Jessica Simpson had to throw off some golf games

July 2nd, 2009 // 117 Comments

These are shots of Jessica Simpson singing the National Anthem and signing autographs at the AT&T National yesterday which Tony Romo participated in. I have absolutely zero patience for golf, so hats off to Tony for being able to concentrate on his game while Jessica’s chest essentially blocked out the sun. A lesser man would’ve tried to stick it in her back nine. Ha! Get it? Golf humor! Trust me, that would’ve killed if you’re over 60. Or a doctor.

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. John

    FIRST! Dayum she yummy!

  2. Delgo

    gratuitous cunt

  3. the infamous danielle


  4. Rod

    freddy kreuger & dolly parton’s love child? she looks like a bag of licorice mmm

  5. uh

    Uhh, I recognize and like that Michael Kors dress, but she shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes.

  6. J Chan

    With 3 you get eggloll !! buffett closed now!

  7. Fletch

    I think her tits keep getting bigger and bigger every time I see a picture of her

  8. the infamous danielle


  9. marcus

    hell yes she should, those hips look delicious

  10. kris

    Man o man I would love to see her naked!! In my bedroom!!

  11. pete

    Ordinarily the inclusion of a butt shot is much appreciated (by guys like me but especially by all you homos), but in this case it shows you how fat she is – look at her back, shoulders, and upper arms. This pig is ready for the barbecue pit.

  12. wtf


  13. Taz

    id drop my man juice all over her huge tits

  14. Moto Rola

    Baby making hips and miles and miles of boobs. God Bless America!

  15. gabe

    Why isn’t the superfical funny anymore. is way better

  16. Will someone please tell danielle to stop licking her screen?

  17. Vince Lombardi

    I’m not quite sure how to make the word “whoa” extend out like 9 seconds in type, but just imagine it…….

  18. kris

    God damn I just love her big boob!! Can’t take my eyes off em! Holy cow!

  19. Tim

    Short, stumpy and fat. Mab face.

    Nice tits, though.

  20. kris


  21. the infamous danielle

    never understood yt humor.

  22. Hilsy

    Oh please, if a girl who looked like that walked through any bar/mall/office, every man and woman would go silent/want to see her naked. I’d love to see how nasty some of these posters are!!!!

  23. kris

    Yes Sir I sure would like to see her naked!! Even in a picture!! HOT!!!

  24. The Bisexual

    Why are people still letting her sing?

    Rack isn’t bad though…can take or leave the rest of her.

  25. Deacon Jones

    I love how Fish slipped in Pic #7.

  26. Ralphina


    oh dear, sweet richport. you don’t make a very good house-dad. I bet your wife doesn’t appreciate the fact that you post on various websites all day instead of making her and the kids sammiches. I hope she shoves a hanger up your dick hole.

  27. kris

    Yes sir Id love to see her naked #22!! Even in a picture or 2 or 3 spread eagle!!!
    Yea BABY!!!

  28. For the last time Ralphina, I will NOT film you fucking a dog. Stop projecting your bitter bestiality on the rest of us!

  29. hater


  30. colt13

    Can’t hate on this. She is just simply pluscious!

  31. Matthew

    she is a big breasted idiot but damn look at her tits

  32. the infamous danielle

    could you two get a room? geez.

  33. arnie palmer

    Is she depressed in that first photo because she just realized the similarity of a round of golf and her life? Just a bunch of guys trying to put their balls in a hole.

  34. I have, however, filmed danielle fucking a dog… poor fucking dog…

  35. stucco

    Remember when she had the body to wear that dress backwards?

    Though the stripes do hide that GUNT pretty well, until she turns sideways.

  36. Donkey Punch

    Darn, she is still fat. At least her chest benefits from the extra weight.

  37. Donkey Punch

    Darn, she is still fat. At least her chest benefits from the extra weight.

  38. the infamous danielle

    what is with yt’s and their grotesque interest in fucking dogs, cousins and infants?? my goodness. what a sick breed.

  39. Venom

    I would suck the sh!t out of those tits and any man that would not if a flaming homo.

  40. Solo

    Okay I admit it. Those tits are amazing and I just left a gooey mess on my belly. Was that wrong?

  41. Sammy the Shank

    She’s pushin’ into Anna Nicole Smith Big Girl territory. Jame Gumb would be aroused.

  42. hello

    Mmm horizontal skin tight stripes- that would be a no.

  43. Amy Nicole

    Seriously, I think she looks great!! Just becasue she isn’t a size 00, everyone thinks shes fat. And THAT is what disgusts me. Everyone in the spotlight is either too fat or too thin to everyone whos NOT famous. Its pathetic. Lay off her would ya? Damn.

  44. I still see Marlon Brando when I look at her face.

  45. jim

    If you’re a man and you don’t play golf, you might as well be wearing a dress.

  46. Tony Romo

    I’m a lucky lucky man!!!

  47. Jeffro

    My hands automatically seize into the “squeezy squeezy” position …

  48. Ralphina

    Richport, I want to make you scream for death…and then have my pet lemur fuck your mouth afterwards.

  49. BEAM

    Looks like she had some minor work done on her schnozz.

  50. dirk

    Guess you trashy wiggers would love her if she had a whore porn movie out with some black guys? Fuck you, she’s hot.

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