Jessica Simpson gets apology from FOX/Burger King

October 15th, 2009 // 44 Comments

FOX and Burger King have issued a joint apology for a FOX NFL Sunday sketch that mocked Jessica Simpson’s weight this past Sunday. Us Magazine reports:

A rep for Fox tells in a statement: “Burger King Corp. did not have any editorial input in the creation of the animation that ran last Sunday, and no one from Burger King Corp. approved it before it aired. Upon reflection, our poor attempt at humor was insensitive and we deeply apologize to anyone who might have been offended.”
Burger King adds: “Burger King Corp. has a long-standing relationship with FOX Sports, as well as an extensive media partnership with the network. The specific content for this sketch involving Jessica Simpson was not developed or aired by BKC or any of its agencies.”

Of course, Burger King isn’t completely out of the clear on this one because every time I made fun of Jessica Simpson’s weight, I was eating a Whopper. You bastards, how could you?!

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  1. kris

    I’d HIT IT!!!

  2. bakinmycake

    as an offer of an apology BK offers Jessica free Whoppers for life.

    In other news, Burger King is projecting bankruptcy.

  3. havoc

    LOL…this chick can’t catch a break.


  4. jenjenboben

    Jessica Simpson is beautiful and TINY – even at her “heaviest” she was far smaller than the average American woman. I found the ad offensive to women in general. Not every woman is a size 0 and I think Jessica’s body is gorgeous and far more beautiful to look at than some anorexic stick insect like Victoria Beckham. Burger King isn’t exactly surving carrot sticks and mineral water and I think their average customer is probably 20-40 pounds heavier than Jessica Simpson. It’s not just hypocritical of them of to make fun of her, it’s bad PR!

  5. bi chick

    That’s not an apology, it’s a denial with a bullshit PC statement about “anyone who may have been offended”

  6. Richard McBeef


    The girl does look good in those pics tho. The haters are likely gay.

  7. An incredibly lame ass covering apology. And Jessica Simpson is smoking hot.

  8. Ron

    Even when she was “fat” she was still hotter than 90% of women

  9. pasteve

    Why does an entity synonymous with fat, grease, acne, flatulence, and in-and-out in-2-minutes deserve an apology?

  10. mel

    It’s obvious they intended to apologize after it was released.

  11. Amy

    She is honestly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. And #3, you’re correct, she can’t catch a break…it’s sad.

  12. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    The King wouldn’t hit that as he is a known Pedophile. Ronald, on the other hand, would stick his clown nose into that pillowy paradise.

  13. Kimmy

    All the apologies in the work won’t make her less fat!

  14. Keith

    She looking more mannish and awful by the day. All the bleach and tanning spray can’t change that.

  15. Randal(l)

    Cowards! You P.C. Thugs are ruining the world. First Burger King and Fox has to apologize for calling a big girl fat, whats next? apologizing to a slut for calling her a skank or to a retard for calling him stupid and spitting in his stupid Re-Re face. God I hate you fucking retards with your nonsensical gibberish, your shiny helmets, and your mittens pinned to your coat all year long? wait,…what was my point?….oh yeah, Cruel mocking, and verbal abuse are the only way to further evolve society and weed out the weaker traits of the species.


  16. xxWPxx

    I would just roll her in flour and aim for the wet spots.

  17. So Right

    Really??? Fox sports has to resort to name-calling and doing fat skits to get viewership? I feel more sorry for Fox than Jessica. Jessica will be just fine. FOX sports — not so much.

  18. Nameless

    SNL, MadTV, Family Guy and shows similar have been doing the same type of humor forever. Why the witchhunt now?

    Cowboys suck.

  19. Harold^Sick

    She looks freaking hot in those pics. I’m still available, Jessica.

  20. fat fart

    Simpleton is hot..

  21. Jessica Simpson is beauitful & smoking HOT at that So fuck burger king & fox Stop hating

  22. Jessica Simpson is beauitful & smoking HOT at that So fuck burger king & fox Stop hating

  23. She has great breasts

    Jessica has unbelievable breasts and a pretty face. If she lost weight, she could be smokin hot once again.

  24. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    Oh so you got an apology from fox and booger king?? Well let me help negate that: Jessica, you’re a fucking stupid ignorant moron, with fat thighs and a fat head and a dumb look on your face and a retched stench from your snatch and you’re a mental retard with a low IQ and you’re fat and you stink. Apology retracted.

  25. vito

    What the fuck are you people talking about…??? Jessica Simpson needs to lose weight about as much as David Letterman needs more scandals.

    “BIG GIRL…”??? She is a TINY lady, 5’3″ tall, and judging by these current pic, I’ll bet she doesn’t weigh more than 110 lbs. “Mannish…”??? JEEZUSSS KEE-RYST, are you fucking nuts? “Synonymous with fat, grease, acne, flatulence…”??? You need to get back on your meds! Or stop taking them altogether.

    I think you all have been taking too many psychedelics.

    And btw, ***19. Nameless***: “SNL, MadTV, Family Guy and shows similar (sic)” are fucking COMEDY shows that specialize in satire. A public figure might expect to be lampooned by shows of that ilk. FOXSports, on the other hand is…oh nevermind. If I have to explain it, you still wouldn’t understand.

  26. Anon

    vito and the rest please you can defend her all you want. If you met her in real life, she wouldn’t piss on you to save your life from fire.

    She as self centered as they come.

  27. The jacket is too cool…

  28. @ 2 – You only beat me by a little over 19 hours.

    Jeans and jackets, Jess. Don’t let Ashlee pick out your clothes. These are nice pics though.

    Who is that checkered gal to the left of her? Never mind. Maybe I don’t want to know.

  29. Jean

    it was a ridiculous cruel ad

  30. Jean

    it was a ridiculous cruel ad

  31. Darth

    Ol’ trick to dress in black to look more thin.

  32. Nero

    Looks like she got herself into serious weight trouble.I’ve the feeling that it might be the end of her ‘career’ this time.

  33. Mama Pinkus

    fuck all the haters – I’ve never been a Jessica fan but I think she looks lovely

  34. kitty_kat

    Jeez. Jessica Simpson isn’t fat at all. She’s just not a size zero anymore. They’re really lucky that she didn’t sue.

  35. cc

    You’d see even more of those pearly whites if I was giving her the fishhook while pounding her vigorosly from behind. In her backyard. In full view of the coyotes.

  36. vito

    Hey #27…Self-centered she may well be. I wasn’t referring to her character. I was pointing out that she is in no way a large, fat, greasy woman.

    Hell, she may be the biggest cunt to take the breath of life. But she’s still petite and cuter than a speckled pup!

  37. AMO

    She’s beautiful!

  38. Marian

    It really sucks to be Jessica Simpson these days. Dealing with a bad public breakup, having her dog killed by coyotes, and then BK makes fun of her weight. She is a far cry from fatass, it probably hurts more that her ex’s football team was associated with that.

  39. Amber

    I agree, poor girl. Tony Romo broke up with her on her birthday, her dog Daisy was killed by a coyote, her younger sister is married with ,a baby and she’s alone, her singing career is almost nonexistent and she’s constantly ridiculed for her weight. She needs a vacation to Mexico where she can drink margarita’s and have a one night stand with a man who don’t speak english, that’ll make her feel better!

  40. boys are always trying to bring women down. we don’t need little boys to validate us. we are beutiful and we know it. don’t let these jerks bring your teenage daughter self esteem down. this is what they want. they think they can control us. don’t think so. and the nasty comments by the haters are just immature jerks who need attn on this comment site. they don’t really hate her. how do i know this . because they don’t know jessica. they only wish they could know her. she is too classy and wouldn’t give any of the creepy nasty foul mouthed bugs the time of day . trolls blech.

  41. trinity, i agree . there are really not many real men these days just boys. they have no repect for women. but that is how these filthy creatures are brought up these days. Women should be the ones to rule the world. there are more of us and from what i’ve been reading we are the ones nowdays that have the jobs. men are pretty useless. sometimes only good for a lay. but then they have to hang around you cant get rid of them. Statistics show most women are happier once they are singe again after a divorce or death of their husband. what does that tell you. Boys like to watch football cuz they feel like tuff men but how tuff are you sittin on the couch eating food and beer guts . and they think it makes them macho. How funny . While the women are out keeping busy doing the real action . Does sedentary make you macho?

  42. people need to stop picking on her :/

  43. I agree, poor girl. Tony Romo her on her birthday, her dog Daisy was killed by a coyote, with her younger sister is married, one child and she is alone, her singing career is almost nonexistent and he is constantly ridiculed for her weight with broke. He needs a vacation to Mexico, where he and a Margarita drink is a guy who does not speak English, she’ll make her feel better with a night stand can be!

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