Jessica Simpson hurts fat people

Jessica Simpson had a career slump in 2005 so she starred in an exercise video for Speedfit. She signed a multimillion-dollar contract, but decided at the last minute to scrap the project. She prevented the tape from being released by not giving final approval. The owner of Speedfit is now suing Jessica’s pants off. Page Six reports:

Speedfit owner Alex Astilean sued Simpson last year for $10 million – and since she’s refused to settle, Astilean’s now suing her manager dad, Joe, as well. Astilean said, “They are hurting millions of fat people in America.”

Okay, maybe that’s a bit over the top. I doubt there’s million of fat people sitting around waiting for Jessica Simpson to cure them of morbid obesity. So nobody’s hurting. Unless Jessica’s going into their homes and knocking buckets of fried chicken out of their hands. She already tried that once at Britney’s place and almost lost an arm. Thank God for skin grafts.

Photos: Splash News