Jessica Simpson got a haircut

April 12th, 2010 // 110 Comments

Ken Paves posted a pic of Jessica Simpson’s new hairdo on Twitter last night and I have to admit, I can’t see her breasts so I don’t care. I know it’s rare to see me bare the depths of my soul like that, but I couldn’t help it. I’m a delicate flower of emotions.

EDIT: Many of you have written in to say this is a wig which still doesn’t conjure up any boobs so now you’ve wasted both our time. Nice work.

Photo: Ken Paves

  1. Ranee

    Wow. She looks just like Ken now.

  2. hoho


  3. Mancomb

    Is it weird that I actually like it? I want to say something mean but my penis won’t let me.

  4. much better than the ‘farrah fawcet meets mr staypuff’ style she used to have.

  5. abby

    Shocking at first, but I think it looks very nice.

  6. Meghanfish

    ……..Ken Paves with giant cans?

  7. Mahogma

    Looks vaguely like Jamie Eason.

  8. Brian

    Wig, for sure.

  9. Drama Queens

    She sort of looks like a fat Tinkerbell…

  10. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    It iz my birthday today. Everyone zing happy birthday! Well, off to my many partyz. Lindzay iz throwing one for me tonight. Later pathetic lozerz.

  11. Kolk

    Nothing worse than short hair on a fat chick..

    Also, makes her big nose appear even bigger.

  12. Oww! Still hot, of course. I still have no chance, naturally.

  13. lola_ferrari

    WIG. But it looks great nonetheless.

  14. Harold^Sick

    Hotter than ever!

  15. Bonnie

    Come on people, it’s far better than before ! It’s almost like we could assume she’s actually fit down there.

  16. Dara Torres

    That’s me you dumbass.

  17. Matt Sanders

    Looks so hot, edgy, sexy – back to her best, but then again she has always be hot!

  18. Doucheypoo

    It’s a wig. She’s wearing a different one in other photos. I personally think it’s a great look on her, much less Southern beauty pageant contestant than usual.

  19. The Gregor

    Didn’t she learn anything from Shelby in “Steel Magnolias?” You butcher your hair like that and you’re just begging for a diabetic coma. Now drink your juice.

  20. neptune

    Wow, that looks great on her! I’d go for that style if I could pull it off like that. It really compliments the shape of her face.

  21. Kr1stina

    She looks amazing! Really like it!

  22. Captain Caveman

    I would like to sample the sexual napalm

  23. pimp

    looks good…she needs me to eat her ass…

  24. Best Ms. Napalm has looked in years! Kinda yummy!

  25. Goombah

    Um, it’s a total wig. Probably part of their new collection.

  26. Jane Eyre

    You know, I actually think I like her better this way, but the upkeep must be hell. If she doesn’t keep it brushed all the time, she’ll look like she has a 1960s helmet hairdo.

  27. skeet skeet

    I thought justin bieber dyed his hair blonde

  28. RoboZombie

    It’s an attempt to keep her father off of her…If she looks like a boy, he’ll keep his hands to himself…that is, until he spies those enormous jugs!

  29. Jen

    I love it!

  30. HackSaw

    I’d pound her Peter Pan ass.

  31. Disco Dave

    Gotta say…I dig that haircut.

  32. john edwards

    I thought you were speaking of the HAIR DOWN THERE!

  33. Ally

    She looks amazing!

  34. Natalie

    That’s definitely a wig.

  35. Valerie

    She has the bone structure in the face to pull off that cut, if it’s real.

  36. Armando

    Damn that girl is just lovely. I understand why Mayer freaked out over her magic pussy. I want a shot.

  37. Jenna

    Kate Gosselin knock off?

  38. Its a wig. See

  39. xylus

    Now if she only had a brain…

  40. Jill

    Wig or not it looks really good on her. Shapes her face nicely.

  41. wert

    Overbite and big honker do not go well with short hair. She’s a dyke’s dream now, however.

  42. Ida

    @27 haha, i thought i was the only one who thought that the hairstyle is like justin bieber’s. but nevertheless, it looks nice on her.

  43. HLM

    It looks ok on her…looks better on Ken Paves. Plus, unless she’s slimmed down, she’s going to look like she’s got a little pin head.

    But I’m guessing it’s a wig.

  44. LouR

    She looks amazing! How can you resist kissing around the neck and so forth! Man..I love that style!

  45. kpatra

    her haircut looks just like ken pavés!

  46. Uk_Matt

    Damn it….almost….saw the cleavage.

    Otherwise…why ?

  47. Pete

    Looks like a soccer mom in line at the Starbucks.


  48. K-Dawg

    damn…sure would like to add some pearls to that necklace.

  49. TekMoney

    Still don’t care.

  50. Hi Kate,

    How are the 8 kids doing?

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