Jessica Simpson & Billy Corgan: Photographic evidence?

December 9th, 2009 // 86 Comments

TMZ is claiming the above photos show Jessica Simpson leaving her hotel this weekend with alleged boyfriend Billy Corgan behind her. I honestly can’t tell if it’s him so I’m leaving it up to you guys to decide, but you’d figure someone would’ve pointed this out earlier in the week. Then again, I’m assuming anyone even knows who Billy Corgan is anymore and/or give a shit, so it legitimately could’ve taken this long to notice him. To prove my point, Billy Corgan was your barista this morning at Starbucks. True story.

Photos: Splash News

  1. FACE

    I still want a slice of that broad

  2. FACE

    I still want a slice of that broad

  3. Dirk Nirkin

    Its him. Its baffling.

  4. Jrz

    It’s Les Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnati

  5. SA

    …didn’t he go Christian now? Some website?

  6. lily

    this will be the relationship that works for jessica.

  7. MillJew

    He banged Tila Tequila last spring. He obviously lost his shit a long time ago.

  8. Devildowninga

    That’s him. Looks like he’s still in shock over whatever the fuck happened…..

  9. billyboy

    Thats not even him, you fuck sticks

  10. titsonsnack

    Meh. Dude is like, Courtney Love’s BFF. This is light years better than that.

  11. malberry

    the world IS a vampire!

  12. Lok

    Jessica’s gut is the size of a smashed pumpkin, so this all makes sense.

  13. havoc

    God I hated that guys fucking voice…..


  14. He looks more like a Russian hippy to me! lol anyway, I love smashing pumpkins!

  15. Stevo

    He’s going from Smashing Pumpkin’s to banging a pumpkin!! Isn’t that the natural order??

  16. meh

    she looks like just an average girl off the street

  17. totally deptressed

    its totally him and i’m going to stab myself in the leg.

  18. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I was gonna say “I dont care” but then I thought of THIS : What if she records an album of his music? How frickin so-bad-its-good would THAT be? get drunk and listen to her kill that already bad “Rat In A Cage” song!

  19. michelle

    definitely agree by thinking it is him… makes me want to gag.

  20. rock stars always end up with fat chicks late in their career

  21. bert

    It just goes to show you the power of the pussy. It defies all logic for a genius like him to be hooking up with a simpleton like her. I mean I doubt hes following her around because he like to engage in deep conversation with her.

  22. jaffo

    Here”s a true story: Billy Corgan fronted one of the greatest bands of an entire decade. YOU are a piss ant blogger who gets by mocking others while you create nothing and recycle the same jokes over and over. True story…

  23. sim

    Why does he look jaundice??

  24. Great White Pygmy

    Whatever. As long as she stays away from Cowboys!

  25. vhw

    he did date courtney love not many years ago, right? This can only be seen as improvement if that’s the case

  26. havoc

    His voice sounds like someone painted his balls with turpentine.

    This guy could join fucking Weezer and no one would notice.

    He should shack up with the fag from REM instead….


  27. Dexy

    Oh no… Why Billy? Damn those humongous boobs of hers. I must go punch myself in the face now.

  28. Rough 360

    What the hellllll, just when you need Papi Joe to execute a good c-blocking on this faux fruit and he’s no where to be found….

  29. Katie

    Leave Smashing Pumpkins alone!!!
    And I do not think that is him… he is much hotter. Let me see that guy bald and u can tell for sure

  30. EricLR

    Homer Simpson, dodging washed-up rock stars

  31. Hecubus

    I would burn all of my Smashing Pumpkins albums but ironically I gave them to a dumb girl I was trying to screw a few years ago.

  32. Brian

    It’s definitely him. He’s still grasping for the relevance that left him in early 2000.

  33. Jim Jones

    Not sure who to feel bad for there.

  34. Jim Jones

    Not sure who to feel bad for there.

  35. Andrew

    He looks like he’s about to knife her from behind.

  36. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    # 29. Katie

    Thats him….

    oh and Smashing Pumpkins stink!

  37. j-sin

    Billy is trying to Smash that Pumpkin.

  38. Grammar Cop

    What sort of meaning was this sentence intended to convey?

    “Then again, I’m assuming anyone even knows who Billy Corgan is anymore and/or give a shit, so it legitimately could’ve taken this long to notice him.”

    And this is your job? What a country!

  39. Aims

    LOl, to whoever posted “I still want a slice of that broad” I’m pretty sure you could have a slice, theres plenty to go around… we could probably feed many with that ever growing butt! LOL

  40. steadyfreddy

    “The Cold Stares are the greatest 2 man rock and roll band in history”
    supposedly they met at a Cold Stares concert?….
    this is all I could find-

  41. Vince Lombardi

    It’s Roger Clemens.

  42. I call 'em as I see 'em

    I dunno, I’m thinkin’ not…Billy Corgan is pretty damn tall, over 6 feet, and in these pix, he looks the same height as Jessica. Damned if that ain’t the same pained, unhappy mug, though…

  43. I call 'em as I see 'em

    And #4, hahahahahahahahahaha
    seriously, I was crying, I laughed so hard…

  44. Jessica Simpson & Billy Corgan finally caught on camera. Nice proof. It is definitely him.

  45. Kelly

    I LOVE BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ever since I saw him in the film clip, ‘Ava Adore’, I was in LOVE. I would love him to suck my neck anytime!!!! Oh wow, he’s so mysterious and gorgeous!!

    As for Jessica? Until she looks like she did in Dukes of Hazzard, I have no interest in the bitch.

  46. anneymarc

    wow she is looking so gorgeous.

    Enhanced Kre-Alkalyn

  47. Nash

    He did rant on a few years back about how ‘The Britneys’ (which presumably includes the likes of Tubby here) were ruining music. Maybe this is his way of trying to bring that shit down form the inside. Way inside.

  48. I love smashing pumpkins..

  49. cc

    He looks like he just finished tossing someone’s salad. Someone with dysentary.

  50. Donald D Duck

    Is that him? Well, if it looks like a duck and sings like a duck…

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