Jessica Simpson is single

July 13th, 2009 // 91 Comments

Jessica Simpson and longtime boyfriend Tony Romo called it quits on Thursday, the day before Jessica’s 29th birthday, according to People:

“She is heartbroken,” says the source. “She loves Tony. But it’s been difficult lately. He’s busy with his career and she’s getting ready to shoot her show (The Price of Beauty). They decided to part ways.”
The Dallas Cowboys quarterback fueled breakup rumors when he showed up with about 14 friends at the Hollywood hotspot MyHouse on Friday night without the birthday girl, a source tells PEOPLE.
Simpson had planned to throw a Barbie and Ken-themed party for her birthday, but it fell through, according to a message she wrote on her Twitter page Saturday. “Barbie party didn’t happen, but I turned 29 and feel like I am on top of the world yelling I LOVE GETTING OLDER!” she wrote.

Kudos to Jessica Simpson for getting dumped right before turning just shy of 30 and still taking it like a champ. Then again, it’s not like she doesn’t have large breasts that any man would kill to touch. Even if that involves a certain Dallas quarterback not making it to the preseason. *honk honk* *wink wink*

Photos: Flynet, Getty, Splash News

  1. objectionable


    but models are so much easier to drug…fewer pills required too, due to lack of body mass.

  2. Chupacabra

    @20 – fucking brilliant.

    You know, I don’t know much about Jessica, but I’m sure it wasn’t the blow jobs. I think it was the failed career rebound, the “gunt,” and the icing on this cake was the damn Barbie and Ken party. Really? Jessica, do you think Romo is gay? You do that with your hairdresser, not the damn QB of the Cowboys. He probably had to dump your ass just to save face in Texas… pretty damn big state to be saving face.

    Chupacabra OUT.

  3. Kevin Ready

    Is that the Quake symbol in veins on her boobage?

  4. Matthew

    she is an big breasted idiot

  5. Earl

    Her sis actually looks classy now compared to ms daisy dukes.

  6. National Insititute for Humor Public Service Announcement

    #46 We here at the National Insititute for Humor would like to formally disavow all knowledge of danielle, aka “the infamous danielle.” It should be painfully obvious that her timing, overuse of key words and egregious use of awkward and puzzling juxtapositions do not result in any amusement whatsoever.

    Our sister institute, The United Foundation of Sarcasm, also wishes to be included in this announcement and further wishes us to inform her that if she finds it hard to laugh at herself, they would be happy to do it for her.

  7. grobpilot

    #54: “an” big breasted idiot? If you’re going to use the word “idiot” in your comment, do some proofreading before you hit the “post” button to avoid sounding like an idiot yourself.

  8. justifiable

    Barbie and Ken? Yeah, what guy wouldn’t be thrilled to be associated with a dickless, ball-less, smoothed-over plastic gay joke? No wonder Nick Lachey escaped. She may have huge tits, but they’re attached to a twelve-year-old.

    But all is not lost, it’ll still be the theme of Speidi’s next birthday party. Perfect fits like that are hard to find.

  9. the infamous danielle

    #56. hmmm….[[someone]] keeps a dictionary under their bed, right next to the lotion and wet naps.

    lemme just go see if i care…


  10. dirk

    OMG. That last pic is just too great for words. From the top of her had, to the gut, to the stance, to the flipped up toes hanging off the shoes. That’s pure awesome.

  11. nemesis

    #59 Only someone who actually used the word “conversate” here would a) confuse a dictionary with a thesaurus and b) think the words used actually require looking up by the average person.

  12. Deacon Jones

    That’s the worse comeback I think I’ve ever read on here!

    And hyperlink your pic again, you’re beautiful

  13. Mia

    Tony is a jerk for breaking up with her the night before her birthday party. But perhaps the Ken and Barbi party was too much for Tony. Ken did not have a penis.

  14. Sotto Cinco

    Tony was playing cover the fumble with Witten.

  15. Tom K

    She became such a fat sloppy pig. No wonder Tony Romo left her dumb ass.

  16. Ling

    poor girl. i really just dont get how someone could let themselves go so much. she used to be so cute before all the weight gain, plastic surgery, and hair extensions. remember when she looked liked this?

  17. Kmm

    I would bang the hell out of her. Chubby chicks need some lovin too Nothing wrong with being thick. Wait till the mid 30′s come around……

  18. Sony Computer Entertainment Legal Notice

    #59 We here at Sucker Punch Productions are hereby informing you that you must cease and desist from using the appellation “infamous” in conjuction with your given name. This is a direct reference to our video game of the same title, wherein our protagonist Cole MacGrath defends himself with electricity-based super powers. As you have so ably demonstrated, you are clearly not electric, nor do you have super powers. Further use of this term will be seen as a willfull violation of this notification and will result in swift legal action by our parent company.

  19. angela

    OMG!! she had plastic surgery? no wonder barbie n ken theme.. some plz pull a pic out of romo to b sure he hasnt had work done!! i really liked her, really i did.. when she was barely dating nick.. she does need to grow up a little.. by the time she realizes she is not a lil girl no more, she will be old and trying to play house like madonna!! and realize she waisted her life. when all she had to do was pop out a kid for nick & she would have been fine..!!!

  20. Initial_G

    Romo isn’t stupid. He is going into the third year of his current phat Dallas contract which in the NFL means its put up or GTFO. With Jessica there, he’ll never play well in a playoff game.

    Jessica Simpson is very fortunate to have epic tittays to keep her relevant. If she was flat chested. Nobody would give a damn what was happening to her.

    How long has it been since Ashlee was on here?

  21. dude

    jessica u put on way 2 much weight going out with that douche. date me and i’ll shag u back in shape in no time!!! <3

  22. Wade

    You should try just dating a non famous, non pretty boy jack ass and maybe just maybe you could have a real relationship and a half ass normal life.

  23. awww poor Jess!

    Jessica? if you want to keep a man sweety, you have to let him take total control. Keep Papy Joe at bay, and fire him as your manager. Its time to be your own woman. Most importantly lose the weight, it will do wonder for you career and self esteem…

    Free:life changing advice from an admire


  24. Jennyjenjen

    @59 How embarrassing that you think those words aren’t common every day usage vocabulary.

  25. laurie

    tony romo is ugly …jess can do way better

  26. nemesis

    #74 Jennyjenjen, danielle likes to keep it both real and simple at the same time: “lube” “ass” “next” “dick” “turds” “gun”, stuff like that.

    Every so often she’ll bust out with a two-syllable word like “twinkies” or “extra,” but then she has to go lie down for several hours to recover from the strain. Sad, really.

  27. This picture she is fat but I think with shape she looks more beautiful. I’d like this picture.

  28. Since when does “single” mean “fat”?

    Hi fatty. Wanna fuck?

  29. ROUGH daddy

    The if booby fun happy green do.

  30. Thx 79! it was really strange not having a clone for a long time….keep it up!

  31. Darth

    Single!? How about the motorboat!?

  32. She is going to get so fat now.

  33. Those Tits Deserve Better..

  34. Those Tits Deserve Better.

  35. The Jerk

    I was typing something witty and intelligent but then I got distracted by Jessica’s veiny like boobies. GOD I’m such a sucker for milk jugs..

  36. mizzwarpaint

    uuuuuumm she doesnt look bad with weight on her but than again whats her purpose for being on earth for? she thinks tuna is chicken she sings aight :
    and that chin of her grrr i’ve always hated her chin*and now she got dumped by her man? thats what happends when you start experimenting sexually at friggin 25 so sucky = sucky sex lol

  37. mizzwarpaint

    uuuuuumm she doesnt look bad with weight on her but than again whats her purpose for being on earth for? she thinks tuna is chicken she sings aight :
    and that chin of her grrr i’ve always hated her chin*and now she got dumped by her man? thats what happends when you start experimenting sexually at friggin 25 so sucky = sucky sex lol

  38. ang

    she doesn’t look fat as much as pregnant in picture #4. hmm…weird

  39. Tom Foolery

    Are those varicose veins on the implants?

  40. OMG! He had plastic surgery? No wonder Barbie n Ken theme .. Plz Romo pulling out a picture of something for sure it was b hasn’t worked! I really like him, really I did not .. When she was dating Nick barely .. He does not need to grow a little .. Once he realizes he has a lil girl by someone else, he might be old and trying to play like Madonna will be home! And he realized his life waisted. When it was all out to Nick and he would have been fine ..!!! Pop a kid

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