Jessica Simpson hits the gym

June 19th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Jessica Simpson was spotted at a Hollywood gym wearing some shorts. And, um, that’s about it. I wish I could find a legitimate excuse to put these up but we’re going to have to go with “I felt like it” on this one. And who knows what I’ll feel like putting up tomorrow. A dog playing the piano? A man so good at arcade basketball your brain will explode? Or maybe a naked Dane Cook trying to mount Jessica Alba in some horrible Photoshop action. The sky’s the limit, my friends. The sky’s the limit.

NOTE: What the hell is going on with her chin? If she wants to make a little money on the side she could rent that thing out for children’s birthday parties.


  1. kara

    it looks more like ashley than jessica

  2. Donna

    i own the same shorts she’s wearing. looks like i have to burn them.

  3. erpica

    Why all the hating? I’m not a Jessica fan, but I think she looks ok. People, she just worked out at a gym. She’s not going to an awards dinner. What do you expect her to look like? I dress a lot worse when I work out.

    So sad that you people get off on criticizing others. What a sad existence.

  4. Anexio

    What’s up with the midget legs? She’s all out of frickin’ proportion.

    Maybe she could get a job doing jingles for The Lollipop Guild, Local 547.

  5. Hollywood Agent

    It always amazes me that Hollywood is so close to the Beach, but celebrities will still go and exercise in the smog and run next to garbage cans just to get photographed.

  6. 17. “Why all the hating? ( mindless shit deleted … ) “So sad that you people get off on criticizing others. What a sad existence.”

    Consider that the site on which you posted a “can’t we all just get along” plea, is “The Superficial”. This is a place where one is free to unload on any public figure who, in the writer’s estimation, richly deserves it.

    We are equal opportunity haters, and occasionally, we feed on each other. Consider it social Darwinism, and welcome to the Fish, fucktard.

  7. Cardinal Ximenez

    One has to wonder if that “Lenoriffic” chin interferes with her deepthroat skills… hmmm. Seriously though, she is one incredibly average looking celeb and the little hand on the clock is on 14.

  8. My dream is to see Lex Steele railing Jessica in the ass while Daddy Simpson directs the action. “Make those double d’s bounce Lex! Jessica, hike that ass UP! ASHLEY! Get me some water and more LUBE for your sister, she’s smoking!!!”

  9. artie ling

    Look at Nicole Richies stomach, She has it showing out of her bikini,
    I think this is her right? shes definetaly pregnant, just put in a
    real cell # or a friends and hit agree then submit its on the 2nd
    page, shes huge (use a real cell or it doesnt show the right

    I think thats her, let me know.

  10. mary

    I’m addicted to gossip sites, but this picture is so boring–I think I’ll take a picture of the next blonde girl I see with her knees showing and send it to this site

  11. Wanky

    damn her calves are almost as big as mine! i dont care what most of yall say, id still put it in her butt

  12. Quinn

    In need of a makeover or somthing..
    She’s aging FAST

  13. HotDogger

    Instead of going to the gym, she should be going to get more proactive, a dentist, then jump off a pier because nobody cares!

  14. DrDanny

    @22…yes, please please please! But Ashley should get in on the action as well. Let Joe go get the lube. Good porn directs itself, so he’s not needed.

  15. Brink

    This is what a woman should look like. great legs curves ass and tits. Way to go Jessica.

  16. miss oblivious

    She’s been looking better these days; espc since she’s been de-Mayered (he’s a doof). I still have to insist that she is naturally a beautiful girl; she just needs to tone it down w/ the makeup, etc, and go with the natural look…otherwise, w/ her strong features, she ends up looking like a tranny.

  17. Ewan

    Dont know what people see in her, shes fucking ugly and shes got no talent at all ><

  18. PinkBruise

    She’s looking like Britney Spears.
    That’s just TOO hot.

  19. thats great,

    Thank u for your sharing

  20. star69

    Why is Ashley Simpson in the news again?
    She’s even worse than her sister.

    Oh wait.

  21. WowJustWow

    Water bottles
    and cell phones
    are NOT accessories, people.

    When will they learn?…..

  22. jus'stupid

    WTF happened to her? She looks like hammered snake shit. My coonhound wouldn’t tap that.

  23. Smitty

    I totally have those shorts!! Those are my jogging/footie shorts!! I bought them like FIVE years ago. She is so out of date, crazy plastic bitch.

  24. Hater

    Posted by jus’stupid on June 20, 2007 7:08 AM
    WTF happened to her? She looks like hammered snake shit. My coonhound wouldn’t tap that.

    This is why cracker ass hillbillies and rednecks should not have computers. I bet the only thing being tapped in that cabin is the coonhound getting tapped by jus’stupid.

  25. miss oblivious

    That totally looks more like Ashley in these pics; espc the side profile…and she also looks like my best buddy from my high school days…Shari Iggie (that I just know you all wanted to know, but I couldn’t help saying it because its so true…sorry) Anyways, Jess is alright and better than alot of the other celebs out there. At least she’s not a cracked up ho like the other twats that are always on this site.

  26. My Thai

    “Jessica Simpson hits the gym”


  27. #11=U fuckin hypocrite!(azz)

    U know U like thoze zzzzzzzzzzz=zzz

  28. hollow

    she looks horrid. she’s been going to the gym too much i think. her frame is already big, now she has muscles. her calves. ugh
    jessica alba >>>> jessica simpson

  29. #11=U fuckin hypocrite!(azz)

    U know U like thoze zzzzzzzzzzz=zzz

  30. jdawg

    “Jessica Simpson hits the gym”

    Looks like the gym hit back…with an ugly stick.

  31. Was this site just dead until now?

  32. Michelle Double D

    is that cellulite on her thighs ???

  33. vanman

    Wow, shamelessly plugging your sister sites. Keep in mind, I fucked all my friends’ sisters.

  34. yolatengo

    #45 yep

  35. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    U G L Y

    she ain’t got no alibi

  36. jrzmommy

    That chin….it’s like Charlie Baileygates’s at the end of Me Myself & Irene

  37. Hey, thanks for the link, guys. And vanman, give ‘em a break, I’ll take all the plugs I can get, shameless or no.

  38. jus'stupid

    She fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Damn, never new the wonders of makeup and stylists.

  39. jus'stupid

    #30, come down to the cabin, see if I don’t double tap you…

  40. Too late for Jessica, she is already grown up and is fat and ugly. Too bad, she can’t play no more with us little kids.

  41. Woodie


    When she got all that face work done, she should have had her chin reduced. She should have also sucked some fat off those thunder thighs.

  42. JL

    She looks like Robbie Rotten from ‘Lazytown’!

  43. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Day-um. She looks like that old lady puppet from the 70s, Madame something-or-other.

  44. Bracket

    Actually the shadow on her face is covering part of her chin making it look really giant and pointy.

  45. chimpy

    Talentless ugly hag.

  46. theblender101

    fat talentless ugly hag

  47. carxmoss

    it’s Jessica Simpsons Chin and Jessica Simpson.

  48. birdie

    I don’t know who is getting fuglier…Jessica, Britney or Maniston…or Sheryl Crow. Those Four make me puke. They are Celbrities. They should look like one.

    Jennifer Maniston makes me ill. She should have had Brad’s kids. What a dumbass wanting to finish “her career”…instead of having Brad Pitt’s kids???????????

    These Four are the only ones in Hollowood who make literally ill to look at.

  49. J

    yeah ummm I don’t think that’s Jessica… I think it’s Ashley.

  50. she definatly is the biggest hypocrite!!y is she looking at his private area in the first place!?? y does she have to post that on twitter like she’s being funny…grow up you looser, and worry about your fat ass

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