Jessica Simpson is a TV critic now

Despite the fact it takes her a week just to read a Dr. Seuss book, Jessica Simpson decided to shitcan the writing on Melrose Place and chastise The CW for firing Ashlee from the show:

CW catching up on MP.who writes this crap?i have had bad scripts to work with,but this?thank God my sister is amazing and got you some press

Wait. I hope she’s not criticizing the script to The Dukes of Hazzard because that thing was GOLD. In fact, I’ll post the entire thing right here just to prove my point:

The Dukes of Hazzard


Still hot and skinny Jessica Simpson from 2005 walks around in ridiculously short cutoffs while showcasing her stupid awesome breasts.

Some other shit happens. (Not really important.)


*sniff* Gets me every time…

Photos: WENN