Jessica Simpson dropped from country label

After a flurry of terrible ass performances, including desecrating the Grand Ole Opry, Jessica Simpson has officially been dropped from her country music label Sony BMG Nashville. The news was first reported this morning on Country Music Tattle Tale:

If you remember – back in December – we told you that rumors were flying that Joe Galante, the head of Sony BMG Nashville was furious with all of her antics. They were threatening to drop her from the label.
Could these rumors finally becoming true after her shaking tour with Rascal Flatts?
Our reader noticed the following:
Today, her name appears nowhere among the artists listed on the web sites of Columbia Nashville or Sony Music Nashville. Even a search of each site finds that any prior mention of her photos, profile, press releases – has apparently been purged.

OK! Magazine has confirmed Jessica is off the label, and I knew this was going to happen. I warned her, I said: “Listen to me. To make it in this genre you have to do depressing songs about a little boy’s mom dying of cancer or bombing brown people in other countries. I know that last one’s Toby Keith’s schtick, but you’ve got bigger tits. (I think.) Now get out there and woo those sumbitches!” Unfortunately, Jessica translated all that as “order Domino’s” which, in her defense, is probably the closest anyone could’ve expected.

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