Jessica Simpson should go easy on the collagen

November 18th, 2008 // 65 Comments

To whoever convinced Jessica Simpson all men want to secretly bang Daisy Duck, hardy har har, asshole.

I kid. High five! Do Heidi Montag next.


  1. Laura

    Those pants do NOT flatter her body type!

  2. moggie

    YIKES! A little subtlety, Jess??

  3. Truth doctor

    Heidi Montag isn’t that stupid, she voted McCain.

  4. timmy the dying boy

    Daisy Duck = Daisy Duke

    Is this a deliberate reference? Is Superficial Writer clever enough to come up with that?

  5. missywissy

    And a diamond cross between her tits!! Christ died for all of God’s children on the cross, and she’s got one to show she believes in this between her tits. I just don’t know anymore….. I give up. No more comments from the peanut gallery.

  6. Spya

    EEEW! Too bad she decided she needed to dump Nick. From what I see, she was a beautiful fresh faced natural beauty (that has a perverted father). Now that she is single, she is starting to look like a cougar at such an early age. Yep. Ashley is the pretty one now. Jessica needs to stop doing that crap to herself, and step back and let Ashley shine.

  7. jacy

    god she is so fucking ridiculous looking. and her outfit is really ugly.

  8. Maybe her brains are hidden in those lips?

  9. dew

    Hey paps, get some video of her trying to eat with those ridiculous duck lips! Offer her a banana, cuz those lips look ideal for a porn queen.

  10. rachel ray

    everyone figured out she’s talentless… all she has left is her looks. she really shouldn’t fuck with them.

  11. rawr

    @30…except they’re hair, legs, and skin color, correct?

  12. stizz

    She’s starting to look like Fergie.

  13. Eww

    STILL..Looking like a Tranny!

  14. Supergirl

    God I hate this bitch and her entire family. They are so pathetic. Just a bunch of untalented whores trying desperately to keep the paychecks coming in.

  15. DIna

    Omg. No one uses collagen anymore (not since like the early 90′s).. it’s called Juvederm.

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