Jessica Simpson Is a Tortured Writer

jessica_simpson_thumb2.jpgJessica Simpson has a tough life. It can’t be easy watching your marriage fall apart while your husband cavorts with strippers because he’s likes talking to ‘smart girls’. Well now she’s saying that the only way she prevents herself from “exploding” with stress is to write her feelings down.

She says, “It’s a way for me to know myself and my problems. If I don’t do this, I’ll push everything back until I explode.”

Now I don’t actually have a copy of her journal in my possession (yet), but it probably goes something like this: “Wednesday – got up, brushed my hair. Got brush stuck in hair, ran around house screaming till Nick pulled it out. He called me an ig-no-ra-mus. I looked that word up in the dictshun dicktion spelling book, and it was m-e-a-n. Mean. And I hate his new cologne. It smells like strippers and used condoms – ick! Ow, my hand hurts from all this writeing. C-U-L8TR!!! (ha ha, that means ‘see you later’, Mister Journal).”