Jessica Simpson loves meat

June 16th, 2008 // 104 Comments

Jessica Simpson was spotted at LAX this weekend wearing a T-shirt that reads “Real Girls Eat Meat.” Ha, adorable. I also love funny T’s and whipped up one that I think she’ll love. It reads: “Jessica Simpson shouldn’t wear T-shirts. Or any clothing in the chest vicinity through the near to foreseeable future.” Catchy, I know. Now all I need is a sweatshop… Anyone getting bored with their kids?


  1. VeggyPiggy

    She’s so right, she wouldn’t be made out of meat otherwise.

  2. Mark

    This talentless animal-eating bint needs to GO AWAY! Oh and there is nothing ‘real’ about this ‘girl’. Fake all the way. Tacky-ass t-shirt too. Vegetarian chicks look, taste and smell better. MMMMMMmmmm! ;-)

  3. Quinn

    Really, his ex girlfriend Carrie Underwood is HOTTTTTTTTT
    So she can stab at Carrie the vegetarian all she wants, she’ll never measure up.

  4. WTF, Inc.

    #31 So your t-shirt should read, “I can’t spell ‘vegetarian’, but I are one”?

  5. Zig

    Her first (and more honest) t-shirt said “Real Girls Pack Meat”.

  6. Nikki

    This is a passive/aggressive dig at Tony’s ex, Carrie Underwood. She is very public about being a vegetarian.

  7. duh

    The last pic is so funny. Where are her hooves?

  8. Trover

    Eh, boring. From what I saw on Newlyweds, one of the main problems she and Lachey had was because she didn’t like to eat his meat. Chicks who hate to suck it do not change. She can wear whatever T she wants, but we all know she thinks she is just to good to give a hummer. B!tch.

  9. Randal


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    desert you is yourself. At night, alone, it all comes down to one person:

    - Randal

  10. Sarah

    Yeah, real dumb girls.
    She’s not a good example. Yikes.

  11. Sarah

    Yeah, real dumb girls.
    She’s not a good example. Yikes.

  12. Happy & Fit Vegetarian


    Some people like me work most of the day and do not have time to do spell check for readers who will get the point whether there is a typo or not. I almost started to feel sorry for Jessica but not after reading her t-shirt.

  13. Jessica, Eat Me

    I love sweet, sweet Jessica. She can eat my meat any day of the week.

  14. Ariiianaaaa'zz

    Real girls have FAKE books either..
    she can screw off.
    Im personally a vegetarian.
    and, im more real than her.
    Okay that was cheesey.
    But still..
    Im sorta offended =(

  15. Ariiianaaaa'zz

    Real girls have FAKE books either..
    she can screw off.
    Im personally a vegetarian.
    and, im more real than her.
    Okay that was cheesey.
    But still..
    Im sorta offended =(

  16. Ariiianaaaa'zz

    Real girls have FAKE books either..
    she can screw off.
    Im personally a vegetarian.
    and, im more real than her.
    Okay that was cheesey.
    But still..
    Im sorta offended =(

  17. simpsonsucksass

    YOU RULE DAVE!! – #48 – She SUCKS. Rub it in that you eat meat, you stupid, ugly face cunt. Your acting sucks, your singing sucks, your IQ sucks, your gay boyfriend sucks.

  18. Trover

    #64-66 Nice triple post. bet you love your chicken of the sea served sausage style too.

  19. sara

    excellent, a new reason to dislike her.

    and she is returning to chunky-arm stage.

  20. PunkA

    she is hawter than 99% of the posters on this site, especially the vegetarians. Except for my lover. She is a hawt veg.

  21. MamaJ

    Ya gotta wonder if the rumors that Romo the Homo cheated on Jessica with Carrie Underwood are true….Carrie being a hardcore vegetarian and alla that….

  22. Bob Bird, Democratic Congressman West Virginia and KKK member.

    real girls have FEET!

  23. hitler

    I bet this broad smells really bad.

  24. MD

    REtarded WHORE…don’t try so hard to keep a man, he’ll just lose interest

    they are so over

    and I’m a vegetarian that’s thinner with naturally bigger breasts & model face

    REAL GIRLS EAT MEAT? U mean COCK ??..Jess, save face and try to keep your sexual insecurities to a min.We all know Jess has issues in the bedroom. I’m callin on ur BS, inexperience is not an excuse…lame dud

    another whore trying deperately to build self esteem by sexually pleasing men

    come on he’s not that hard to please…you love Meat, right ?..eewww

  25. Jessica got the shirt on her trip to NYC last week. I doubt she’s worried about Carrie. Tony passed on Carrie already and has every chance to pursue her again. He chooses not to.

    Tony’s a big guy who obviously enjoys his meals. Maybe it was just a drag for him to take Carrie out for dinner and listen to her talk about all the things she wouldn’t eat. I can definitely see a lack of compatiblity there.

    I hope Carrie finds happiness with a fellow sexy vegan.

  26. Yousef

    The less makeup she wears, the hotter she looks. Stunning in these photos. This is what a naturally hot ass chick looks like getting off an airplane NOT trying to look hot. She wakes up beautiful…

  27. The Superfish is now PETA's staff hangout













  28. bobby bo bo

    Mao Tse-tung ate meat, look how good he turned out.

  29. bobby bo bo

    In spite of these beliefs, reports state that Hitler occasionally ate meat during the 1930s. While Hitler reduced his meat consumption, he may have not eliminated it entirely, with culinary accounts indicating a sporadic preference for sausage, squab, liver dumplings, ham, and caviar. As a result, many vegetarians dispute the claim that Hitler was a vegetarian.

  30. dude_on_a_wire

    @56 – thanks for making this post make sense.

    And no matter what Carrie throws down her pie hole she ain’t never gonna have a set of jugs like Jes. I may have just gained more respect for Tony the Choke.
    - Listening to elitist veggie heads squawk about red meat is about as insightful as listening to evangelicals declare Armageddon is around the corner.

  31. doodoo

    this ain’t no Mormon preachings , we all know the truth is red meat is pooo

    if u get a heartattack the only way to reverse it, studies, docs say is a veggie diet, perferably vegan, dairy is poo 2

    can’t argue science can yah dumbass

  32. Old Jessica was a prude, I like new Jessica the funny meat eater much better!!!

  33. The Superfish is now PETA's staff hangout

    #79 & #80 Two posts to contradict yourself, go you!.

    Anyway, Jessica Simpson is so dump that she’s doing furries a favour by wearing that.

  34. petri

    I hate JEWS and her Jew nose :P it must be all the nasty hormones/antibiotics in the meat & dairy causing this cancerous lumps on her face

  35. MD

    those are some swoolllen utters


  36. lambman

    she looks cute, no where near as hot as that Weeds ad with Mary Louise just next to it though…milf city!

  37. Al

    What a couple of douches.

  38. Truth doctor

    That’s hilarious. Even Jessica Simpson is smarter than PETA.

  39. techclerk

    If this “Real Girl” eats meat like she doesn’t lip sync, then maybe the implied metaphor is just a waste of my imagination. Good luck with that one, Romo.

  40. Liz

    Maybe she should stop eating so much meat….she used to have a better body.

  41. ammy

    She is such a cuttie. Her photos were seen at millionaire persoanals site ******W e a l t h y R o m a n c e . c o m*****last week. It is said she is already in relationship with a young billionaire on that site now.


  42. MmMmMm tanx

    I heart Randal.

  43. Duffy

    … the fuck happened to her feet?

  44. Joe Simpson

    She must give awesome anal and ass to mouth for him to stay with her.

  45. what fucking fat hick she is

    what a fucking idiot. promoting the murdering of animals…she deserves the same that she promotes to be done to animals, that someone kills her and makes steaks out of her and fries her and eats her. like if animals didn’t receive enough abuse as it is these days for her to promote more, when there’s people out there fighting so hard for animal rights for hicks like her to come around in retarded shirts like that. fucking fat hick, I hope someone eats her, the fat hick surely does have a lot of meat to be eaten!

  46. she's a hick

    what the shirt means is REAL HICKS EAT MEAT, not girls, hicks, Jessica, hicks, like you.

  47. casey

    looks like someone is threatend by that little
    carrie underwood. Who oddly knows the
    difference between chicken & fish given her vegetarian

  48. michelle

    She is wearing this shirt to piss off Carrie Underwood who dated Tony. Carrie is a vegetarian!!!!!!!!!

  49. It's Like This & Like That....


    Jessica seems like an insecure ditz and has also shown her bitchy/catty side by wearing this t-shirt knowing her boyfriends ex is a vegetarian. Jessica deserves all the negativity she gets. She got a big fat head being on the Newlyweds when she got all the attention and thought she could do better than Nick. Instead of getting marriage counseling; Jessica got a quick divorce so she did not have to share her movie money with Nick. Then Jessica ends up being John Mayer’s easy booty call and she started dressing like a porn star and her skin looked orange for awhile. Jessica lost a lot of weight at one time for her movie and her breasts sagged and now she has breast implants like all the other celebrities. This was one of Jessica’s best and natural features, but now she is just another breast implant celebrity. When Jessica was with Nick she hated sports and now she is dating a football star; she is a pathetic desperate loser looking for love in all the wrong places.

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