Jessica Simpson farted during a business meeting. Of course she did.

January 28th, 2010 // 100 Comments

During a meeting for her denim line earlier in the month, Jessica Simpson apparently decided to show everyone how classy and business-like she can be, according to Us Weekly:

“While one of the executives was speaking in a room full of five people, Jessica let out a very loud fart,” says the insider.
“Her mother [Tina Simpson] was there, and it prompted her to turn around and yell, ‘Jessica!’ The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say.”

Is anyone even the least bit surprised by this? Frankly I’m impressed she didn’t light it on fire only to start crying about “boys always dumping me, and I don’t know why” until someone ordered her a sympathy pizza. Or is that basically a given at this point?

Photos: Splash News

  1. kingofbeer

    mmmm I like em thick :)

  2. She looks very pretty here….and I love her shapely muscular legs. Go ahead, bring on the fat jokes, but she looks hot.

  3. Jade

    I think that is funny as hell if it is true. I like Jessica she is real.

  4. Dyslexic Cnut

    Yes, as a female I always thought she was attractive – even with a lil meat on er bones. A bit stupid IMO, but attractive nonetheless.

  5. danny

    @kingofbeer – “thick” as in voluptuous, or as in stupid? Me, I like ‘em both, and she’s right in there.

  6. Ashley

    Funny. She looks like a lady, but can be care free too. Say what you want about her weight. I think she looks great.

  7. Crabby Old Guy

    After passing gas, did she then burp and say “Moo” while she picked her nose?

    30 year old’s body. 4 year old’s brain.

  8. Paver

    She really has let go. Sad to see a once attractive go to pot. All fat and gross.

  9. Rough's morning wood

    Of course shes a spoil bitch, who thinks shes going to stay cute 4ever…

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  11. havoc

    Did it smell like Papa Joe’s dick?


  12. Grim Reaper

    Jessica is a fat pig rude pig. Tony Romo had been trying to get rid of her for ages. Her time is growing short. She is now nothing more than a garden variety celebrity with no talent.

  13. in all honesty i think it’s cute, kinda like when a dog farts then looks at its own butt and then at you with a cocked head as if to say “did i do that?”

  14. jimu


    film at 11…

    Who cares?! So she farted. We’ve all done it. So she farted loudly. We’ve all done that too. She farted somewhere embarrassing. Yet again we have all had it.

    I really question why this is even a news subject.

  15. l

    Whatever, she is still fucken rich.

  16. black jesus

    i want a fuckin sympathy pizza

  17. Dee


    Come on man, you’re all adults. So she farted, whatever.

  18. bigbuckjoe

    Who cares??? She’s still hot and I’d let her fart on me if I could play with her boobs…

  19. F*ckRandal

    @11 – well played sir. well played.

  20. I Like Jessica

    Girls don’t fart. They toot.

    In this case apparently, like a foghorn.

  21. WTF

    So she farted. Happens to the best of us. But seriously I would KILL my mother for a reaction like that. Didn’t even give her a chance to look innocent and pretend it wasn’t her ..

  22. anon

    Maybe we can see why she’s so…erm childlike shall we say after her mums reaction. Uncalled for.
    Still I wouldn’t kick her out of bed if she farted.
    She’s hot and sweet and if she does things like that not one of those spoiled bitches who you can’t even kiss incase it messes her make up or puts a hair out of place. It makes her hotter…
    If a little methaney.

  23. sdfsdfds

    Wasnt there a rumor going around than an assistant of hers had to clean up a bathrobe she left with crap all over it? I think it’s because she takes those weird diet pills

  24. Christine

    Human nature? Not like she can hold it in or anything ha

  25. Greasy chicken wings & fried mozerella sticks will do that.

    Then again, she’s a cow, and cows produce most of the methane in our environment, so the shoe seems to fit.

    Can’t wait for her sextape to come out. Someone with this little self-esteem would let a boyfriend film her doing the most degrading things.

  26. assman is repulsed

  27. ashleigh

    honestly, what’s everyone’s issue with her weight? i think she looks fine, if she wasn’t so skinny years ago, people wouldn’t make such a big deal now about her weight. she was the same weight BEFORE she was famous, doesn’t anyone remember that?

  28. missywiss

    21- my thoughts exactly.

  29. pimp

    i would eat her farts…

  30. KIKI

    I never thought she was the type to put on “airs”.

  31. joho777

    So she’s human.

    In my experience, when a girl/woman is trying to impress someone (24 hrs per day for Jessica or any actress), they hold it in and try to let it slip out silently, preferably in a crosswind.

    All this episode means is that she’s been putting things in her mouth that she has trouble digesting. And that you bottom-feeders are having a slow news day.

    Why make a big thing about it? Embarrassing for her, maybe, but certainly not news.

    By the way, I like a woman to look like a woman, not a preying mantis. Jessica looks fine.

  32. Nelly

    When a girl wears a wrap at the beach while standing in the water:
    1) She thinks she looks fat, or
    2) She is fat

    5 years ago, Jessica would have been in a bikini.

  33. Captain

    @13 Lol! You’re killing me over here.


    LOL Good for her, nothing wrong with farting, everyone does it.

  35. Ego

    How do we know it was really a fart? Maybe it was the sound of her bodunkadunk rubbing against the leather chair or her boobs rubbing together.

    regardless, I’d still hit it maybe even twice.

  36. mister

    yes, cause classy people don’t fart. hey it happens sometimes. If she held it in any longer she’d self-combust.

  37. grobpilot

    Hey, I’ll cut loose every now and then during business meetings. It helps break the ice. Or melt it.

  38. VandaL

    I’d fuck it. Then she can fart on my chest. If there’s follow-through, so be it.

  39. Brittany murphy was an OK actress, who was WAY too highly strung. More than likely, the stress of her being an emotional wreck to begin with is what killed her. Let’s not make her out ot be someone she’s not. She definitely doesn’t deserve this handwringing & browbeating. Too bad she’s gone, but let’s move on…

  40. ym

    she was passing dads nut, lets give her a break

  41. sdfsdfds

    Srsly Jessica Simpson is not fat. If you’ve ever seen celebs in person, you would understand how much smaller they are in person than they seem in pictures or on TV. For example, Miranda Kerr is a size 0 (34-24-34). Have any of you actually imagined what a size 0 person who is like six feet tall actually looks like??? Size 0 is usually cut petite because it’s a normal size for someone who is like 5’1. That’s how small framed she is! Look at the space between Jessica’s thighs and her arms… she is not big. Like another commentator said, she only looks big because at one point she starved herself to a size 0.

  42. gen

    Gross. I’ve never farted in public. It’s not that hard, especially if you’re not constantly scarfing burritos.

  43. AwwYeah

    Being able to hold in a fart until you can make an escape to the bathroom is what seperates us from the animals. Sooo basically Jessica isn’t any better than an animal, which is funny because she reminds me of a big old cow, with her bovine eyes and slackmeat face. Lovely, classy lady that one is!

  44. lol i like how her mom calls her out

  45. fuck rednecks

    absolute trailer trash. the only way to deal with a pig like that by shocking it with a high-voltage cattle prod until it becomes civilized.

  46. VD

    She is so fucking hot that I would eat her farts. And girls that fart in public know how to fuck. That’s just a fact.

  47. el ces

    hahaha. probably bull, but still pretty funny to think about.

    pics, or it didn’t happen ;)

  48. BeeTee

    (in south park nasally voice) Soo.. The Chamber of Farts has another victim eh? Don’t be afraid there aren’t any ghouls here…..ONLY FARTS!!!

  49. BeeTee

    Good thing she didn’t have panty hose on….she would have blew her fucking shoes off!

  50. Jammy

    She looks like a farter……

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