Jessica Simpson dropped from country label

April 7th, 2009 // 57 Comments

After a flurry of terrible ass performances, including desecrating the Grand Ole Opry, Jessica Simpson has officially been dropped from her country music label Sony BMG Nashville. The news was first reported this morning on Country Music Tattle Tale:

If you remember – back in December – we told you that rumors were flying that Joe Galante, the head of Sony BMG Nashville was furious with all of her antics. They were threatening to drop her from the label.
Could these rumors finally becoming true after her shaking tour with Rascal Flatts?
Our reader noticed the following:
Today, her name appears nowhere among the artists listed on the web sites of Columbia Nashville or Sony Music Nashville. Even a search of each site finds that any prior mention of her photos, profile, press releases – has apparently been purged.

OK! Magazine has confirmed Jessica is off the label, and I knew this was going to happen. I warned her, I said: “Listen to me. To make it in this genre you have to do depressing songs about a little boy’s mom dying of cancer or bombing brown people in other countries. I know that last one’s Toby Keith’s schtick, but you’ve got bigger tits. (I think.) Now get out there and woo those sumbitches!” Unfortunately, Jessica translated all that as “order Domino’s” which, in her defense, is probably the closest anyone could’ve expected.

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  1. Ni66ers suck go back to apefreaka.

  2. PunkA

    Big deal. She was a loaner from her label Epic anyway. Sony just tried to use her to make some coin off the rednecks. The gamble didn’t work because she dressed horribly and sounded worse. But it does appear that her country music career is over. for now.

  3. Randal

    This is a pretty big hit to a major performer in the music industry because as we’ve all heard in the past, Jessica has a great voice and can hold a tune.

    Not to worry though. With her amazing voice, all she really needs is the proper people around her to create a unique style to go along with her unique sound.


  4. Whats the spin from Joe Simpson? Romo got some consoling to do…

  5. Screw you

    Who gives a crap… blah blah… she can’t sing. To much clubbing.

  6. Hey #1...

    Hey #1…

    What would you redneck friends say to you if they knew you were cruising celebrity gossip sites? They would kick your ass. THe way I see it, it’s either one of two ways:

    1) You are a racist with a closet fixation for celeb gossip but you keep that to yourself because you don’t want to get clowned by your dipshit redneck buddies. Or…

    2) you’re not really a racist at all but rather a closet poo pusher who is disgusted with himself, so he is compensating by trying to sound like a rasist redneck toughguy.

    Either way, you’re a fucking spineless fraud and a poser. Suck on that next time you are looking at your pathetic self in the mirror. What a kook.

    The whole world laughs at you.

  7. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere


  8. Alfalfa

    She should go straight to Playboy and porn now. Drop 20 pounds first though.

  9. Baby doll dresses just make you look like you have something to hide. Which she does.

  10. Savalas

    I think we all knew it was time.

    Who is this again?

  11. Dude

    If Daisy Duke can’t make it in the country music world, nobody can.

    Also, Randal your posts are lame.

  12. name

    jessica just lose the weight! make it drastic. it will absolutely rejumpstart your career. but it has to be like nicole ritchie style.. not britney spears who only sorta lost the weight. just do it! you can do it! just shut off your appetite for a couple days and you will quickly lose it. you don’t even need to work out that much it will only make you hungrier. just stop eating so much. just stop. just stop. just stop! we want to see your career take off again! you are really pretty but you must be skinny. it’s the only way your face will look good again. you can do it! it’s not that hard. hire a coach!

  13. Harvard Law 87

    Obama is leading our country into the toilet. I hope you morons that voted for him are thirsty!

  14. Brown MBA '89

    #13 You’re a complete moron and you should stop embarassing yourself here. The country was in big trouble before he was elected – and if your brain weren’t on life-support you might remember that McCain’s response to everything tanking in Sept. ’08 was to parrot the same shit that Bush was pushing: “the economy is fundamentally sound”. Nice to know the “O” in GOP stands for “Ostrich”.

  15. Evan Faine

    Soooooo hawt, want to touch the hiney.

  16. Charles Lobsterman

    She looks adorable!

  17. Joejam2845

    Notice how the Shitbags who write the stories here NEVER post their Names??? I think Jessica should go back to writing about Hollywood Crackheads and Whores! That will get this guy the First Hard-On he’s ever experienced!

  18. Tom K

    She is so sad and pathetic! Tony Romeo is going to hit that for a few more months and give that sad washed up whore up the boot! lol

  19. Sony thought she could sing?

  20. “Jessica Simpson dropped from country label’

    “Goes straight through floor.”

  21. MosesGabby

    Oh Boy! Now she has an excuse for why she will soon weight 300 lbs.

  22. lol@20 amusing…

  23. amoi_b


    I hear the Proactiv people paid her good money.

  24. ItsFullOfPoop

    What’s sad about this is that fucking rodent faced,no-talent Taylor Swift cunt,is a hit.That anorexic squirrel can’t fucking sing to save her life,and the lyrics she writes read like the masturbation fantasies of a retarded fifth grade fat girl….

  25. boobies

    look at that mug, that is one unattractive lady
    24- …this post says nothing about taylor swift

  26. kiugf

    i hear shes real big in kakookastan or something like that.
    she should go there.

  27. lulu

    Jess quick shave your head and go looney bin attention whore crazy before Lindsay does it first!

  28. Native American

    She’s a no talent fattie. The only thing nice about her is that ring she is wearing. She needs to get a necklace and earrings to match, and then people will notice her great taste in jewelry and not her double chins.

  29. vito

    I’m thinking the heavens are almost in alignment for a sapphic porn flick starring Jessica Simpson and Lindsey Lohan.

    Or at least a couple of nude pictorials to start.

    Hey, Hefner…you paying attention?

  30. ……………………….THOSE GUY’S SAW THE “LIGHT”, folks?

  31. Mark B

    You guys can hate on her all you want, but I gotta say, the fatter she gets, the more I want to titty fuck her. And I’m thinking all it will take to woo her is a couple Double Whoppers with cheese.

  32. She’s worse than a dog that got run over by a car

  33. Rhialto

    Hey holla!

  34. Vally

    Remember when Mariah Carey’s label EMI dropped her yet still had to pay her 28 million dollars to wiggle out of the 70 million dollar deal they originally signed with her & because she actually has a voice, she went to Universal her pals lable (Ja Rule and Jay Z), signed up and made another boat load of money as well as a string of hits to boot. What must be someone like Jess Simp be experiencing in this crappy economy? Or Linsy Lohan. It pays to be talented -dugh.

  35. nice cleavage breasts :)

  36. In my opinion she has not got much talent. And it’s about time they realise this

  37. Wow. I never actually played that Grand Ole Opry video before. Pretty weak.

    Isn’t this the same dress that her saggy cottage cheese butt was hanging out of?

  38. a reader

    I like how the guy in the back is even like “What is she doing?” She sucks.

  39. dirk

    Why the constant hate for this chick all over the media??? Jeez, she never did anything terrible that I know of. Just a girl trying to make a living.

  40. She has plumber’s crack on her chest…

  41. justifiable

    #34 I do remember, and I also remember that Mariah Carey could sing. Even with the wrong material the pipes were there – she was an established artist with sellout concerts, which is why EMI made that monster deal with her at the outset . Simpson has none of that – she’s a direct-to-DVD flop actress with an unremarkable voice who can’t remember lyrics and screws up every important venue she’s given.
    I bet she won’t be laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

  42. Donkey Dong

    Nice dress. Overdo the hillbilly look much?

    Sheesh – just be yourself ya daffy broad!

  43. Frank N Stein

    A few more bad breaks like this and we’ll be seeing a Playboy spread.

  44. Sarah Palmer

    Looks like she’s ripe for a comeback….Now if only she could shave her head, have a mental breakdown, and date the paparazzi

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    way to go retards. all for the promise of a $500 welfare check that you’re never gonna see.

  46. sin

    She will not make it into a Playboy any time soon. Everytime they take the nude pictures, her dad takes them all to his room so he can jack off on them.

  47. Anonymous

    Hey #45!!

    You’re a moron.

  48. Liberals=retards

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  49. justifiable

    #48 You’re an irrelevant moron, how’s that? People are sick of refuting you, you’re truly not worth arguing with. The fact that you post your little ranting tantrums on a GOSSIP SITE under the JESSICA SIMPSON thread tells us all we need to know about you and your grip on reality. Get some anger management or medication or some fucking thing and stop annoying us.

  50. Plobes

    Hey #45, EAT SHIT AND DIE, you ignorant racist jerko

    what the hell are you talking about? This is a post about J SIMPSON!!!

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