Jessica Simpson hates Injuns?

July 30th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Jessica Simpson found herself in hot water this week when a reporter asked if she’d take back the boat she bought Tony Romo to which she replied “I’m not an Indian giver.” Native American groups were obviously outraged. Us Magazine reports:

Jacqueline L. Pata, executive director of the National Congress of American Indians, tells Simpson isn’t the only person who uses the word in a derogatory sense.
The concept of Indians giving and sharing with one another is where the term originated, she explains, but has somehow morphed into an insensitive phrase that stereotypes Native people as ones who give and then take back.
“Most people flippantly use the comment ‘Indian giver’ without realizing its true meaning, Pata tells Us.

How could Jessica Simpson not realize the true meaning of the term “Indian giver”? What a stupid Polack. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m behind on some bills so I need to conjure up some Jewish lightning on my car. — Yikes. I probably shouldn’t have said that. My insurance company might be reading.

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  1. radish


  2. Hollard

    Great tits. The rest of it? I’ll pass.

  3. fish


  4. Badfatman

    Stupid Indians.

  5. Steeevil

    Is it good to be 4th? Jessica Simpson for President!

  6. havoc

    Injuns also get pissed when anyone uses the word “how”……


  7. seriously

    Please. stop.making. that. face.

  8. Chief Hairy Legs

    Pale face jiggles-a-lot-while-she-walks speak with brain of many rocks colliding between ears. it is hard to understand the white man paying many wampum to watch jiggles-a-lot-while-she-walks white man ex chokes-a-lot-on-pigskin flip and flop all over football field like dog born with no brain. White man odd lot.

  9. Josh

    Indians are cool, they were here first.
    It’s the Mexicans that suck.

  10. I heard theyll scalp you if you call em Tanto…

  11. KimboSlice

    Could Jessica get any more stupid? What’s up with her face? It looks like someone slapped her retarded. She could learn to keep her trap shut.

  12. What is that smell?

    being 1/8th Native American I will take on the duty of getting retribution from jigglypuff by repeatedly fucking her in the asshole until she goes blind. I will teach the white-woman to never take our proud heritage in vain again.

  13. TUBBO

    Wait a cotton pickin minute here………What’s wrong with saying indian giver?

  14. Bob Smith

    Native American = Northern Mexican

  15. stewbacca

    Whats stupid is that Indian givers have nothing to do with commenting on Indians– its refering to the white settlers who couldnt be trusted…

    In that we gave them their land and when we wanted to expand we took it back- over and over again as we went out west– Thats what it means to be an Indian giver—

    If you are going to take offense to some offhanded comment, at least research your supposed “racial slurs”–

  16. Moi is Moi

    Everyone should know by now that Jessica doesn’t think before she speaks. Her air head persona should work in her favor on this comment.

  17. Filo

    She’s so dumb yet what I wouldn’t give to do so many dirty deeds with her. In fact her dumbness only adds to the thrill. God I’m twisted.

  18. Zee Brat

    Oh c’mon. It’s Jessica Simpson. You know she’s going to say things like this. No one is surprised.

  19. mafme

    Nope, it’s a slur against Native Americans:
    “The term “Indian gift” was first noted in 1765 by Thomas Hutchinson,[1] and “Indian giver” was first cited in John Russell Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms (1860)[2] as “Indian giver. When an Indian gives any thing, he expects to receive an equivalent, or to have his gift returned.”"

  20. Mr. Knowitall

    #15 – I don’t think so.

    Indians were nomadic people. All your possessions were pretty much what you were able to carry with you. I imagine what they were able to carry were VERY valuable to them.

    It probably was a misunderstanding between the whites and the Indians of what was “given” and what was simply “borrowed”. Again, if you have something very valuable then you are much more likely to lend it as opposed to giving it away (and the act of lending is still very generous because you risk losing it). When the dumb honky kept that axe when he was supposed to give it back, the Indian probably resorted to “stealing” it back.

    I’m far from being Mr. Rainbow – but I do think of all the groups of people who bitch in this country – the Indians have a legit beef. Whether or not it was “divine right” or “white man’s burden”, we f’d them over big time.

  21. Pale Face

    A pity that we couldn’t keep out the scum that followed us over from Europe and that is involved with the entire global financial depression they created.
    We should scalp them all!
    The indians belong here and took care of the place better then we did. We have managed to destroy most of it in a few centuries.
    Capitalism only works for the capitalists.

  22. Pat C.

    Thanks, mafme, for that info. I always wonder where some phrases come from. Like “Chinese fire drill”.

  23. Photoshop Police

    The Dumb Frontier “New” Americans couldn’t get the concept of “TRADE” and expected Natives to give something for nothing and….

    Jessica thought Chicken of the Sea was CHICKEN for cryin out loud!
    Why do we care about this?!?!?
    You don’t even have any decent pics of her boobs!

  24. SS

    I thought Native Americans didn’t even go by the term “Indian” nowadays, considering there’s a whole nation with ~1 billion people using that name.

  25. WOW..just wow. Get off your high horse. It’s a commonly used phrase. Jessica doesn’t strike me as a RUDE, MEAN person just because she’s not the brightest. Obviously she’s not. She gave that dude a boat and isn’t worried about getting it back after the way he’s supposedly treated her lately. GET OVER IT.

  26. norton

    We live in the most thin skinned country in the world….. every “group” has a gripe with something.

    Give it up fuckheads.

  27. Nooken

    I can’t believe her… it’s first nations giver or for you yanks native american giver. sheesh, so insensitive.

  28. Venom

    I can’t believe the American Indians would actually comment on this.
    That is just ridiculous.

  29. Mr. Knowitall

    The “trade” explanation makes more sense. The whites misunderstood that a redman handing you an axe wasn’t a “gift”, but simply an opening act of a “trade”. The guy receiving the axe was obligated to either give the Indian something of equal value, or simply hand the axe back. The Indian was probably “WTF” when the honky didn’t do anything and walked off with the axe.

  30. HeckYeah

    You don’t hear too many people say “Jewish lightning” anymore. Bravo, good sir.

  31. Harry

    I thought the phrase was a reference to how the government would go back on promises to Native American Indians, thus taking back their word, being an “Indian giver”. This is a woman who didn’t know the meaning of Chicken of the Sea. Lighten up and stop with the political correctness.

  32. LPB

    I take issue with this Pata woman’s claim that “…Simpson isn’t the only person who uses the word in a derogatory sense.” That’s just bullshit!

    I’ve never heard of that term being used in any sense, derogatory or not. And if I ever did, that would be the last thing that person said; I’m just not going to tolerate that kind of speech.

    BTW, it’s “Chinese Fire Drill run by Mexican Generals.”

  33. Nicole

    OMG who gives a shit?! People are offended by EVERYTHING these days! Damn!

  34. Nicole

    OMG who gives a shit?! People are offended by EVERYTHING these days! Damn!

  35. Bert

    poor injuns, always giving, never receiving.

  36. Black Mariah

    I never thought of it as racist. Like “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, it’s a useful saying that refers to a historical event in which those people (indians, greeks) just happened to be involved. It didn’t exactly make me “hate” the Indians any more or less. It’s just an expression. Something racist that should be condemned is when the phrase incites hatred – like calling white people “devils” and black people “monkeys”. I just don’t see Indian giver as being in that category.

  37. Garrett's Girl

    #34 Nicole: I could not agree with more with you on that. People get offended and sue if you look at them wrong!

    I’m sure Jessica wasn’t being offensive. She just meant she was going to be the bigger person and not take back the gift she gave to Tony Romo.

    America has turned tight-ass over everything.

  38. christiansinglesdate

    She is the briliantist person ever. –

  39. PC is BS

    Indian giver was a commonly used phrase when I was growing up in the 80′s. She grew up pretty much during that time (late 80′s early to mid 90′s), so odds are she heard it alot too. I don’t think she meant anything by it, just that she isn’t the kind of person that gives something to someone and then takes it back when things go south. If anyone has a problem with that phrase, then you need to grow some skin. You want offensive? How bout she says I’m not a redskinned tonto kemosabe fuck. Offensive. You night as well just kill yourselves now, you fucking pussies.

  40. maggielindia

    Sexy and wild??!!
    Are you the hot cougar hunter on __Agelover.c om__? the place where all hot Ageless singles meet, mingle and more…?/

  41. mafme

    Yeah, you commit a centuries-long genocide against a group of people and you can’t even make fun of them? What’s that about?

  42. Will

    To indian give is to give something (e.g. the promise of land) and then take it away later as the white man did to Native Americans over 100s of years settling this continent.

    The popular notion that it refers to how “indians” gave gifts is just plain wrong.

    So yea, its not racist in any sense. In fact, to say it is racist is in itself racist.

  43. Will is gay!

    who really cares. I have never used the term in my life, and I’m not sure Jessica used it properly, but I’m going to start now. Cause It’s funny.

  44. DrThrasher

    I always thought it came about because we gave the Indians stuff and then took it back.

  45. PC is BS

    @41 What a crock of shit argument. Nobody living today had anything to do with that. I am so sick and tired of all these groups saying oh you can’t say that because it offends people. You know what? All those people offend me. Are they going to stop telling me what I can and can’t say? Hell no. So fuck them. Ooh hoo hoo. Indian giver. You can’t say that. It’s offensive. Fucking please. There’s sooooo much worse shit out there. Next thing you know you won’t be able to call someone “bro” if they’re not your brother, because it offends people. This is what it ‘s coming to, folks. Fuck censorship.

  46. I was always told in American History that “Indian Giver” refered to the historical practice of giving the indians reservation land “For all time,” until Oil was discovered on it, and then kicking them off. It’s disparaging of white people, not Indians.

  47. 45 is an idiot

    You sound like an anarchic right wing retard pal. We live by rules and should not ever say things to hurt each other. I agree that they are making a mountain out of a molehill, but still, this was and IS the land of the Amerindians.
    It’s easy to tell who the true owner really is. Just like with that pervert Solomon suggesting the two mothers cutting the contested baby in half and the real mother not wanting to hurt the baby, we whites have treated the place like an industrial sewer while the previous inhabitants considered it sacred.

  48. Upinya

    I got drunker than 40 Indians last night.

  49. twzzlrgirl

    Give me a break….Good Lord. If the Native Americans have NOTHING better to do than follow every word that Jessica Simpson has to say, then they just plain stupid.

    People need to get some thicker skin and stop bitching every time they are “offended.” Grow up and get a life.

  50. budah

    Native Americans should have fought harder you pusies.
    besides it is Jessica Simpson . i mean can they really be offended by her dumb ass.

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