Jessica Simpson makes up movies for her to star in


Jessica Simpson has been going around telling everybody she’s making a movie with Luke Wilson called “Blonde Ambition”, but reps from his camp are saying it’s not true. In September she said she was preparing herself to be linked to Wilson by tabloids as they started filming in November, and last week she told Jimmy Kimmel, “I’m going into doing another movie with Luke Wilson called ‘Blonde Ambition!'”

But a rep for Wilson told Star, “This project is in talks.” What’s more, a source told the tab, “Luke Wilson will never do a movie with Jessica Simpson.” The insider suggests that the star’s manager dad Joe Simpson has been exaggerating prospects for the flick. “Joe is telling Jessica he’s getting big stars,” says the source. “Joe’s been working on it for months. It’ll end up having a bunch of nobodies if it happens. He was trying to get Meg Ryan to be the Sigourney Weaver character. It’s such a joke. He’s been sending out half-written scripts with personal letters to stars asking them to be in it.”

This is so incredibly sad. It’s like the fat kid in school who goes around telling everybody their dad is an astronaut and then one day you find out he’s really just the janitor.