Jessica Simpson is probably going to lose her shit

Now that Jessica Simpson has accepted the fact her dog Daisy was eaten by a coyote, her friends are convinced she’s probably going to “tailspin” into a giant pit of depression which, in all honesty, can’t be worse than the borderline dementia of her relationship with Daisy. People reports:

Daisy was perhaps one of the most pampered pets in Hollywood. Simpson fed Daisy steak, not dog food, and referred to herself as “Daisy’s Mommy.” When leaving the house, Simpson left on the air-conditioning for her dog; and when Daisy was sick, Simpson refused visitors so that they wouldn’t wake Daisy. She threw Daisy birthday parties, and when she talked about having a “girls’ night in” with a video, she was talking about herself and Daisy.
“Jessica has a very small inner circle,” the friend said. “But she always had Daisy. Daisy gave her unconditional love.”
And, unlike some of the men in her life, the friend added, “Daisy never betrayed her. Daisy was always there for her. This is serious. Jessica’s heart is broken.”

Not only was Daisy the anti-Tony Romo, but she also apparently took phone calls and fired employees at will:

Whenever she was out at night, Simpson called home and had “someone put Daisy on the phone so she could say goodnight.”
“Daisy ran the household,” the friend said. “If Daisy didn’t like you, you were gone. Sometimes if her regular hair and makeup people weren’t available and Jessica had a sit-in, if Daisy didn’t like them, they wouldn’t be back. Daisy ran the roost.”

Well, at least now we know who was running Jessica’s career into the ground. “Okay, Daisy, Mommy wants you to bark once if she should eat all this ice cream and switch to country. Or twice for a bucket of ribs and letting an entire state think I cursed Tony Romo. Go!”

Photos: Flynet, WireImage