Jessica Simpson: ‘No more napalm for John Mayer’

Jessica Simpson clearly hates John Mayer for ruining any chance to talk about her new reality show The Something of Something because she also stopped by The View this morning to let Barbara Walters know he’s banned from her vagina. Via People:

“I thought he was stupid for breaking up with me,” Simpson, 29, said on ABC’s The View on Monday morning.
Asked if she’s spoken to Mayer, 32, since he likened her to “sexual napalm in a Playboy interview,” Simpson said she hadn’t, and then added with a laugh: “And he’ll never have this napalm again.”
I’ll walk into a restaurant or something, and I notice that more men are looking at me, but I feel like they’re undressing me,” she says. “So, it’s a little bit embarrassing.”

Of course Jessica Simpson thinks men are just now undressing her with their eyes. Because before they were simply staring at her humongous chest because they’re all doctors. Well, newsflash, they’re not. — Except for me. Stethoscope!

Photos: Splash News