Jessica Simpson is having a shitty year

February 5th, 2009 // 230 Comments

As evidenced by these photos of her with no make-up on at Dallas airport last night, the paparazzi have pursued Jessica Simpson to no end ever since she publicly exhibited poor skills in wardrobe choice and physical fitness. And, let’s be honest, they’re hoping she’ll do something fat. Guys, seriously, knock it off. Jessica Simpson isn’t going to suddenly snap and devour her assistant in a fit of gluttony. Not even if you bring barbecue sauce, but good initiative.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Sarah Palin

    A MOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shoot it!

  2. Jebidiah Springfield


  3. Richard McBeef

    Greasy McFatFace

  4. mk

    Is it just me or does she look thin and normal-sized here? Everyone is crazy….leave the poor girl alone!

  5. Ang

    “Butterface” has a whole different meaning here. I think she’s skipping the actual foods and going straight to the fat source.

  6. jobo

    still a beautiful woman.

  7. ph7

    she looks HORRIBLE.

  8. Jupiter Girl


  9. don

    She’s falling apart: so fat, so blotchy, so plain without makeup. She’s a complete disaster.

  10. Flight Attendant

    “Well, that was something to tell people about! Jessica Simpson on my flight! Well, time to clean up…say, did anybody see the box of Dunkin Donuts I bought for my kids?”

  11. Kim

    Thunder Thighs without makeup. A hillbilly dream.

  12. p0nk

    apparently even ProActive dropped her.

  13. Mal

    Actually I don’t think she looks that bad for having no makeup on – she actually looks younger. She doesn’t look fat here, either (in the legs, which is all i can see). Ever seen Cameron Diaz without makeup? Now that is *tragic*.

  14. Some Guy

    She looks a lot better than she did in her mom jeans outfit. There is nothing wrong with a woman not wearing makeup, believe it or not, some people actual find that attractive.

  15. Blah

    Give her a break, she’s one of the few celebs that actually looks good w/o makeup on. In fact I would say she looks better w/o makeup than with it; makeup seems to bring out her strong features too much. She should go au naturel because she’s one of those rare natural beauties.

  16. Ugghh..

    She took off the makeup so she could get her spray on tan….and that horrible bleach job. She’s because a cosmetology school dropout.

  17. She doesn’t look fat here, actually. Her face looks like a McGriddle but she doesn’t look fat.

  18. look in the mirror

    For the majority of you dumb as a box of rocks libtards, look at yourself in the mirror. Guess each and every one of you tubs of lard are within your BMI. Think about it.

  19. Ted

    Smart move, Jessica. When you back up, people hearing the beeping noise will think it’s that airport cart.

  20. Tony

    Butt looks alright in those jeans.

  21. PunkA

    Her face may look like it hasn’t used any Pro-Active solution in a while, but her ass looks awesome in pic 3. I;d hit that hard. Her bod looks really good in those jeans, small ass, narrow hips, with her usual muscular thighs. That wardrode malfunction last week will haunt her, though. Horrible choice.

  22. Mandy

    At least she’s a great singer.

  23. kow

    Horse face and cow legs….not a good combo.

  24. Average J

    She looks like the average normal person now.

    Makeup, personal trainers, the right clothes, good lighting and photoshop do a lot for a person.

  25. steve

    She’s looking around with a haunted expression, sweat breaking out all over her face. Clearly she is unfamiliar with the airport and hasn’t yet spotted the KFC.

  26. Bill

    She is so hot. I want to shit on her forehead.

  27. Shannon

    I hate to say it, but she actually looks good in the picture from behind. She certainly does not have a fat ass or thighs.

  28. jimbo

    Hard to believe she was once attractive.

  29. Cindy

    There are photos in the latest People, obviously a celebrity-friendly magazine. She’s very clearly fat in all of the pictures. Here, she’s covered up so much you can’t tell. She kinda looks like the blond head cheerleader in high school, coming back from her senior year in college 20 lbs heavier and little beat looking.

  30. Lindsay

    idk I thinks he still looks pretty great, she could shed a few pounds but who couldn’t? Oh yeah Lindsay Lohan, she’d die.

  31. Velinda

    I think it was just a poor fashion choice. Some outfits make anyone look fat. This doesn’t look like the same person. I think the other outfit just made her look fat.

  32. ktb

    I gragree…she looks like shit w/o make up, who doesn’t?
    She doesn’t look fat
    Her lips look sort of normal
    But seriously, leave our Quarterback alone. He has enough issues playing football, he doesn’t need to worry about your fucked up life.

  33. Leigh-Ann

    What is wrong with this world? And what is wrong with you people who are saying that she is fat? Why would someone look at her and say she is fat? She has put on a little weight, but still not considered fat. I’m not an overweight person (I’m a size 2) but I would never criticize someone who was. But Jessica Simpson is absloutely beautiful (with or without makeup) and she is definitely NOT fat!!! Leave that poor girl alone! What does that teach the teenage girls of today? All it is going to do is make them think that they have to be a size 1 to not be considered fat. And that leads to anorexic and bulimic young girls because they don’t want people to call them fat! Leave Jessica alone you inconsiderate assholes!!

  34. Vic

    Ok, it took them awhile to get back from the candy machine, but now all the female commenters are rumbling in to say she’s not fat, it was just her choice of clothes. Just like their never-ending snacks, it’s like a fat support group that never ends.

  35. James

    Back on the plane there’s a big container of butter with an imprint of Jessica’s face on it. Sort of like a fat chick shroud of Turin.

  36. dude

    every girl looks somewhat homely without makeup.

    That said, Jessica needs to put hers back on to cover the harpoon scars.


  37. p0nk

    34 – you sound fat.

  38. Grown Up

    “And that leads to anorexic and bulimic young girls because they don’t want people to call them fat!”

    No, little kids get unhappy when they’re called names on the playground.

    Teenagers and young adults become anorexic or bulimic because they’re severely neurotic. Which, I suppose, is like being a perpetual child in terms of always blaming others instead of taking responsibility for your own life. So, yeah, maybe our taunting does lead them, mindlessly, into eating disorders. If we could prod them all the way to completed suicide, that’d be a net gain for society.

  39. p0nk

    “…fat chick shroud of Turin”

    ok, that made me laugh

  40. Leigh-Ann

    Hey 38. You asshole! I’m absolutely NOT fat. I am 5’5 and I weigh 117lb says my doc two days ago. I used to be a model (2 years ago). And if I may say so myself…I look DAMN GOOD!!! You sound like a complete asshole!

  41. David

    Fat? Are you serious? Look at the pic of her butt. If you guys think that is fat, you are frickin insane.

  42. p0nk

    41 weigh-ann

    get over yourself, fatty.

  43. authorego

    Apparently not as shitty as Paris Hilton.

  44. fraulein

    People seriously need to leave this girl alone — She is absolutely beautiful and perfectly fine when it comes to size.

  45. Chris

    #41 – if we’ve learned anything by now, it’s that models shouldn’t speak.

  46. OC Dee

    She looks like she dropped weight fast. She probably got depressed, lost her appetite, and quickly lost the weight after the media called her fat. She should have wore those jeans for her performance.

  47. dani

    she’s still a beautiful and normal woman.

  48. Leigh-Ann

    43…What is your problem? You started this shit…and now I’m defending myself. You need to grow up! Did you seriously just call me “fatty” and “Weigh-Ann”? LMAO

  49. AndrewMacCloud

    bugger off! or she will kill you alll

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