, so her body is her only asset. Hopefully she goes away soon. For good.

  28. Bunny

    @12 Polk- haha! Nice comments. Fellow fatty, eh? Hilarious! You know Simpson is cool and would be fun as hell to hang with… and sorry “Poke” but you’d poke her in a heartbeat.

    Have a nice day!

  29. Tek

    I don’t think she’s fat, but she’s definitely heavier than Elisha and I don’t see the same outcry… and apart from the big boobs, she has no figure. No waist, no hips, no ass. She’s like the redneck Snooki. The back shot is the best though… she’s shaped like a refrigerator!

  30. wrong

    29, no she isn’t fatter than elisha. elisha has a pig snout. i notice now that she is all dimpled and thick

  31. Cartman

    Jessica is awesome.. I’d love to mount up.

    And that manwhore John Mayer said she was “sexual napalm” hot in bed which makes me want her that much more. Hot chicks that are good at fucking are, well, fun to fuck.

  32. fucktardo

    Dude. YES! My legs are officially way skinnier than hers! This really just made my day.

  33. john mayer's tweeter


  34. Jersey

    #32 – Don’t get too excited. The telephone pole next to my house is skinnier than her legs.

  35. Karen Cassidy

    She looks like a retard in picture number 4. Retard walk, that square retard shape. Her arms even stick out like a retard. Put a football helmet on her, please.

  36. GiRL

    Okayyy, so maybe she isn’t obese. I think she poorly chooses her outfits and they end up looking odd/awkward. She could lose some lbs.

  37. Randal

    I would rather see Tom Brady’s penis.


  38. dontlooknow

    What is it with her and the horizontal stripes!!!! Remember that stupid dress?

  39. bar room hero


    So, big legged girls are fun to shag.

  40. Tina

    Wow, judging by the comments here there sure are a lot of guys that are into short fat men in bad wigs.

  41. Valentina

    How could anybody possibly NOT think she is fat? She’s past chubby…just plain effing fat, period.

  42. justifiable

    #31 Dude, any woman who doesn’t laugh her ass off at his douchey looking little boy shorts or mankini and then fall asleep on him is “sexual napalm” in John Mayer’s book.

    Fuck, man, you gotta start paying more attention to the source.

  43. Tek

    @ 30, I guess you’ve somehow avoided the pics that show that Jessica’s waist is as broad as her shoulders, whereas Elisha’s waist is small? But then again, one was in a bikini and the other one is fully clothed and wouldn’t dare to be seen in one at the moment. So I can see how you can reach that conclusion.

  44. Hey Jessica, I hear there’s a guest spot on”murder she wrote” coming up….oh wait, that’s cancelled.

  45. you gotta start paying more attention to the source.

  46. I like to go dancing with her, cutting a bit out of the cabin, take a taxi home and being beaten by a certain amount hot.

  47. DaMan


  48. people means absolutely nothing though. If she’s you’re putting into it. The ages and adventure.There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them of the comfortable

  49. captain america

    ……YOU WITNESSED THOSE “MONGOL”-lookin legs?

  50. dodie

    Hey Tek, don’t insult Snookie like that! At least she doesn’t pretend she’s something she’s not. She’s a whore and proud of it! If Jessica would just admit to what she really is–a stumpy legged, retarded, midget, lawn gnome, people might accept her…..psyche!!!!!!!

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