Jessica Simpson goes to the beach

April 3rd, 2009 // 75 Comments

Here’s some grainy, some not-so-grainy shots of Jessica Simpson on vacation in Mexico. After looking at these, I’m starting to think none of us fully understood the actual size of Jessica Simpson’s breasts. I mean, I knew they were big. I just didn’t know you could build a condo on them. Is this what they meant by the housing bubble? No? Not even close? Damn.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Blue Eyes

    #48 – Go ahead and think that, if that’s what makes you feel good. Bitch you know nothing about me and I would never give you the time of day. F*ck off ass wipe. You need these things to build your ego, poor, poor, person!!!!

  2. justifiable

    #31 One of the stupidest posts ever.
    You:sarcasm=George Bush:coherent thought.

    Also, WTF is “LIKE’S”? The real Richport knows how to use an apostrophe, which is more than you do. I’d say stay in school, but it’s clearly a waste – you’re taking up #37′s space on the short bus.

  3. i really think you can see a bit of her delicious nips in this one

  4. wao

    pic 10-HAHAHA

  5. Carmelita Spats

    Zaftig girl reads People, hopes to pick up a few tips from Valerie Bertinelli. Who, by the way, looks damn good. Valerie, I mean.

  6. Erland Josephson

    She is so fucking hot it’s silly. Guys like short blondes with big tits who know how to fuck and suck like world champs and Jessica is all three of these things. I love her. The rest of you are lame. I’m going to go jack off to these pictures and then spray my screen and all of your dumb comments with my man mustard. Fuckers.

  7. jt

    mother of god. she is hot.

  8. Juno

    That photographer either had a really shitty lens, was hundreds upon hundreds of yards away, or both. Don’t be shy, pappo! Get closer! Power to the press!

  9. Hey Racist Freak

    Take a day off next week. You need a karma check – go skydiving and report back.

  10. rob

    where these photos taken from mars? the 7th photo is really hot but too fuzzy

  11. Where's the Beach

    Superfish Dude, why does this beach have green grass all over it?

  12. sushi

    Pregnant boobs. She’ll make an announcement soon and then bag some $$ while she plays victim for having to deal with comments on her weight while her unwedness got pregnant to trap a boyfriend who is more interested in publicity from her.

  13. Nemesis

    #59 Great news, 43,973,492 people here who hate his racist ass offered to pack the parachute.

  14. .

    63 make that 43,973,493

  15. I’m sure everything will sink in the water except her TITS, folks!!

  16. President Barack Hussein Obama

    #64 What the fuck, make it 43, 973,494.

  17. Alfalfa

    Thanks for the trip down mammary lane

  18. Loverboy

    I would suck on this tics chits all day long, and then the next day, then the next… and so on, and so on….

  19. Loverboy's Mother

    Sorry folks, he was bottle-fed.

  20. The Gaborg

    Fatso, schmatzo: I’d hit that in a nanosecond, and expect her to hit me back. In the face. With them thangs. Repeatedly.

  21. doug

    damn, hello ms blobby !!………wtf r u doing wearing a thong bikini when you’ve been downing ice cream for six months straight by the look of it ??

  22. Black11Inch

    I’d bend her over and drill that pussy from the back. Spank that ass. Make those titties bounce while she tell me how big I am.

  23. JT

    She looks like free willy in the first pic, what a whale!

  24. Frank N Stein

    Seeing those boobies makes me wonder why does Romo have a hard time gripping the ball.

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