Jessica Simpson has an impressive bosom

Jessica Simpson was spotted getting dinner with her hair dresser Ken Paves over the weekend, and then the two caught a show together at The Dresden. And I don’t know what she did, but she looks remarkably better than she did two weeks ago. Although judging by the way she’s wearing her boobs these days, I wouldn’t even notice if her face was missing. There could be a bloody stump where her head should be, and I’d still just be sitting here trying to squeeze my monitor with both hands.

jessica-simpson-hollywood-cleavage-01-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-cleavage-02-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-cleavage-03-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-cleavage-04-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-cleavage-05-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-cleavage-06-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-cleavage-07-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-cleavage-08-thumb.jpg