Jessica Simpson knew about Tiger’s affairs

Jessica Simpson apparently didn’t sleep with Tiger Woods because she knew about his “cheatin’ ways.” The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

According to the source, Simpson had heard about Woods’ wandering when she and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo were still together. Like many people in the sports world, Romo was well aware of Tiger’s trysts — which now are being revealed as common knowledge by those who spent time with him, both on and off the golf course.
”Jessica had no interest in hooking up with Tiger, for that reason alone,” added my source.

Wow. More than any other news that’s come in, this truly shows the scope of Tiger Woods’ philandering. It was enough for even Jessica Simpson to figure it out. Just to put things in perspective, she still thinks there’s a magical elf who turns the light on in her fridge. “Oh, Christ, here she comes again! *flick* And there she goes. *flick* Now’s she back. *flick* And gone. — Hey, you left Bronx Mowgli next to the mayo! Someone kill me.”

Photo: Getty