Jessica Simpson might adopt a Mexican orphan. Maybe.

jsimpson_adopt.jpgAccording to rumors with absolutely no basis, Jessica Simpson wants to adopt a Mexican baby. She revealed that when she was 16-years old, she visited an orphanage in Mexico and wanted to take the kids home with her.

“That’s what I wanted for my birthday but I couldn’t legally get a baby across the Mexican border,” she said. She also hinted that she might adopt, saying, “I’ll end up doing something which will touch somebody in some way that’s good… through orphanages.”

Meanwhile, Johnny Knoxville has urged the press to stop the rumors that he had an affair with Jessica Simpson. “Jessica and I are just friends. She’s a great girl and all that, but all the rumours. I just take it in my stride, but it’s kind of hurtful to the families that are involved.”

I don’t know what Knoxville’s problem is. If I had an affair with Jessica Simpson I’d be telling every single person I met. Heck, even if I didn’t have an affair with her I’d still be telling people I did. Last time I checked, Jessica Simpson was so super duper hot that the sun was like, “Hot damn, that’s hot. And I’m the freaking Sun!”