Jessica Simpson is ‘sad and confused’

Apparently Jessica Simpson’s break up with Tony Romo came out of nowhere and she had no clue anything was wrong, according to People:

“Jessica was really blindsided,” says a Simpson family friend. “She’s sad, mad, and confused. Her emotions are all over the place.”
“Dating her comes along with her celebrity and press – that’s not easy for anyone,” says Simpson’s family friend. “But she and Tony seemingly had it figured out. They rolled with the punches and focused on each other. They just lost sight of that at the end.”
Since the sudden split, Simpson has been laying low. “She is holding up okay,” says the Simpson source. “She is with her family. They are – as always – very supportive of her.”
The one thing the family will not support: The thought of Simpson reconciling with her ex-husband Nick Lachey, who recently split from his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. “It won’t happen,” says a source. “They have no respect for him. Jessica has no respect for him. There is way too much bad blood between Nick and Joe for Jessica to even think about it.”

While Jessica is no doubt heartbroken, in Tony Romo’s defense, I’m sure he tried to spell things out for her.

TONY: Jessica, listen, things aren’t working out.
JESSICA: I swallowed a fly today!
TONY: That’s great, babe. But, look, I want to see other people.
JESSICA: Ashlee still won’t tell me where babies come from.
TONY: Uh huh. Well, hey, good talk. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to continue having sex with this stripper which you still haven’t noticed.
JESSICA: Ha ha! Her shoes are clear!

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