Jessica Simpson got a haircut

April 12th, 2010 // 110 Comments

Ken Paves posted a pic of Jessica Simpson’s new hairdo on Twitter last night and I have to admit, I can’t see her breasts so I don’t care. I know it’s rare to see me bare the depths of my soul like that, but I couldn’t help it. I’m a delicate flower of emotions.

EDIT: Many of you have written in to say this is a wig which still doesn’t conjure up any boobs so now you’ve wasted both our time. Nice work.

Photo: Ken Paves

  1. Wow! She looks very pretty! I would never think that this kind of haircut would fit her. But it does and she looks even prettier than with long hair.

  2. justine

    she looks like a wanna be kate. eight more children please?

  3. Tray

    Whether it is a wig or not, I think it looks great. It is really hard to pull off a short haircut when you are a woman; so koodost to anyone that can! You do know that short hair on a woman is the way to showing that you as a woman are powerfull!!!

  4. Way back before she became Barbies clone, she has bugged me since the moment I laid eyes on her. Not for how plain looking she naturally was but her personality is that of a dinner plate. I couldn’t tell you what Irked me about her but it is something way deep down inside her, underneath the plastic shell in the hallow depths of her soul.

  5. Hey Jess might likey the feed bag more than most celebs…but to tag her as fat…instead of just taggin that criminal.
    Still hot…still do her….still go for pizza and icecream after my penis dries off.

    Why is it that my idea of fat chicks…and most of the Superficial fandoms idea of fat totally skewed?

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  7. I hate short hair on girls … I think it sounds strange. However, I also agree that the cut is very flattering on her. She looks beautiful .. How do you kiss around the neck and so forth can resist! Man .. I love that style!

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