Jessica Simpson makes John Travolta look like a silly bitch

While John Travolta attempts to proselytize Haiti to Xenu, Jessica Simpson is actually doing something useful by sending shoes to a country that’s covered in broken earthquake shit. Us Magazine reports:

The singer, 29, has announced plans to team up with Nashville-based shoe charity Soles4Souls to collect at least 50,000 pairs of shoes in 50 days, which will be sent to victims in the Caribbean country.
“Let’s all do everything that we can for the tragedy in Haiti,” she says in a video clip advertising the campaign.

Personally I would’ve preferred to see Jessica use her heaving breasts to feed all the children thrice over, but then again, that was my solution to to my leaky sunroof the other day: Jessica Simpson breast feeding. So maybe it’s good she went with the shoes.

EDIT: Took the link down because, what the fuck?, they’re flip flops. Now she has to do the breast feeding thing.

Photos: Splash News