Jessica Simpson most likely dumped by Tony Romo

February 6th, 2009 // 130 Comments

Despite being consistent with her track record, Jessica Simpson gave what’s being called “a bizarre performance” in Michigan last night where she screwed up several of her songs and left the stage crying while opening for Rascall Flatts, according to The Grand Rapids Press:

Almost from the opening song of “These Boots are Made for Walking,” Simpson fought with her ear monitors, constantly trying to keep them in place, meaning she was having difficulty hearing her own voice. That’s frustrating.
At one point she had her backing seven-piece band stop and start over on the uptempoed song “Pray Out Loud.”
After that, she forgot the lyrics to her single “Come on Over,” which left her extremely frustrated, asking for forgiveness from the audience by mouthing the word “sorry” on two large video screens.
Things got so bad that while introducing her closing song, “Do You Know,” the title track of her country album, and a song she recorded with her idol Dolly Parton, the singer said there are times she feels like walking off the stage — “like tonight.” At the end of the song, she thanked her band for “having her back.” And it looked as if she was wiping away tears as she walked off the stage.

Tony Romo was supposed to be at the show but was suspiciously absent which is probably the last thing Jessica Simpson needed this week. Christ, I’m amazed she’s been able to hold it even this much together. If I were her, I’d lock myself in my trailer and down Ben & Jerry’s until I emerged an almost shockingly different person. – - Wait.


  1. It so cute the wwave her arms wave goodbye without her moving a muscle… there must be a breeze.

  2. scabbeus

    Boo frinking Hoo!

  3. carvan boi


  4. Justin

    All the people who make fun of her are dicks. I’m sure she’s a really nice girl and would never talk crap on any of you. Check yourselves.

  5. Sandsman

    Those weren’t tears she was wiping off of her face. It was crisco….

  6. plobes

    Rascal Flatts make me cry too, Jess

  7. mamamiasweetpeaches

    It aint over til the fat lady sings.

    I think it may be over for Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan….all those people whose star went up too fast will see it crash too fast too. Flush!

  8. fraulein

    Poor girl. I feel so sorry for her.

  9. myeyes!myeyes!

    hey, fish, you should totally post a warning: be careful when clicking on the Full Size+ link. at least in this case.

  10. Jack

    Must be a big band if they “had her back.”

  11. Deacon Jones

    How funny would that be if Romo dumped her cause of all the negative press?

  12. groan

    She was wailing and the audience was whaling.

  13. pete

    She also had trouble with the lyrics to a very famous Dolly Parton song:

    “And I…will always love…moooooooooo!”

  14. Turd Ferguson

    I dunno, I actually feel bad for her.
    There’s something that sets her apart from Parasite, Shitney, Lindsuck, etc.

    Tough break kid. Welcome to life 101.

    Jeez, I’m starting to sound like Randall. What the hell is happening to me?

  15. Matt

    Try to look on the positive side, Jess – crying might burn extra calories.

  16. Jessica Simpson

    “Cow can Tony be moooooving on???”

  17. Fati

    I feel bad for her :( poor girl..(

  18. wet blanket

    It’s much more likely that she found out about him cheating while she was away and broke up with him.

  19. What’s with the gang signs?

  20. Wendy

    It’ll all be for the best if she goes into a suicidal depression where she loses her appetite.

  21. chef

    That’s how you order a side of beef for dinner.

  22. Fat Cunt


    I HATE men!!!!!!

  23. Ben

    So…what’s wrong with this outfit, ladies? Don’t tell me – it’s too tight at the seams, making her upper arms look like that have flapping flab and her stomach look like she just tearfully inhaled a bucket of KFC.

  24. Mr. Bill

    Oh no!!!!!!!!

    Tony Romo just CAUSED her to develop an eating disorder!!!!

    Oh no!!!!!!!

  25. Does this mean a Save JSimps petition is in order?

  26. p0nk

    i want to see pics of the audience before i’ll believe that people actually paid money for this.

  27. Beth

    Now that Tony dumped her she’ll be hooking up with Alli. Better carry a change of clothes, Jess…

  28. Nelson


  29. she looks like she lost a lot of weight since the shamu shots went public, i bet she’s starving herself to get back down, she probably got dumped a while back and ate her sadness, or maybe is trying to quit cocaine? anyway she’s finally not wearing a duct tape belt so at least that’s working.
    i feel kinda bad for her, but not really
    she is more a model than a singer, she’s not very good at singing, her talent is 70 / 30 looks to voice, so since she’s a friggin millionaire she is paid very well to look good. if she can’t keep that up she will be ‘fired’ essentially, she is so fing lucky to be rich and famous and all she has to do to maintain that is continue to look good and not freak out in public. most people have to work and don’t get paid nearly as much as her, so she should get it together and lay off the bacon. boo hoo

    frankly, i don’t have any sympathy for little miss lucky and her expanding ass.

  30. Sam

    You knew this was coming. The rest of the Cowboys were making a point of referring to her as Homer.

  31. Massa'

    Speaking of porch monkey’s:

    Most white people hate coons. It’s only natural. To see every major urban setting completely overrun and destroyed by the apes is reason enough, but then throw in their only contributions to society: rap music, gang rapes, crack rock cocaine, drive-by shootings, and the fashion sense of 3-year old retards, and you see they make it quite easy to despise them, especially since the white man has to pay for their gold teeth, housing, food, etc….

    The problem is, nobody wants to admit it. It’s sad to ask farm animals to behave like humans, to put that kind of pressure on an animal really isn’t fair. They need to be kept in a controlled environment. But first their population has got to be thinned out. They shoud make every even numbered day “kill a porch monkey” day, until their herd is manageable, and then we can keep them in zoo’s, and in military testing and research facilities where they can be ultimately useful.

  32. vin

    So basically the story is that her expensive elaborate celebrity facade crumbled and for a night she looked like an incompetent talentless fat girl. Not a big deal to folks who don’t live a lie 24/7/365.

  33. Hey look, the TV test signal is back (#32).

  34. Mick

    Didn’t her dad develop diabetes? I thought I read that. So the problem for Jessica might be that there’s too much sugar in his semen these days.

  35. Jordan

    I don’t think Romo broke up with her, I was at the show and at the beginning she said “I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow”. Yeah, she was crying when she left the stage….

  36. Papa Joe Simpson & Mary Poppins (duet)

    A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
    The medicine go down
    The medicine go down
    Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
    In a most delightful way

  37. Massa'

    Besides, it’s awful to see all those cute chimpanzee’s put through all those drug and biological warfare tests when we have an overwhelming surplus of negros we could be using instead.

  38. A Woman

    I figured Romo has moved on; I haven’t seen any statement of support from him about her weight controversy, plus there’s that rumor(?) that he’s been cheating on her.

  39. JS1

    30, I’m with you, but I feel bad for her a bit more. She’s probably starving herself to the point where she can’t think straight.

    I’d say “this is the life she chose,” but it really isn’t. Her father of the century (hey, he’s better than Lohan’s… I think…) chose this path for BOTH of his daughters. Great guy.

    Now he has two under-educated D-List money machines who have, at most, another five years of value. The bloom is off of Jessica, for sure. Middle age spread has arrived, and she will end up burning through all of her earnings to keep looking young – until she turns into one of the many 30, 40, and 50-something plastic surgery gone awry freaks we see here.

    She seems like she was a nice kid, and she was gorgeous in her day. Would have made someone a good spouse, perhaps – a good partner, maybe.

    I hope, but strongly doubt, that she has some money invested wisely – because her days of making it are fast ending…

  40. muhnamuhna doodoodadoodoo

    ….doesn’t heidi fleiss have a brothel in nevada she could ‘entertain’ at? (light-bulb on!)

  41. lp

    She’s getting FATTER and FATTER

  42. Terry

    Gross arms and thick stomach = DO NOT WANT

  43. Newt Rushington

    Occasionally I let Massa blow me before stabbing his face with an olive fork. I have a fetish for humorless trolling cunts.

  44. god

    I agree with #32

  45. New Rushington

    @46- Keep posting new notes referencing your silly copy and paste, you hillbilly. While you’re at it, I suggest you fix the grammar in it and check in with your welly office.

  46. agreed


  47. Fat Cunt

    And I HATE Deacon Jones!!!!

    He’s such an arrogant asshole,,,,,yet, so….attractive….

  48. real world

    #41 – she’s 28 years old. That means, first, that she’s got plenty of time to return to a primo body, especially since she had one up until just a few months ago. And second, she’s an adult. No more blaming daddy. Time to be all grown up and show some self-discipline. As for her career, well, there’s always room for a hot blond airhead with name recognition, in both music and movies/TV. But she can’t be fat.

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