Jessica Simpson gets dumped


Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have broken up after Mayer reportedly dumped her last weekend. Additionally, sources are claiming Jessica Simpson has turned her back on Operation Smile when she didn’t attend their benefit the other night.

“She’s turned her back on them,” the spy said. “She got a lot of good publicity from the charity but refused to let pictures of her be in the commemorative book and hasn’t done anything with them in a year.”

I don’t care about either of these stories, I just wanted to post this picture of Jessica Simpson at Cannes with her super lopsided breasts. If it were anybody except John Mayer I’d understand why he dumped her. Except it is John Mayer. So I don’t. When you look the way he does, you should be thankful if you manage to get a date with a store mannequin. Or a telephone book with a mouth drawn on in lipstick.