Jessica Simpson goes out to eat with daddy

April 13th, 2009 // 33 Comments

- Jessica Simpson had a nice family evening with Papa Joe, Tony Romo and Ashlee. And by nice I mean her breasts only got touched twice by Joe, and the first time he honestly thought they were dinner rolls. No foolin’. [Lainey Gossip]

- Scarlett Johannson encourages women to eat just like her which I think is awesome. Mostly because Gwyneth Paltrow is getting up there, so it’s time for a new, younger model. With breasts. [Just Jared]

- Chris Brown’s new girlfriend gives an interview, but it’s an entirely different girl than the one I posted about this morning who let’s assume is dead. Whoever picked “Within 24 hours” in the office pool, come collect your cash. [Radar Online]

- Amy Winehouse is still alive, and yes, it’s because you touch yourself at night. Quit it. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Tila Tequila’s house was broken into and the intruder used her Twitter account to say he/she killed her and her dog. Ha! Who knew criminals were so hilarious? [Celebslam]

- Eminem is performing at the MTV Movie Awards. I wonder if he’ll bring his accordion…. [I’m Not Obsessed]

Photos: Flynet

  1. I would take her out for dinner and then server her breakfast in bed..

  2. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Why is Tila Tequila even relevant? Why is this disgusting midget whore even famous? And really, somebody broke into her house to update her bullshit Twitter account? REALLY?
    What’s wrong with the world where Britney Spears, washed out-fat-saggy tits Jessica Simpson and midgets like Tequila are famous? Only in America.

  3. b

    I would bust a nut all over her face.

  4. ph7

    If Dad wants to squeeze any more money out of exploiting his duaghter, he should be driving her AWAY from dinner.

  5. Richard McBeef

    I bet ashley loves the taste of jessica’s puss on joe’s cock.

  6. havoc

    Jessica looks doped to the gills….


  7. Me

    Dude, there are some great fucking upskirt pics that go with this set.

  8. Out to eat? But she’s just looking good again!

  9. If his pants are unzipped and there’s a long tablecloth, $10 says daddy expects oral for desert.

  10. Romo’s in hell! hope he doesnt get any more distraction by september…

  11. hmmm a vulnerable, needy, and want to be protected jessica….

  12. nice upskirt too

  13. Galtacticus

    That’s a huge earhanger! She doesn’t look like in the mood for going out.

  14. Rhialto

    I’m already doing serious cardio and work-outs! I’m always in the mood for eating outside but i’m going on dieet soon!

  15. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Where’s my sweetie?

  16. Darth

    He quit smoking,he’s doing serious cardio and fitness and he’s going on a dieet soon.Is he turning fag or what?

  17. Stop, don't stop

    What is with the constant pooching of the lips? She used to be a pretty girl, but she’s obsessed with fakery. Doesn’t look like she’s had injections but wants you to think she has. Tony Romo – dude – there are a million fake bleached big-titted blondes in the world – in Dallas alone. Why do you put yourself and thousands of Cowboys fans thru this?

  18. Cry me a river

    Looks like this “dinner” is a damage control meeting. Jessica looks depressed. Maybe Romo kicked her to the curb for good. And Ashley doesn’t look thrilled either. Hmmm… How will they spin Wentz’s Vegas stripper party and Romo’s boredom? Leave it to their media-whore “manager” Daddy.

  19. Superficial writer, you are on fire today. I tip my cap.

    I always knew I was helping A.W. during my private time.

  20. Thanks for article.

  21. Name (required):

    LOL. Only 1 person mentioned Tequila chick.
    Probably because everyone knows it’s just a lame publicity stunt.
    “I don’t want to call the police because the media will get involved”? Yet you post it on your twitter account that (for some unknown reason) has 80,000+ followers.
    Hollywood makes me sick.

  22. har!

    I am pretending that the teeth we are seeing in pic #1 of Jessica are her top teeth, not her bottom teeth; it brings me joy…

  23. arroyo

    maybe it’s already been said but …
    “I pity the poor fool” who marries her, I mean, what a great father-in-law in waiting

  24. “Jessica Simpson goes out to eat with daddy”

    Accidentally devours three plastic lobsters.

  25. MosesGabby

    Tony Homo goes to dinner with a backwards ball cap? Can’t this overrated pussy at least dress up for dinner?

  26. lj

    She is completely orange! Lainey’s got it right. It’s damage control and Jessica looks drugged. I think Tony is on the take to show his face, otherwise there’s no real relationship. Jess needs to just give it up.

  27. her fatness is no matter any longer, folks!!

  28. Papa Joe Simpson

    My daughters got the sexiest titties around. Ain’t nobody got titties as sexy as my daughters.

  29. mixedsugar

    She looks like a friggin Alien

  30. Jack Meoff

    @2 – Only in America? really? Have you seen Amy Whinehouse or Pete Doherty? right, it’s not just in America.

  31. mamamiasweetpeaches

    That first picture is HORRIBLE.
    Am I the only one hearing DELIVERANCE banjo music???

  32. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW wasnt she supposed to be hot a couple of years back !!?? what the fuck happened to her… that stupid vacant look in her eye makes me sick

  33. I was so serious cardiovascular work-out! They always eat the wind out, but I am dieet soon!

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