Jessica Simpson most likely dumped by Tony Romo

Despite being consistent with her track record, Jessica Simpson gave what’s being called “a bizarre performance” in Michigan last night where she screwed up several of her songs and left the stage crying while opening for Rascall Flatts, according to The Grand Rapids Press:

Almost from the opening song of “These Boots are Made for Walking,” Simpson fought with her ear monitors, constantly trying to keep them in place, meaning she was having difficulty hearing her own voice. That’s frustrating.
At one point she had her backing seven-piece band stop and start over on the uptempoed song “Pray Out Loud.”
After that, she forgot the lyrics to her single “Come on Over,” which left her extremely frustrated, asking for forgiveness from the audience by mouthing the word “sorry” on two large video screens.
Things got so bad that while introducing her closing song, “Do You Know,” the title track of her country album, and a song she recorded with her idol Dolly Parton, the singer said there are times she feels like walking off the stage — “like tonight.” At the end of the song, she thanked her band for “having her back.” And it looked as if she was wiping away tears as she walked off the stage.

Tony Romo was supposed to be at the show but was suspiciously absent which is probably the last thing Jessica Simpson needed this week. Christ, I’m amazed she’s been able to hold it even this much together. If I were her, I’d lock myself in my trailer and down Ben & Jerry’s until I emerged an almost shockingly different person. – – Wait.