Jessica Simpson is wasted

August 2nd, 2009 // 59 Comments

Because booze will never tell security to bar you from the premises, Jessica Simpson got wasted at Katsuya last night with her sister Ashlee. Or at least that’s what the caption of these paparazzi pics said. Honestly, I don’t how anyone could tell whether Jessica Simpson is drunk or not. She could’ve got in the car, made out with the dash then let Bronx Mowgli do the driving and I’d still want to see the results of a breathalyzer before commenting.


  1. leid-girl

    nice outfit…is it Mcall’s pattern #34? Somewhere, a granny is missing her curtains in her sitting room.

    And those lips…is she injecting them again?

    She doesn’t have big thighs..its just the damn camera angle.

    But she looks pretty trashed, probably just a girl’s night out….I would too.
    She gets dumped by Tony, who is seeing some other dumb blonde right now, so is Nick, and her sister is married and settled down.
    Jessican just has bad luck…she wrecked her marriage by doing that stupid reality show with nick, showing the world how dumb she is, “I only pretend to be dumb because thats what guys like.”

    She IS dumb…has a weird crooked nose, and rabbit teeth. Hey, if you’re in the spotlight, we can dump on you, you deserve it!!

  2. Just Another Classic Act

    I feel that jess is not drunk, but that she tries to put on this fake innocent ‘whoopsy, oh no, look at me, I’m acting like a cute drunken fool… I’m frolicking around on the dance floor, saying stupid things, beinf loud’ to get the attention of guys, primarily John Mayer, being that he frequents Katsuya. Mr. Mayer is too ‘serious’ for Jess. Her beahvior could also be the fault of publicists as well, telling her to get out and put herself around John for more publicity.

    I remember when I dated my boyfriend and his roommate’s gf had the biggest crush on my boyfriend. She would drink a lot in front of him to get a reaction from him, or to at least try and get him to run to her rescue… To see if my boyfriend show that he cared or was attentive to her reckless behavior, but it didn’t work. We both knew that she was a drunken tramph and attention whore.

    To be honest, I think Jess does stupid things to get John Mayer’s attention, in a way to get him back and to make him feel some sympathy for her while, lusting as she showcases her tree trunk legs. I honestly think that the ship has sailed for her and Mr. Mayer. It’s over…. If there was anything serious on the brink, oron the DL, John would not continue to show up at katsuya, where he knows fans are waiting for him… He would not leave separately, and he would meet her privately. Also, why did it take Jess so long to leave Katsuya? I think it’s because she wanted the photographers to get photos of her, knowing that they’d be posted on nealry every website and magazine, to tease and remind the men that left her that she still exist. It’s somewhat of a torture hunt on the behalf of her past bf. I know that some will say that she was probably blocked by the razzi and could not leave safely without running them over, but that’s bull. It took her forever just to hop in damn the car and to leave Katsuya… Goodness gracious! She spent more time hoisting her legs up for the camera to see…. was she hoping to possibly give the razzi a touche shot, hoping that it would be posted on every site and mag, hoping that Mr. Mayer or Romo would see it and lust?

    Although it has been reported that he sent texts to her, I believe that it was the other way around. I feel that it was Jessica who chased John, causing Tony Romo to get pissed and to leave. If a girl sends a text message that’s sluty enough to a guy, enticing them and luring them to ‘come and get it,’ a guy will do just that, but that does not mean that a guy is in love or has feelings for a girl just because he takes on the offer of sex or teasing. Women must remember that the rules of flirting and sex are different for men. A man can sleep with you and not give a dam about you.

    Jessica needs to realize that a guy that really and truly wants you does not just stop by to see his male best friend and if he did stop by to see you, he’d stay a little longer, would not talk only to Pete about business, music, tunes, tours, what he’s been doing in the studio and etc. He would have sat by Jess, bought her a drink or two, and possibly leave with her. He would make a date with her PRIVATELY.

    Also, Jess knows that John is close with Pete, and Pete is her brother-in-law. Jess is taking advantage of the entire situation, purposely putting herself around Pete because she knows that she will run into John normally on Wed’s at katsuya. I feel sorry for John as well, because it seems that women he’s dated will not remove their grip or claws from him, and allow him to just be free. They continuously chase him down and covertly throw themselves at John, minipulating and enlisting the help of others. I honestly think that Jess needs to find herself a good ole Christian guy that will be devoted to her and everyone knows that her dad does happen to be a preacher, he could find her someone easily. There is also and e-harmony.

    Jess is only hurting herself by lurking and frequenting the places John visits that are close, after long hours at the studio. The man is trying to concentrate on his work. He comes out for air after spending sometimes days in the studio working.

    Jess needs to get the message, leave with her dignity while she still has some and go on with her career and life. She needs to accept that it’s over and that if a guy like John was serious about her, he would have married her already. It’s bee nearly 3 years and that’s a big deal.I also feel that Jess is also a control freak that has to have everything her way. She has to have a few men wrapped around her pinky finger, to make herself feel confident and like she’s is still sexy. What she needs is a good rest, focus on her career and just leave John alone. if you’re going to mess with Mr. Mayer, you have to be one bold, cold and realistic biaatttcchhh that does not have a rep for mistaking tuna as chicken of the sea and be culturally sensitive to others… Men so not like stupid girls, well… they like to date them, but when it comes down to it, they’d rather just be with their guys, having fun, doing their thing.

    Let’s face it Jess, people and even your dearest fans are starting to get sick of you and your man minipulating pitty chasing stalking antics. yes, female celebs can be called stalkers too. Mr. Mayer has truly moved on and is not interested in you, your near fanny shots and ditzy behavior. No man wants to be known for dating the most air-headed woman on earth in the history of music, television and entertainment……. Night all!

  3. Forgot Something....

    I forgot to mention that Mr. Mayer really likes brunettes (not artifically dyed and ehanced ones), when it really comes down to it and it does not matter whether they’re white, mocha, caramel, chocolate, coffee, almond or whatever….. He seems to be turned on by the true brunettes that have brains, a life, career goals other than fame, and who are not air-headed….. I see Mr. Mayer ending up with a girl that is not, funny, famous, who is not worldly and has not ever been in the public eye. I see him with a woman that will not spend more than $60.00 – $100.00 on a good purse and woman that is seriously cool, not pretentious and does not freak out about breaking a nail or not getting a medi and pedi on the same exact day each week…. Not a helpless princess that cannot manage her own money, finances, or life…… Men also hate women that are high maintenance……

    Guys like to know that they can get with a girl and impress her….. They don’t like it when they cannot truly be ‘the man’ or wear the pants….. Most men like to be in control when it comes to love….

  4. meow09

    anythings better than sitting at home on ur ass feeling sorry 4 urself !!! at least shes moving on somewhat !!!! like she really cares what anyone of us think !!!! shes gorgeous and rich ,,i do not think she really cares at all about our negative opinions …personally i think she is very pretty and smart to not always b in the limelight …she cant sit home 4 ever but at least she can do what she wants with all that money ….ill b ur friend jess …hook me up w/ some $$$$$$$

  5. meow09

    anythings better than sitting at home on ur ass feeling sorry 4 urself !!! at least shes moving on somewhat !!!! like she really cares what anyone of us think !!!! shes gorgeous and rich ,,i do not think she really cares at all about our negative opinions …personally i think she is very pretty and smart to not always b in the limelight …she cant sit home 4 ever but at least she can do what she wants with all that money ….ill b ur friend jess …hook me up w/ some $$$$$$$

  6. leid-girl

    I agree with #52.

    Why can’t celebrities, especially musicians (so called), just enjoy the limelight, then when its over……….just move on? Is it a psychological thing? Can’t get over it?

    Britney, Mariah……..Jessica……….you’re done. We all know tha in Hollywood, the younger, more talented, more motivated rush in yearly.

    So why can’t women just have class, retire..and just………stay out of the fucking paparazzi and enjoy their life? Instead, the’re like in their 30′s and 40′s..still dressing like sluts, acting like immature bimbos, reeling out of control and doing stupid shit! They get fake boobs, whatever it takes to keep feeling and looking younger…but the don’t.

    With all that money..isn’t there more to life? Traveling, charity, investments….hobbies??? anyone???????????

  7. tater-chip

    She’s a pig. She’ll never be anything more than a body and bodies eventually rot.

  8. tater-chip

    She’s a pig. Drunks are putrid. She’ll never be anything more than a body. Other than that, she has nothing more to offer.

  9. She did not need help. Thats BS she was coming down the stairs & further more she can’t friggin see with all the flashbulbs in her face.
    Get Real! Give her a break!

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