Jessica Simpson mistaken for Carrie Underwood (Ha! I mean, ouch! But also, Ha!)

June 18th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Jessica Simpson’s “Real Girls Love Meat” shirt was allegedly aimed at Tony Romo’s ex Carrie Underwood who was PETA’s 2005 Sexiest Vegetarian. The pieces are adding up with OK! Magazine reporting that Jessica was recently confused for Carrie by a fan:

“She said she was her number-one fan from back in the Idol days,” an eyewitness tells OK!. “Jessica smiled politely and didn’t correct her, and she started to laugh when the girl asked how she was doing since her devastating split from Chace [Crawford].”

Although, it should be noted Jessica was only laughing because she requires all conversations to be in the form of sock puppet.

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  1. FCS

    She’s so stupid she probably thought she was Carrie underwood for a minute. Then she saw something shiny and everything was OK again.

  2. Carrie and Jessica are two different people? Amazing.

  3. Run n Gun

    This is a textbook example of why a women will never become president.

    At least theyre starting to realise it and going back to being dumb blondes that have no fucking clue.

    The leaders of the feminist movements in the early 60′s must be rolling in their graves

  4. How the hell did that happen? Was she singing in key or something?

  5. jill

    bill — you are douchebag supreme

  6. really

    the fan did it on purpose. Jessica is more famous than Carrie.

  7. Que

    Que lies!

  8. Irregardless, I’d poke that plumper.

  9. Trover

    So they both sucked off Romo’s meat. I’d say neither are vegetarians, and neither have any taste worth admiring.

  10. bill

    So what if I’ve never been inside the same vagina more than once and gynacologists consider me unhealthy? That doesn’t mean I’m a douche bag.

  11. Deacon Jones

    Raise your hand if you think number 5 should change his stupid name.

    All hands raise.

  12. havoc

    Oh shit, now Papa Joe will want to know what Carrie Underwood’s tits feel like…..


  13. Jamesbo

    Irregardless is not a word.

  14. team simpson

    maybe she was singing through her nose, or wearing so much eyeliner she could hardly open her eyes, or being a prude, maybe she taped down her breasts, or was eating tofu.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    That confused fan is probably a trucker. After seeing both of those dumb twats’ CDs sold next to enough truck stop cash registers, you can’t help but begin to confuse the two..

  16. Neimen

    What a petty loser. Why is she wearing messages on t-shirts for her boyfriend’s ex?

  17. #13 – Thanks for caring. I’ll change mine when you change yours to Deacon Myazz. But again, thanks for caring. I do remember taking that poll where I asked every idiot with an opinion to give me the dumbest name possible, but Deacon Jones was taken.

    You know I’m just kidding… I know you were talking to your Cabbage Patch Kids at the time. Just like your woman says when you lay on her and promise her a good time, no hard feelings.

  18. Deacon Jones


    Geez, at least let me make a comment about nutting on her face or something before I get trolled

  19. Ted Mosby

    I guess it is funny to be mistaken with a Grammy Award winning singer with a sky’s the limit career.

  20. Tight Pussy

    She is getting fatter from eating all that red meat. She needs to go vegetarian before she gets really fat and all fat chicks have loose pussy because of the stretching.

  21. @15 – I think everyone who posts on this site is well aware of that. It was probably meant to be funny.

  22. #20 – I kinda figured it wasn’t you, but I had to be sure… my apologies. I forgot high school let out already. That and shrinking state revenues are forcing early prision releases.

  23. Deacon Jones

    DUH I likey to nut on stuff. NUT NUT NUT ON STUFF. *slobber, laugh, drool, pick nose, scratch butt* hu hu hu. Nut on stuff.

  24. Deacon Jones

    No worries. It appears someone has a cyber crush on me. It’s alright troll, I have that effect on women, get in line

    (licks fingertip, touches to chest) “TSSSSssss”

  25. I just had a shave. Is anyone interested in a pubic hair sandwich?

  26. Jessica’s hair extensions are looking really good here, she is actually one of the best celeb examples. As for being mistaken for the ex…ya, ouch! But Carrie has great legs and great hair too to it’s an easy mistake :-)

  27. Deacon Jones

    Jimbo, was the shave off your mother’s face or wife’s (if a loser like you could get some kind of woman) ass? If so, I will accept either. The sandwhich I had was me in between two big black guys the last time I was in jail.

  28. Carrie fan

    Jessica Simpson isn’t even that dumb, she just pretends for attention

  29. Dummy Up!


    Then you are as stupid as Jessica.

  30. seriously

    Like #31 says, Jessica Simpson is not that dumb. Playing dumb and whatnot on Newlyweds got her more attention and money. She’s pretty smart for doing it, actually.
    Her reaction to the fan was not dumb at all. But hey, I’m not saying she’s “so smart” and the most awesome person ever… I’m just saying she’s not that dumb.

    Also, #23, people don’t make jokes by saying things like “irregardless.” It is a commonly misspelled word… and with some of the people that write on here, I wouldn’t say everyone is well aware of it.

  31. gossipmonger

    To # 15 and 33…
    ir·re·gard·less Spelled Pronunciation[ir-i-gahrd-lis] -adverb Nonstandard. regardless.
    [Origin: 1910-15; ir-2 (prob. after irrespective) + regardless]
    –Usage note Irregardless is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir- and -less. It was probably formed on the analogy of such words as irrespective, irrelevant, and irreparable. Those who use it, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis. Irregardless first appeared in the early 20th century and was perhaps popularized by its use in a comic radio program of the 1930s.

  32. britney's weave

    34 – you must be new. we use irregardless here on purpose.

    if this is true, i hate jessica simpson even more than i did. carrie underwood isn’t a pathetic famewhore, she’s bright and pretty and can sing her ass off. jessica is a retard who thinks she can act and that screaming counts as singing. oh yeah, and her dad’s on the verge of being an incestuous perv. maybe already is.


  33. seriously

    misused, not misspelled.

  34. SIN

    Doesn’t matter what we say. They all make more money than us. Actually, the only time i want to hear about either one of them here is when their tits and ass are exposed. Nekid or nothing.

  35. Jake


    You must be as dumb as Jessica if you think she is smart and was only acting.

  36. carrie underwood?

  37. me

    Carrie’s skinny ass could use some meat.

  38. she's an greasy meat devouring insecure, jealous fatty

    God she’s soo fat, she has cellulite even on the front part of her thighs and she dares to expose her fatness. Stop eating so much meat Jessica, you have turned into a cow!
    So with that shirt dedicated to her boyfriend’s ex she proves she’s an insecure, retarded, jealous idiot. I find it funny that she’s so jealous of her boyfriend’s ex and so insecure. What are you afraid of Jessica, that your man still likes his ex a lot more than he likes you and that he jerks off to her? Do you fear that one day he’s gonna get back with her and tell you to fuck off? Are you jealous because she’s hotter than you?

    muahahah, what an insecure jealous fatty Jessica is. Keep stuffing your face in greasy meat, fatty.

  39. hp laser jet

    41- Carrie if you are so insecure because Jessica has bigger breasts than you, why don’t you go ahead and get implants?

  40. seriously

    No, #38, you’re just a presumptuous prick.

  41. mtnbiker

    I dont know about you guys, I dont care about what is in their heads… I would sooo tap both of them

  42. Dum Dum

    Yall are RETARTED!!! Uh Carrie Underwood is sooooooooooo much better than STUPID Jessica!!! I’m such a huge fan of Carrie she’s pretty and amazing!!! Jessica is a stupid B**** and DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SING!!! And whoever said that she thinks Screaming counts as singing, yer ABSOLUTLY RIGHT!!! I feel bad for Tony Romo.

  43. Dum Dum

    Yall are RETARTED!!! Uh Carrie Underwood is sooooooooooo much better than STUPID Jessica!!! I’m such a huge fan of Carrie she’s pretty and amazing!!! Jessica is a stupid B**** and DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SING!!! And whoever said that she thinks Screaming counts as singing, yer ABSOLUTLY RIGHT!!! I feel bad for Tony Romo.

  44. hihocheerio

    carrie underwood is a cunt

  45. Jessica Simpson should NEVER be mistaken for Carrie Underwood. 1. Carrie Underwood actually cares about her image and is nice and sweet and humble. 2. Jessica is a slut and is rude and quite unladylike. 3. Carrie Underwood is WAYYYY beautiful and jess is not at all!

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