Jessica Simpson loves meat

June 16th, 2008 // 104 Comments

Jessica Simpson was spotted at LAX this weekend wearing a T-shirt that reads “Real Girls Eat Meat.” Ha, adorable. I also love funny T’s and whipped up one that I think she’ll love. It reads: “Jessica Simpson shouldn’t wear T-shirts. Or any clothing in the chest vicinity through the near to foreseeable future.” Catchy, I know. Now all I need is a sweatshop… Anyone getting bored with their kids?


  1. Theresa


    It is not difficult to be vegetarian and eat out. My husband is a meat eater and we have managed for 10 years now.

  2. I think this is ABSURD! C’mon PETA, it’s funny! Geez…

    FYI, here’s the shirt:
    Real Girls Eat Meat.

  3. HOLY SCHNYKEES! Where the hell did her feet go! I mean I can understand people rubbing one off to her but both feet have been rubbed off! Hope she likes Italian Meat!

    - Jonny Raven

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