Jessica Simpson: ‘My dog is fast, so she’s alive’

And welcome to the saddest post of the day. Jessica Simpson is still holding on to hope that her dog Daisy, who was snatched by a coyote, is still alive and has doubled her search efforts while simultaneously pissing off her neighbors. TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned Jessica has been in touch with a lost dog-finding service called — a company that power dials 1000 of Jessica’s closest neighbors in Encino, California to alert them about Simpson’s situation.
Sources close to the situation claim Jess is still “praying” for the dog, but she knows the “odds are against” her.
We’re told Jessica is still clinging to hope, because Daisy is “fast” …. and may have seized an opportunity to bolt from her captor.

I almost wanted to give Jessica props for being realistic and recognizing her dog’s a goner, but then I got to the part where she’s praying for Daisy’s return. Because God’s just sitting around waiting to rescue Malti-Poos from coyotes so they can live in a mansion. That’s the pressing issue on his plate.

Photos: Splash News