Jessica Simpson got a haircut

April 12th, 2010 // 110 Comments

Ken Paves posted a pic of Jessica Simpson’s new hairdo on Twitter last night and I have to admit, I can’t see her breasts so I don’t care. I know it’s rare to see me bare the depths of my soul like that, but I couldn’t help it. I’m a delicate flower of emotions.

EDIT: Many of you have written in to say this is a wig which still doesn’t conjure up any boobs so now you’ve wasted both our time. Nice work.

Photo: Ken Paves

  1. bitch PLEASE that you????

  2. the chicken

    #10 So sad to be 15 today and still in the 4th grade, huh, kells?

    Somebody throw a net over kelli and trank her before she wanders into traffic like last time. She always swears all those oncoming lights and horns are a “party” that Lindsay’s throwing for her.

  3. Sandy

    The head of Mia Farrow and the body of Delta Burke is not a good mix.

  4. Mr. Nice Guy

    The only fans she had left were guys who thought she was hot and size 12> women who thought she gave them cover.
    She lost the guys now.

  5. justifiable

    #53 But kind of an interesting changeup from the Hollywood “lollipop heads” – normal head on an anorexic body, huh?

  6. Puke

    Makes her nose look bigger and her boobs smaller. Is that what she was going for?

  7. ITS A WIG


  8. i like this. HOT

  9. Jerry Falwell

    She looks very good. Very good, indeed.

  10. Glenda

    She looks more beautiful than before.

  11. arealcad

    Looks like Jean Shrimpton circa 1965.

  12. Rob

    Looks like she is auditioning for the Steel Magnolia remake as the Julia Roberts part…

  13. Movieskank

    For the record, I hate short hair on girls… i think it looks weird. BUT, even I have to admit that this cut is extremely flattering on her. She looks gorgeous.

    Well done, Jess.

  14. DragonKatt

    Super Cute!!! :D

    @63, I love short hair on girls…but that could just be that I don’t look good with long hair (I keep mine short now).

  15. britney spears bitch

    she looks like her father, only less feminine

  16. GeorgeWBush

    I see Kate Gosselin is going back to her old hair style….good for her

  17. Jim

    Great. Get a look that attracts guys with either young boy fantasies or soccer mom fantasies.

    I guess that fat hillbilly look wasn’t working out for her, so she’s trying something new. All the women go “cute!” and the boys who want to sleep with their mom say “Hot!” (see examples above).

  18. Gueibor

    Problem with this girl is, whatever stoopid (and, as we now know, unbrushed) shit comes out of her mouth, she always up and floors it with sheer retarded hotness.
    Kinda like Kim Kardashian’s butt crack… hard not to forgive these women when they consistently feed you with prime-cut boner fodder.

  19. JuliusPeckers

    geezus Justin Beiber looks really gay in this photo!!

  20. Movieskank

    64: See, I look awful with short hair.. mine is down to my back. I think a person has to have a certain face to pull it off… but when they do, wow!

    You’re luck to be born with such a face lol

  21. el ces

    It looks good.

  22. Killafornia


  23. you got Roughed!

    Are you kidding, who gives a rats ass about a hair cut. How could you ignore a bra-less Jess in “Marie Claire” where they are boasting she had “no make up on”

  24. me again

    she’s still gorgeous… deal with it!

  25. Dn

    Lorrie Morgan pulled this shit off the way it was meant to be back in the late 80′s/early 90′s. Hey, Jess, you think that bullshit show you did on MTV about beauty gives you clout? Playboy is about the only avenue you have left for some sort of exposure. Yeah, excuse the pun, but you’re becoming tiresome. And for me to say that about a female with such a killer rack and awesome legs is REALLY saying something. Slowly, you’re beginning to make Nick LaGayand Tony Nogo look smart for dumpin’ your ass. Put some fucking extensions in your hair, wear plunging necklines, short skirts, open toe heels and cut out the bullshit. What, is your Dad in a coma?! He should be on top of this shit! Get with the fucking program, kay, Toots?!

  26. Heathie

    She looks SOOOO CUTE!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I don’t think it’s a wig….. look at it along the back of her neck & the roots that are darker! I think she cut it! Now she doesn’t look like everyone else! She has edge! It’s adorable!

  27. wow, she looks pretty good actually w/ the short hair. nice.

  28. It looks good on her, wig or not.

  29. bab

    Looks like an old picture. Isn’t her face rounder now?

  30. Gando

    I’ve been thinking about what the attractiveness of Jessica Simpson is.And.. i’d think it’s her jawline folks!

  31. Rhialto

    Yes………… Let’s do it!

  32. Darth

    Did you get the blessing of The Council Of The Twelve Galactic Wises (TCTGW)? You did!?

  33. Rhialto

    Yes,i got the blessing from these millennia-old creatures.

  34. captain america


  35. TCTGW

    We do recognize the physical and spiritual demands of The Chosen One,who’s in charge of this primitive blue planet.GREEN LIGHT.

  36. yes

    looks like Pink

  37. His Huge Greatness Himself

    #85 Hello colleagues! I was a member of honor of this most prestigious Galactic Council in 1169 A.D. as well.Spiritual and emotional right?

  38. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Where’s general Darth?

  39. Darth

    *Salutes* #89 Yes Your Memorable Member of Galactic Honor!??

  40. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Get The Chosen One ready general!

  41. Darth

    I will,Your Most Spiritual an Emotional Rightnes! *Salutes*

  42. Rhialto

    “and”,”rightness”.He didn’t make you general because of your spelling didn’t he? Anyway,what’s the good news?!

  43. Darth

    93. Rhialto – April 13, 2010 9:15 AM

    Anyway,what’s the good news?!

    *80 push-ups to start with and after that a 3-mile run!

  44. Rhialto

    Wouldn’t it be more logic that The Chosen One has the highest military rank!? *Gasp*

  45. JayBo

    Why is it that my idea of fat chicks…and most of the Superficial fandoms idea of fat totally skewed? Hey Jess might likey the feed bag more than most celebs…but to tag her as fat…instead of just taggin that criminal.
    Still hot…still do her….still go for pizza and icecream after my penis dries off.

  46. Rhialto

    Ugh.I think it’s better not to ask for the bad news.


    I normally don’t comment on this nonsense i have much better things to do with my day- but you look stunning beyond belief and all the haters out there can kiss our nice caboose- seriously i hope you don’t read this bs and know that you are still beautiful and even more stunning with that haircut- all you haters can bury all your ugliness where it belongs!
    It takes a truly stunning face to pull off that haircut and sure enough you wear it beautifully.
    I love it!

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